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  1. Presenting: Suburbia [Remastered]

    I've been using clips from this album as my alarm clock for the past 7 years and it remains one of my primary sources of inspiration when I do attempt to compose. It is indeed a great album that has aged rather well in my library.
  2. DLP aka (The Joker)'s Kickstarter! Success!

    Done. I've always enjoyed hearing your stuff on SoundCloud ever since I discovered your work on the now defunct Protagonist Records. I'm looking forward to this.
  3. Steam's Summer Getaway Sale

    I just bought it and after playing it for about 90 minutes today I'm still up in the air about it. The game is essentially a giant maze. It's innovative and fascinating. However, there doesn't seem to be much method to the madness other than learning what the game is trying to tell you will solve each puzzle. It definitely keeps you on your toes. There are still several parts of the game where I'm not exactly sure what I did to progress. I'd recommend it if you have patience and want a break from the experience that most games offer. I definitely enjoy the soundscapes that play while going through the maze.
  4. Mirror's Edge 2

    That's all that matters I really hope this is as good as I'm imagining it to be.
  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

    I'm quoting this again because it really rings true for me. I very badly wanted to join in with everyone praising the reboot of Star Trek, but I just don't see it. After watching so much of Star Trek and then witnessing J.J. Abrams take it on, the contrast is clear. It's not that the new movies are bad; they just aren't what I think of as Star Trek.
  6. Enemies that made you laugh

    This was just plain frustrating as it really limited the potential of the game itself, although it made for some good comedy. The conversations the guards would have when they weren't alerted was also pretty amusing.
  7. This is beautiful. Wonderful atmosphere, great ambiance, intimate and also expansive. I hope I get around to doing a write up of this one day. Fantastic work.
  8. I specifically came to OCR multiple times today to check out the progress. You guys are the best for April Fool's Day. I still miss the ReMixinator.
  9. Impossible shapes are infuriating, nice sig

  10. Happy Birthday, Meteo Xavier!

    Happy Birthday Meteo Xavier; always a pleasure to hear your music. Have a good one!
  11. Time's End: Majora's Mask Remix Album

    I'm eagerly watching the clock count down the last 60 seconds. Definitely going to be listening to this soon.
  12. ALBUM RELEASE: Espers by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier

    I'll throw up a new post mentioning this and edit the main album review post as well so it appears there. Looking forward to hearing this when I have the time.
  13. Happy Birthday Shnabubula!

    Happy Birthday! I listed to Unscripted today and I had no idea it was your birthday.
  14. Things I Like in Songs

    Successfully changing time signatures multiple times in the middle of the track. Funky time signatures with unique, but consistent percussive elements. Percussion breakdowns, especially with lots of variety. Sections that are easy to improv on top of. Reversed sounds: piano, guitar, cymbal rolls, whatever. Hit the low E (works especially well with cello and piano).
  15. Happy Birthday tweex!

    Happy Birthday!