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  1. Scoring Guitars 2 came out today, and while I generally detest libraries like this, it was cheap and flexible enough that it could be suitable for some background stuff in small doses. None the less, I made a Spy sort of theme with it, some drums and other stuff. I had this piano melody, but I decided I liked it better as more of an atmospheric track.
  2. Random life advice?

    My Uncle was actually a firechief and his sons were firefighters, so I have some knowledge of it. In my opinion, and this just being honest (that's what you want right?) It doesn't sound like you're the type of person with the mentality for that job. First off, I wouldn't want someone whose primary motivation for the job is a "Kushy schedule" when people's lives are at stake. Secondly, are you certain that you are physically capable for the job? I hate to make assumptions, but generally people working long hours in chairs at any sort of call center and a relaxed schedule (which from my knowledge, firefighters don't actually have) is not typically the mark of someone who gets up and runs a mile every day at 5 am. Are you able to sprint for a long period of time? Are you able to lift a grown man or woman with minimal effort? Etc? Could you pass their tests? and from what my family told me, the tests (which vary by location) are usually a joke compared to what the job actually demands. Further, and I know that you hear crazy shit as a dispatcher, but actually dealing with the situation in person is dramatically different: Are you going to be able to remain calm when it's you who has to pull the bodies out of the building? Seeing children who are suffering smoke inhalation and might even have horrific injuries? Car accidents leaving people mangled or dead? Are you prepared to die saving a stranger? The list goes on But in my opinion, if the answer to any of those questions is "no" — then it's not the job for you. So for you and the sake of your community, I hope that you really take a good look within before deciding to pursue this further.
  3. American Pixels wins a SAMMY

    Achievement Unlocked
  4. Video Game Addiction

    An excellent point. Reminds me of reading steam reviews for the Witcher 3, and there was one comment from a person who had a ton of hours poured into it who said "This game is great, you can do all the things you can't do in real life: Like casting spells or talking to girls." Of course, most marked that as funny, but I suspect it's not entirely in jest. I mean, there was that one guy about 10 years ago actually who married the chick in his Nintendo DS dating sim! Though I heard that relationship ended in divorce and she took half his shit. But seriously, when I worked at a game store back when, I definitely met socially awkward "incel" type guys in their 20s who definitely filled that void with anime girls to the point of pure cringe. I still hear horror stories, like apparently this one guy who was a regular customer has his debit card decked out in half-naked anime girls (with no shame) and apparently his room at his parents house is wallpapered from floor to ceiling with the same kind of imagery. and then there's the whole sex robot takeover people are worried about. Some people definitely let fantasy takeover where reality is lacking and because games put you in the driver's seat, it makes sense it would be easy to get pulled in too deep.
  5. The Snake Charmer's Abode

    My first track with my recent purchase of Ancient Era: Persia. Money well spent.
  6. Twitch for VG remixes??

    This is something I've actually been putting a bit of thought into in recent months; just regarding music in general. I don't think Twitch would be a good option given its niche, but there definitely needs to be a video or music streaming service that makes it possible for people to actually have their stuff heard. Soundcloud USED to be the best, but ever since they removed groups (for SOME fucking reason) it's easily just as tough as getting anything out there on YouTube, which used to be "by creators" and is now "bye creators".
  7. Video Game Addiction

