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  1. OverClocked Podcast - 10 - Jayson Napolitano

    Fine choice for the lyrical wisdom this week. I've been enjoying the podcasts so far guys so keep up the good work.
  2. [COMPO] Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    If I had even a shred of musical ability I would sign up myself, but unfortunately I've got nothing there. However, I definitely like MindWanderer's idea for his Castlevania compo. It's got my seal of approval for what that's worth and I hope more people get involved.
  3. Sweet Sixteen - Happy Birthday OCR!

    I'm not even sure anymore when I first found OCR. I think it was around late 2004-early 2005, I just remember it was DragonAvenger that first linked me to the site. I didn't join the forums until late 2009 though.   I do have a lot of memories associated with OCR. In 2009, I delivered a physical copy of the Final Fantasy IV album to Nobuo Uematsu after a Distant Worlds concert on behalf of OA and Deia and everyone else involved with the project. A couple years ago I gave the members of OverClocked University pint glasses with the band's logo engraved on them. Last year during the summer, I ran the ReMix Role-Playing Compo which went fairly well for a first time effort on my part. I also appeared on OCR Talkback a couple times to promote it. I'll have to finalize my plans for the sequel and try to make that happen sometime in 2016.    And of course there was MAGFest 13 back in January. Got to meet a lot of people from the community, most of which for the first time. Also finally got to see OCU perform live in person for the first time as well.   Those are the biggest things I can think of off the top of my head but there are a lot of things spread out over the years. Too many memories to share them all and I'm looking forward to making more in the coming years.
  4. I loved it! It sounded great!
  5. The Persona Series

    Persona 4 is in my top three favorite JRPGs. There's so much about it I can throw praise at from the characters and the story, the music and the art direction, as well as, the gameplay mechanics. Persona 3 is good as well, though the only version of it I can stand to play is the PSP one. I like being able to give commands to the whole party. I have Persona Q but I've yet to actually play it. The Persona 4 Arena games are also pretty fun.    I have physical copies of some of the Persona soundtracks as well, including a live band arrangement album. The music in these games is really great, I can't say enough nice things about the soundtracks. I wouldn't put Shoji Meguro on the same level as someone like Uematsu or Mitsuda, but he is definitely good at what he does. 
  6. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

    I'm still struggling to get a handle on Plague Knight's controls in all honesty, but I have only played through the Plains of Passage so far so I've got plenty of game left to get the hang of it. I keep screwing up the bomb jumps, mostly by not going in the direction I intend. I do like the changes that were made to the story to allow for Plague Knight to be the playable character. I hope the new music is made available soon.
  7. Super Mario Maker

    This game has been great so far. I've spent more time playing other people's stages than building my own, which is why I'm still at day two stuff now. But I did upload a couple stages:   Fenix 1-1: 44FD-0000-001A-3EA1   Fenix 1-2: F1D1-0000-0027-81B3
  8. Action & Tactical RPGs

    Another tactical RPG that I just remembered that you might be interested in would be Arc the Lad. The PSone titles were translated and released together by Working Designs as The Arc the Lad Collection and they are all available on the NA PSN store (not sure about anywhere else). They're pretty challenging, especially Arc 2, and the overall story is good even if it's nothing particularly groundbreaking. The soundtracks are enjoyable with a wide variety of character and battle themes in particular. The characters are what really make these games, especially in Arc 3.
  9. Action & Tactical RPGs

    It's hard to come by now since it was the last game Working Designs translated before they closed up shop, but Growlanser Generations for the PS2 is pretty good. A lot of story battles have special conditions that determine not just whether or not you win, but also how successful your victory is (clearing a mission flawlessly earns you a Mission Accomplished while allowing some things to go wrong like one or two NPC casualties earns a Mission Complete). Some special conditions may include fleeing from the field without killing any enemy units, or avoiding hazards on the map like a collapsing floor, or escaping from a villain you are simply not powerful enough to stand up to at that point in the game, stuff like that. Growlanser II also has branching story paths that can drastically change the direction the plot goes, one of which includes joining forces with the final villain of the game and turning against your friends.   If you can find it, I recommend checking it out.
  10. Sonic and Chilli Dogs

    I'll be honest, they look closer to being some kind of sandwich viewed from the side than a chili dog to me. But as it's been said many times already, those are bumpers. Sonic was only into chili dogs in the 90's cartoons, the comics, and a short series of books I remember reading as a kid.
  11. MAGFest 2016

    I plan on making it again this time. Really looking forward to it.
  12. [SFRG] [2015] Round 3 - X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]

    FenixDown Laser Power (Shield Sheldon in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) X's Demise (Spark Mandrill in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) Caffeine Shoveling Hunter Turtloids (Rainy Turtloid in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2])
  13. [SFRG] [2015] Round 2 - Doppler Stage 1 [X3]

    FenixDown Beetle Dopplerganger (Ground Scaravich in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) Red Shifting Drift (Boomer Kawanger in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) Is é mo aingeal imithe (Flame Stag in Doppler Stage 1 [X3])
  14. [SFRG] [2015] Round 1 - Palace Grounds [X]

    FenixDown Firefly (Shining Hotarunicus in Palace Ground [X]) Bounce Too High (Vanishing Gungaroo in Palace Ground [X]) My Beerly Beerloved (Blizzard Buffalo in Palace Ground [X])