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  1. Middle-of-the-road options are a bit on the scarce side, in my experience. The trouble is that finding a good rompler/workstation/e-piano keyboard that can also double as a MIDI controller for a low price is tricky. Getting a cheap MIDI keyboard with semi-weighted keys, but no built in sounds is relatively easy as most people these days only require this. Can you clarify what you mean by "live recording", though? Do you mean recording of audio, or playing in MIDI data "live"? That is also a factor consider in regards to # of keys and such. Personally, I'd just look at getting some sort of workstation keyboard or electronic piano that has MIDI output and use it for both live playing and MIDI recording. It will likely cost a bit more than what you'd hope, but there's not much sense in buying both if one will give you sounds and MIDI output.
  2. Yeah, that's why I am surprised he's outright stalking people. I just told him that my remixing days were over and he was like "oh, okay" and left me with a link to another Super Castlevania Remix lol.
  3. Why the hell would he ask me, though? Like, skip over the shitty remixers at least. Guy is desperate.
  4. Meh, I'm not opposed to older women but there's a limit on age and how creepy you are. =P Yeah, I thought it was kinda weird, but I haven't been full-on stalked by him. Did he have a picture of that monkey villain from Powerpuff Girls when you talked to him?
  5. Very interesting as I've had this happen recently as well. I'm used to being stalked by bar-crawling cougars, but not people in dire need of a Castlevania mix. It's weird for me.
  6. Xenosaga II: The Orgulla boss battle. I tried for MONTHS to beat her. I employed every strategy I possibly could find on the internet or think of and I could never beat her. I eventually came to the realization that my crew was simply not strong enough and I didn't have enough items, but they didn't have shops (wtf?) in the 2nd one and at that point in the game, there aren't many enemies you can backtrack to fight and grind. This is something that has ended me playing literally every JRPG (really have grown to hate those games) ever. From FFX to Star Ocean: TLH. At SOME point, the game becomes a numbers battle and you'll have to grind for god knows how long if you want to beat the next boss.
  7. Water bottle right next to the controller and a cup, presumably also full of liquid actually resting ON the MIDI controller. The balls on this guy...
  8. Fan reactions to video game trailers honestly make the trailer in a lot of cases. Listen to people go nuts over this. I remember their enthusiasm had me so hype for the game years ago.
  9. "Worthwhile", "Fulfilling", etc. That's really the common denominator among everyone here who has quit. When you're a kid with no job or anything like that, getting the new high score, finding secrets, beating bosses and getting "achievements" actually feel like achievements. It's utterly meaningless when compared against advancing your career, creating works of art, traveling, romantic life, etc. If, as an adult well into your 20s or beyond winning at games is still a proud achievement, you may want to take a step back and reflect on your life up to this point.
  10. Depends what you're looking to buy
  11. Kinda like the title says. Chopped guitars, distorted drums, angry synths, etc.
  12. A year...two years(?) ago, I tried Street Fighter V. Couldn't do it. I used to be the SHIT at SFIV back around 2010. I knew every Chun Li combo and could wreck just about everyone with her. Now I simply don't have the patience and time to learn fighting games like that anymore, so I returned it. That made me feel old.
  13. I have quit gaming as a regular hobby, though I have recently played a bit on steam and am back into Overwatch for the new event for a couple weeks. Overwatch is the best gaming investment I have ever made because it's one of the few games these days that's just meant to be a blast with your friends and they always keep doing things to make it feel fresh. It was a $50 dollar purchase and I get continued enjoyment out of it. However, months often pass where I don't even touch it. As I get older it just becomes apparent what a waste of time and productivity killer video games really are and I would rather do just about anything else most of the time. I often see users on Steam who have 300 hours sunk into a game in a short timeframe. I simply cannot fathom my life being so remarkably boring and/or non-existent as to be able to rack up that many hours in a game.
  14. I'm guessing the logo is an existing font?
  15. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how utterly awesome the new "Uprising" event is? Thank you