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  1. Learn music theory; specifically "functional" 4-part harmony to solve the issue of your music not being "in tune". Learn the 7 basic triads that of the diatonic scales (Major and Minor) that are applicable in all twelve musical keys. It might seem a little complicated at first, but it's actually really simple; you could probably get the hang of it in less than a week's time and you'll know how to effectively harmonize a melody and voice chords. All you need to know is seven chords, how to effectively change chords (voice leading) and just one scale. You should be well on your way in no time. As for the samples, all you can do is become more experienced using them until you hit a brickwall (and you will) of what they're capable of and will have to purchase "higher-end" or otherwise "superior" samples that suit your needs.
  2. A cinematic, ambient track; my first real attempt at creating a piece of music with Cubase!
  3. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
  4. Narcissism What did you expect? If people aren't "following" something, it's because they don't want to and it's not even particularly useful to be honest. There is also the matter of the forums being borderline dead — nobody is asking how to follow threads. Therefore, this thread (and your choice of words) comes off as "Here's how painfully easy it is to follow threads, you idiots."
  5. Likely won't help you at all, to be honest. While they're unlikely to turn down money if you're willing to pay it, they do still have to consider the other benefits of licensing the track, and if the game is just given away and/or you don't have a proven track record of making great games, it offers little promise of many royalty payments or other financial return down the road. The only option is to contact his label and/or management and ask what they would charge to license that song to you. I don't see you walking away without pay at least a 3-digit number, to be honest. Established musicians who aren't film/tv/game composers by trade, but are pop artists, often demand high prices on licensing their songs with no regard for the scope of the project. Their stance is often "You want this song for whatever project, you pay X amount of dollars." Your best bet, is to just stick with licensing music from stock music libraries like Position Music, Audio Machine, Killer Tracks, Liquid Cinema, AudioJungle, etc. as their entire purpose is to distribute music made for media and it will be easy to find whatever kinds of styles you're looking for and the prices are generally pre-determined or negotiated based on the type of project.
  6. Not difficult, the opposite, but MVC: Infinite Tried the demo for it today My god that game is crap. Horrible graphics, same awful MVC3 high-contrast artstyle, looks like a port, gameplay is extremely dumbed down, only two characters instead of 3, atrocious voice acting, cringiest story I've ever seen, 1-button super combos, 1-button normal combos, and already the worst roster in the history of the genre. First time I've ever rage quit a game just because it sucks so bad. They're going to charge 74.99 for this shit.
  7. You ever play Jet Moto 2? The CPU are all playbacks of the best players they could find. As such, most of the CPU opponents have a near-perfect run. Screw up even once and you're almost guaranteed to come in last. Arguably one of the best, forgotten soundtracks in video games, though.
  8. I know this is a bit off topic, but I find it a bit ridiculous that there is a twitter account dedicated to "outing" people who — the majority probably crappy hobbyists — want artists to work on their projects for free. Just say "no" and move on.
  9. I think I have a few 90s Archie Sonic Comics kickin' around somewhere. Anyway, I'm actually more surprised to learn it was still going. I legit think that in 10 - 20 years, comic books will be essentially extinct. Back on "Free Comic Book Day" this year, I was reading an article documenting the industry's sales and comic books are like, the one industry where the digital sales have not eclipsed physical. In a business where physical sales are at an all-time low — that's a pretty ominous sign.
  10. First video game adaptation to be "certified fresh". The curse has been lifted, ladies and gents. Adi Shankar came across as a bit of cocky douchebag in the days leading up to its release, but I suppose he's earned the bragging rights.
  11. Problem with Soundcloud (aside from the shitty changes they made) and similar apps is that there is no free lunch. Someone is footing the bill and most people aren't going to pay for "pro" since they realize that charging the customer to post music without allowing the user to monetize it themselves is absolutely stupid. Nobody wants to have ads attached their music unless they're on a platform like spotify (and even then they'd prefer you have premium), so that's not a reliable method of income either. At a certain point, the site gets too big for its boots and if you're not pulling in revenue to cover operating costs, bills start piling up, and investors are going to start jumping ship and you'll get to the fate Soundcloud is currently looking at sooner rather than later.
  12. Orfium has been gaining steam in recent times; might want to check that out.
  13. and people said I was crazy when I nuked my stuff a week and a half ago. Anyway, Soundcloud started to go downhill when they got rid of groups (because reasons), which were easily the best way to find new music and share your own; you didn't have to ostensibly resort to cold calling people to get a new follower. Especially if you just created an account — it would be like an anechoic chamber. It would also help if I wasn't getting messaged and follows from at least one bot every day telling me about what a bad girl she's been lately.
  14. I forgot we did this lol Regarding the strings — you'll have to take it up with Tim, since I recall that I composed most of the string parts, but forwarded the MIDI itself to Timaeus so he could hit it with LASS (?) as it predates my ownership of Hollywood Strings or otherwise libraries with real legato. Anyway, glad people dig the intro