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    I have a real passion for music generally! My influence are numerous with predilection for symphonic metal (Nightwish, Epica, Dimmu Borgir…), or film’s soundtrack (John Williams, Hanz Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi…). I play piano for several years, I started to compose on it. I continued by composing music for an album in symphonic metal. I love also make arrangement or remake of some vgm! I try to be eclectic in my different composition or arrangement.
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  1. Here is an acoustic/classical arrangement from dragon quest 7 "days of sadness" and "with sadness in heart" (composed by Koichi SUGIYAMA) For this arrangement, I wanted sthg minimalist in the building and in the instrumentation. I thank @Katamari (guitar), @Chris ~ Amaterasu (violin, viola & cello) and @Arvangath(bass) who have collaborated with me. Enjoy!
  2. I'm a big fan of the OST and it's great to hear a remix of it on OCR The production level of the OST was yet awesome, with its good balance between orchestra and electro sounds. Timaeus got with this an interesting arrangement, with powerful electro sounds! Difficult to recognize at a first listening, but now I well hear “Nilin the Memory Hunter”. Where is “fragments” theme? I don’t see this on the breakdown. I hope hear more from “Remember Me” on OCR
  3. Unreal! Brandon is one of the artist who has invested the most himself in OCR, with all his remixes or albums those he had directed. But I can understand the decision, although the situation looks so strange...
  4. I loved the original melody! The arrangement is simple but efficient. I really like its particular rhythm, the harmony adaptation with bass line. And the piano in this odd time signature is really virtuoso
  5. I love the concept A lot of interesting and charming tracks in this album! Style unusual in OCR, but refreshing
  6. I'm surprised to see that "Legendary Beat" doesn't appear on the first page. Any hope to have a mix of this in the album? It's a major boss theme in the ff serie IMO. And it would be regrettable if this track wasn't in the tracklist.
  7. Finally, it has comed! I believed there would be an announcement for a such project. I can't access the thread for this album. The album was really great and I would like to post a constructive feedback
  8. Amazing! It’s jazzy, it’s relaxing… The style is perfectly handled, and so appropriate to the original song! Piano and guitar sound really pure… Great job!
  9. Original composition extracted from my 1st album, orchestral music with soundtrack influences. I wanted sthg dark and epic^^ Enjoy!
  10. I come a little late. Is there possibility to choose a track that not appears here or the tracklist is definitive? I think others can be interesting to be remixing. In any case, great news to see ff8 will have its turn
  11. Arrangement really pleasant and original Piano, latin percussions... everything sounds very great ! And the atmosphere is sunny to wish
  12. Cool, peacefule, pleasant to listen ! I really love the instrument playing the melody. Great job
  13. My kingdom for more mix like this in OCR This mix has nothing to envy to best jazz bands of my knowledge! And Zelda serie (as Mario) is really well adapted for this style. I'm eager to hear you next arrangement !
  14. Great to see this album finally here! Patience well rewarded, a lot of jewels in a large variety of styles! After a first listening, it will be difficult for me to list all track which really marked me, so much there was. I'm almost impressive by arrangement on tracks whose originals wasn't really marking IMO("Fixations", "Into the Sandstorm", "Four Score and Six-Eight"). Very much interesting tracks in this album. I retain also : - "To Be Forgotten", really surprising knowing original and so nostalgic - "I Am Gonna Stop Eventually" where Brandon has a new time managed to surprise us by using a new style - "Corra!" not really surprising, but so powerful! - " Knight-wit" I didn't expected this style for this track, but I love it ! - " Vamo alla Django" Impressed by virtuosity of artists. Style original and welcome ! I tried to make an eclectic selection. But a lot of other tracks are really great ! Thanks to OCR and to the artist for this album ! I've really found in it the tribute that the OST deserved
  15. New version is here : Timpani well reduced at some parts. I could win some DBs. I think the result is better EDIT : link updated on the first post