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  1. I'm just waiting for the entire series and get them all at once. It's gonna be righteous
  2. And tablets And gta5 And give their 16 year old the car keys You better believe that they'll give them a 4-500 video game system
  3. The legion and hybrit amp sims
  4. This is the video game industry in 2017 we're talking, how many anticipated games actually deliver on the hype? Though Zelda is almost always good
  5. 1. work-in-progress

    Hey. Guitars definitely sound phony. Shreddage, I presume? Anyway, VST electric guitars sound like crap even with the best sequencing, but some things you can do to make them sound better. Automate the string preference and fretboard position so that your virtual guitarist is playing in the correct positions for the phrase, automate portamento speed, switch between down picking and alternate, use the sampled vibrato instead of the horrid lfo, your use of harmonics in the beginning is too excessive and perfect (latter is probably samples fault), I'd also say do your best to include slide ins, but sample libraries are shit at this. Furthermore, you only want as much distortion as is absolutely necessary. Even in death metal, getting a sweet twangy sound out of the guitar is what you want, because the harder you play the more the tubes break up and distort. This is why rock guitar players prefer tube amps; you get a constant fluctuation of distortion that really breathes life into the performance and no two notes are ever the same timbre exactly. Lastly, your synth is too loud, drums lack punch and it sounds to me like the tracks aren't all being routed to one good room reverb. You want it to sound like the band is jamming in the same place, but don't send the kick and bass. Set a test tone generator to produce a sine wave at 50hz. Send this tone into a noise gate and set the threshold to immediately where it cuts out the sine. Sidechain the kick drum to the noise gate so that it lets the sine through when it hits (up the attack a bit) and you should have killer, clean (make sure nothing else is down at 50hz) sub bass on your kick that will create enough vibration to give the girl next door an orgasm and rattle her fillings loose. Hope this helps!
  6. I waited a year before I got a ps4. Regret it. I now own zero games for it. It's basically a Netflix box now
  7. It's expensive It's gimmicky It only has a few games really worth playing It must be Nintendo Getting serious Wii U hype vibes, here. The only games anyone really wants are the first party ones; all others are lame indie titles or games that came out five years ago on other systems. Promises of 3rd party support, but they will jump ship when their title sells poorly on the system. Also, Ultra SF2: The Final Challengers...are you serious? There's blood coming out of the cash cow's udder now, maybe stop pulling on it.
  8. These forums are as dead as the rest of 2016's victims. I hope you're not expecting a lot of replies Happy New Year
  9. Word. What most people seem to mean by "PS1 sound", or so I've noticed, is almost always a Roland Sound Canvas. Thought of buying one myself for nostalgia's sake.
  10. Indeed. To be honest, I always find these aspirations to sound 100% like a 20 year old game soundtrack a little weird. I mean, even these modern Chiptunes that would be made with Super Audio Cart or something are generally of a quality only dreamed of during the time of its samples' sources.
  11. I've purged my gaming soul aside from the occasional Overwatch match. That being said, if Bloodstained ever comes out, playing that will be mandatory.
  12. Not sure what you're on about my friend, but I can tell you this: All of those old Square guys used sound modules made by Roland back in the day. Sakimoto and Iwata both used XV5080s in the FF Tactics/Vagrant Story Era and you can still buy and import these from Japan online for around $500 - $600.
  13. Chase Scene, film-score style track I did for 8Dio's composer search...contest...thing.
  14. I would strongly urge (smack if need be) him to reconsider. A USB audio interface is far cheaper and smarter than replacing a whole computer that still works. How exactly was he recording beforehand? This may explain the fried soundcard...? Anyway, if he does get a new laptop (desktop is still lightyears better), any stock PC dual/quadcore laptop with around 8 gigs of RAM is more than enough for rock/metal production as the most taxing plugins usually used are drum VSTis, amp sims and time-based effects. Like, I just went to Best Buy's site and right on the homepage, they have a $499 laptop that meets exactly those specifications...