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    I've been interested in music my whole life. I started playing the piano @ age 8. now I want to expand my acoustic instumentality(violin, harp, drums,etc.).I became interested in video games in 1997(playing none other than Final Fantasy VII for the first time). so, when i rediscovered video games and their music in 2000,i started wondering what it would be like to combine my two favorite pastimes. up until September 2009, I just did covers. now i wanna tackle the challenge of remixing songs from my favorite games. *plug for zircon* and thanks to zircon's production tutorials, i can finally understand enough of the mixing and mastering process to take my just so-so songs and put them on a whole new level(or try anyway ^0^;)my dream for OCR is to be part of an album project. and also thanks to Darkesword for assisting me with velocity + humanizing


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    Casio Privia PX-575R(w/Stereo Sampling)

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    Gemini DJX-03 On-Ear Professional DJ Headphones
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    Vocals: Female
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    Vielle, Guitar, Violin, Lap Harp, others
  1. thoughts? Comments? Insights?
  2. some things I have for Sale as of right now: (Gently used)My 3/4 size left handed Ibanez Acoustic Guitar with case Asking price $150(I need a half size guitar) (Gently used) Set of 4 plastic recorders, tin Whistle, Harmonica and Tambourine Asking price $50 (Gently used) Panflute Asking price $50 (Gently used) Doumbek Asking price $25 email me at if you're interested in any of em *please note: I can only ship these within the US. otherwise the shipping will have to be paid by whoever wants the stuff. *Paypal transactions only please
  3. I'm likin' this...yeah... *note Work on the ending(try to make it kinda fade-out) and you're there.
  4. Let Me Know What you think!
  5. For October, Violin Concerto In E Minor Op.64 For Violin And Piano: GSO's Notes this is the shortest of the bunch. Hopefully, I can make it to New York with this one: *fingers Crossed* note: I'll edit this when I record the live version.
  6. hey rhino, Finally finished the album art. check the discord server for a preview.
  7. Here is the script(snes-GBA translation mix): Overture The West and the East were waging war... Draco, the West's great hero, thinks of his love, Maria. Is she safe? Is she waiting...? Aria di Mezzo Carattere The Western armies were defeated, And Maria's castle fell into the hands of the East. Forced to wed the Eastern Prince Ralse, Maria still thinks only of Draco As she gazes at the stars each night...
  8. this project is awesome(i'm just the messenger tho):
  9. Unfortunately for me, I had to give up video games for the time being to focus on my work: violin(working on Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64),composition, arranging(one of my arrangements went to the idig music festival *psyched*),putting together a non-profit online orchestra(I and the orchestra/ choir will not get paid, only the instrumental Specialists like Erutan/katethegreat19, Jillian Aversa, etc.. and Writing a Manga.
  10. Y'know what Chernabogue? Can I just email them to you?
  11. I need lyrics for these 2 remixes: in the overture: draco's part is at 1:41-2:24 In the Aria di Mezzo Carattere: it's a duet between Maria & Draco PM me if you're interested/have any questions. Edit: here Are the links Overture Aria di Mezzo Carattere
  12. Seen Here: how do you map the Undo Command(ctrl-z) to one of the four buttons at the top? or does it depend on the program you use?(for My purposes I'll be using Photoshop 6 & Manga Studio ex 5)
  13. So, in my mind this is meant to be the ending of Final Fantasy VI's Opera(since in game it has no ending): Source tracks: ...with a transition into this: ...Let Me Know what you think(it doesn't have a proper ending as of yet...working on that)