    When I worked in a game store, I had a colleague who said the same thing about games being like work and I agree. To use Total War as an example again, I tried getting into Rome II as well, but they got rid of the "short campaign" AND added in each turn being 1 of 4 seasons instead of only 2, multiple victory conditions AND each victory condition has multiple requirements within itself. You can't just conquer 15 cities and destroy two factions and call it a day anymore; it must be at least 4-6x as long as the full campaign in Rome 1. I just googled, and most people report putting in between 50 and 100 hours into one campaign... Too much work indeed. No way I'm spending that kind of time in front of a screen and not getting paid for it. I have about 40 steam games, most purchased for dirt cheap on sale and I've probably played about half that. You think "what a deal!" at the time, but if you're not playing them, it's money wasted. Sounds like a good solution. That's the thing about "open-world" games: they're probably the worst for being a time sink. I've heard people complain that games like Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc. are "too short", but I find them just right. I've played through 2008 PoP twice on PC and it totaled 13 hours; same deal with TR and Uncharted. That's also been my counter when people rip on people on ripping on games for being a "waste of time" because "everyone who says games are a waste of time will spend hours watching Netflix or something". For comparison, most serialized TV dramas like GoT, Rome, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus, etc. are 40 minutes. So 120 minutes is 3 episodes and a quarter of a season. Many, even most, video games 120 minutes might see you past the tutorial levels, and I don't care what anyone says — video game plots still suck and aren't anywhere near as good or intellectually stimulating as even some of the most mindless movies and TV. Plus, watching Game of Thrones winds up being a bit more of a social activity in the sense that so many other people you know will watch it too, it gives you some common ground to talk about with a lot of work colleagues, etc.
  8. Video Game Addiction

    Sorry, I double checked and was over-estimating it. He has 1,115 hours and guess that's in like 3 - 4 months. That's still insane, all the same. That's over a month of your life just into a game.
  9. Video Game Addiction

    Just randomly saw this video on YouTube, and felt compelled to talk about it I've mostly cut games out of my life, expect for the odd binge every now and then. Over the last couple, 3 months I've been playing Rome Total War and it's become my most played game on Steam 30 hours. I feel ashamed of that, but that's absolutely nothing compared to many people. One of my friends, he's married with a kid and has sunk over 2000 hours into one game in less than a year, yet can't understand why his wife is pissed at him! For me, putting hundreds, let alone thousands of hours into a game is unthinkable as an adult; shit, I don't know that I ever pulled that off as a kid and as a teenager, I never played games for most of those years as I was too obsessed with music and playing guitar. Curious to hear your thoughts on the whole subject.
  10. Too many projects in general

    One thing that helps me, is the idea that TV composer Ron Jones talks about: Limiting yourself to "the main thing" and "the other thing" with the "other thing" being optional. If you just limit yourself to focusing on something like writing the melodies for the entire piece before doing ANYTHING else, all that's left is to harmonize it, add percussion, etc. It's why a lot of composers still start from just a piano sketch; no distractions or VSTs or anything like that to play around with.
  11. Sons of Sparta

    Strategy game type theme I wrote as I've been playing a lot of Rome: Total War lately
  12. Personally, I'd say you're completely off the mark in terms of his usual style. I know you said "similar" and not the same, but this track definitely sounds like 80s thrash metal. Mick's stuff is basically a fusion of 90s post-grunge (with a smidge of "djent") in terms of guitars, so bands like Pantera, Korn, Nickelback, Meshuggah, Motley Crue's 1994 album, etc. all nail that sound. but his drums aren't standard kit drums about 90% of the time. It's mostly cinematic, sound-design based stuff. He claims it's his own stuff, and I'm not calling him a liar...but it all sounds suspiciously like heavyocity's damage. Basically this Plus this Equals this kinda rhythm section. A minor exception is the DOOM score, which is basically down-tuned thrash metal with cinematic and electronica elements.
  13. Too many projects in general

    Agreed 100%. I find it's easiest to get shit done first thing in the morning. There are also studies out there that show people tend to be most productive for the first few hours in the morning.
  14. FFXII PC: Original OST or Reorchestrated?

    All that I remember of XII is that it had sexy rabbit women; I thought it was Disney and Playboy's job to make me attracted to rabbits? It's just wrong. Anyway, I dunno, A/Bing them I wouldn't really say that the re-orchestrated soundtrack is as dramatically better as you're hoping for. In fact, I'd go as far to say "Battle With An Esper" actually sounds worse.
  15. RPG Town Theme

    Trying out one of those 90s RPG type of fantasy tunes.