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  1. Definitely not as good as it should've been. Also, the ending Conroy laugh was absolutely cringe inducing.
  2. Just got out of the theater. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was great hearing Hamill and Conroy in an animated Batman again, but I'm not sold that this animated adaptation truly does the classic graphic novel justice. Simply because I felt the visuals could be much better and more in line with the comic's aesthetic. They also cut some odd corners on the dialogue, at least in the theatrical release. The animation isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be from the trailer, but it is well below what they're capable of. I did like the expanded story with Batgirl - hate me for it. In the future, I'd be down with seeing a re-animated re-release that keeps all of the audio, but with better animation and art direction more like the graphic novel - Sorry, Bruce. Let me know what you thought
  3. This looks good.
  4. Also, if it's a total n00b developer who cares just enough to pay something for the music but nothing more than an amount that might buy you a sandwich, be prepared for this response as they change from a reasonable human being to: "Jesus Christ, man! Do you think I'm a millionaire!? I know HOOKERS who charge less than you. Good luck, dude. I'm gonna tell everyone how insane your prices are and ruin your career!" When the price you named was totally fair and they had the option of just politely looking elsewhere.
  5. Basically, Devil May Cry gameplay meets Metroid Prime.
  6. You guys are reading way too deep into an incredibly simplistic plot and characters that only serve to justify the events of the game. For me, if there were a sequel, I don't personally care about developing characters at all. Just give me an excuse to continue kicking ass through a well designed, gothic playground as Alucard/Maria/Richter with a bitchin' soundtrack to boot.
  7. Depends. Would you be able to upgrade it to the full version later without paying full price? I have this new motto I live by with virtual instruments. "Get greatness on the first go." ™ So, I'd probably just save 50 American dollars more and go full version instead of getting a handicapped version and wind up paying more than the cost of the full version, which I'll inevitably want, down the road.
  8. Tried the game out, not really seeing the appeal, honestly. This is the game 10 year old me dreamed of, but 24 year old me lacks the childlike imagination required to suspend my disbelief to really feel like I'm in the game, even if it is AR. I walk, at the very least, 3km every day and now it's like "WHAT TEAM ARE YOU ON!?" and I'm just like "Dude, I'm just out walking. People did this long before Pokemon Go was a thing". Like, I see this quickly getting to the point where I'm not going to be able to even glance at my phone in public without being accosted by a Pokemon Go player. On the one hand, it's great that a video game about cartoon monsters has inspired people to go outside, but on the other - it's also really sad that it takes a video game about cartoon monsters to inspire people to go outside.
  9. Saw this on Facebook today and lol'd
  10. of death Depends on how you're defining "powerful". I'll admit that I haven't spend that much time with her or others playing her, but even with what I have, I would say that she is the most useful support as long as your aim is sharp and it's MUCH easier to hit your own team than the enemy since your teammates aren't actively avoiding being shot by you. She does not suffer from the inherent weakness of the other supports thus far and that is range. As long as she can see you, she can heal the whole team very quickly whereas the others must either focus on one at a time or have to wait to charge an area effect and they risk being killed since they must be in the heat of battle. The Winston/Tracer/Genji etc. strategy is also not reliable on account of the tranquilizer dart. You basically need another sniper or pharah to take her out from a range.
  11. You guys see what happens when you mix Ana's ult, Reaper's ult and Lucio's speed boost?
  12. Taken from "Niche Gamer's" site "...Sniper whose skillset seems to mix long range combat with several support abilities including the ability to shoot her teammates with healing bullets and use her ult to give an ally a “Nano-boost” which appears to increase their speed, damage, as well as reducing their damage taken. She also has some offensive abilities such as a poison grenade that damages enemies while healing allies, and a tranquilizer attack that can stun one enemy. However, any damage dealt to the sleeping hero will wake them back up." Yeaaaaah. Let's not forget she headshot and kills widowmaker in the trailer, so I doubt her offense game is lacking. On paper, it sounds like in the hands of a decent player, she has potential to easily be the best character in the game. From what little we have, it seems like they're relying on her lack of mobility compared to Widowmaker to be her cryptonite. However, on the comments on Facebook for the reveal trailer, one user asked how she got up so high and they replied with "I'm sure you'll find ways ;)" or something like that. So they may be implying she does have some way of getting up high quickly...
  13. Definitions matter so that no one gets confused. I had to read the post a couple of times to be sure. I think what you're describing in the first line is not "remastering", it is "transcribing" - aurally deciphering recorded music. "Remastering" means that you would take an album's worth of recordings and master it again - which means balancing the levels, gapping between the tracks, track order etc. "Remixing" in the context used on this site means two things. Taking stems of separate audio tracks from an existing work and balancing them to create a new cohesive and clean-sounding audio mix, this is the literal meaning of remixing. The second definition, which is technically "arranging" is creating a new arrangement of existing music. The same song, but with different instruments, chords, new sections etc. Anyway, just about any DAW can slow down audio while preserving pitch. Reaper for example has a free evaluation period that never expires and it is extremely simple to slow the track down.