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  1. Overwatch

    Something I find hilarious that people keep complaining about with this game is the whole, "but there's no story mode" complaint. Like, this is a competitive multiplayer, arena shooter. It exists to be this. It's like complaining about no campaign in LoL or something. Personally, I think what Blizz has done with the story is brilliant - tell it through comics and animated shorts. Though I'd love to see a movie or a TV series, myself. That's something I never say about video games.
  2. Overwatch

    Weird. I used to suffer from server disconnects despite perfectly fine internet all the time. Re-installing the battlenet client appears to have fixed that for me, but lots of people seem to still have that issue. Also, check this out
  3. Overwatch

    I've never been a victim of "phantom hits" due to the server tick-rate, myself, but I have just randomly died a couple of times as widowmaker. Like, it just said "you died". Guess that slowed heart rate finally got her.
  4. Overwatch

    The best game I've played so far was @Neifion and I's group slaughtered a team of all Torbjorns and their entire team accused us of being hackers.
  5. Overwatch

    This isn't like Street Fighter. The game is balanced because characters can be switched on the fly and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses as both an individual and a team player. Examples: Bastion can be defeated by Pharah, Widowmaker or Hanzo as they can hit him with maximum damage outside of his range. Genji can deflect his shots back at him. Roadhog can pull him out of sentry mode and can charge into him - knocking him out of it. Roadhog is one of the slowest and biggest targets in the game, but is dangerous at close range. Possible ways of dealing with include snipers, bastion, stunning with McCree and then fanning the gun, Hanzo's ult. Tracer is fast, but has low health and her pistols are the weakest firearm in the game. Highly susceptible to traps, area attacks or being ganged up on. Basically where I'm going with this is...
  6. Overwatch

    I'm actually surprised people are having difficulties with Tracer as she's probably the squishiest character in the game. Clint Beastwood's stun grenade or Pharah's rockets usually make short work of her. Speaking of, some tips in case you don't know them: - McCree's revolver reloads instantly when you roll. That's basically all the roll is really good for. - In most spots on most maps, you can use the payload as cover and shoot under it at your enemies' feet. Works especially well as Pharah. - Mercy is the only character who can match Pharah's Mobility. Having Mercy as Pharah's wingman can be a devastating combo since Mercy can actively heal Pharah as well as boost her already powerful rockets and ult.
  7. Overwatch

    I think I've gotten decent at countering most of the annoying characters. Hate Mei, though.
  8. Overwatch

    For many, the game is nigh unplayable. I finally got Blizz, via Twitter, to check out the thread. They're now getting people to post their connection details and run traceroutes to find commonalities and claim they're monitoring the issue on their end. On the official Reddit, they basically said they have no idea what the problem is or when to expect a fix.
  9. CineSamples - Yes or No?

    To be honest, I was actually surprised that anyone thought 2,500 was a lot. I kind of thought that was pretty common.
  10. Overwatch

    This game is amazing and I love it, but they definitely need to fix whatever the hell is going on with the disconnects. Day one and it ran perfect, day two was steady dropouts despite a perfect connection. This issue is now the longest thread on tech support and Blizz hasn't said anything about it on the forums despite this. The only thing that seems to help, but not fix the issue completely, is to do a dns flush and clear the temp folder from appdata/local. Other than that, you're never really sure if you're going to be booted out of the match to rejoin. Yesterday, it was so bad I got a penalization warning.
  11. Sounds like you've got some sand up your ass because you weren't a part of it, honestly. Anyway Who wrote the demo/trailer song? It's rad.
  12. Overwatch

  13. On YouTube he said they haven't decided yet but somewhere around the $100-150 USD mark.
  14. Guns of Icarus Online

    It is my dream that one day, we will have a sky full of badass airships irl.