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  1. I usually never comment on mixes, but this sounds really sick! Just a few thoughts. Compress leadguitar just a bit(1:7or2:0:0 ratio)and maybe (and I meanMAYBE)increase the level by very tiny bit (maybe) Im not sure how you mixed the record, but maybe reduce the vol on the piano by 1 or2db Make bass a wee bit louder. (its probably just me, but)Add a subtle room verb to the entire track. (the mix down in a spacial sense sounds reallyartificial/unnaturalandawkward like everything was done in a different room.) This seems a bit short for OCremix as said. Add an minute more of music, you could do something dramatic like a key change progression orbuild up, or something to flip the listeners heads. You had something going for a good transition where you ended.
  2. Snow board kids remix Request

    I may, but I realized that I had a pop record that sounded similar to this lololol. darn popular chord progressions.
  3. Snow board kids remix Request

  4. What's everyone up to??

    I mostly lurk these days since im to lazy to sign in lol
  5. What's everyone up to??

    Eating a cookie.
  6. Hey guys, please support me and vote for my "Metal Hybrid EDM" song! *Remember, for the vote to count, you must connect to facebook, and agree to follow casablanca on spotify (you can unfollow them after the vote, and you can delete you account after voting as well). You will know the vote counted when seeing "Thank you for voting, and you should see the vote count increase!
  7. Playground

    I listened to SandBox, it reminds me of boyz noize and sega genesis music. I like the melody and harmonies. Great stuff!
  8. Hay guys! I made a music video for my new remix of Zedd's & Selena Gomez - I want you to know! Please click the link below and check it out!
  9. Metriod Prime - I Hear Voices

    Not bad! I do feel that monophonic synth could use some exciting and light verb. The drums (hats and snare primarily) I feel could use some plate reverb. The lead bellish pad melody that plays towards the end, I feel could use a hall reverb (imo, still sounds cool). This sounds pretty awesome!
  10. Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved Dubstep Remix

    Sorta agreed with timaeus on this. While arrangement is pretty cool, the mixdown is flat, while I dont mind the adlibs, they are a bit cheesy. Some of the leads (imo) sound a bit "to plain" in compared to the overall soundscape of the mixdown. Like a dramatic contrast.... but that is just me. otherwise, I dig this. Welcome to OcRemix bruh.
  11. How did you get your handle?

    The Sonic The Hedgehog did not fit on Xbox live. so I shorted it by removing some letters haha. As for Air3s' I wanted something with an A and an number in it.
  12. I need your help!

    Thank you for the support everyone! I agree that competitions should be based on work, but apparently popularity sounds better than quality ; / Also, I hope everyone is hitting the red "Vote" button below, because I'm not sure if some votes are registering. I cant see them on my notifications
  13. I'd try both in demo. I use a combination of two Daws I love very much which are Cubase and Ableton. Different DAWs have strong points and weaknesses depending on your preferences. Give'em both a try. If you have and you are bent on buying a full copy of either one, I say buy the one that you feel you have the best time with work flow.
  14. I need your help!

    <3 Thank you captain! Also I want to add that a facebook login is required for the vote to count O.o
  15. I need your help!

    Thanks bro!