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  1. PRC320 - Who The Hell Is Dead Cell (Metal Gear Solid 2)

    Whoopsies... Sorry, stuff happened and I forgot to vote. Still, I'll write up some feedback and PM both of you sometime in the next couple of days.
  2. PRC320 - Who The Hell Is Dead Cell (Metal Gear Solid 2)

    I didn't actually realize it until after I looked up the answer to your question, but thanks anyways! I only noticed because his Wikipedia article mentioned a jazz album he and someone else (presumably AYAKI) created, which was named "Gentle Love." By sheer coincidence, I had been listening to the ReMix in question a few minutes prior, and I remembered that the artist(s) went by "GENTLE LOVE." While I thought it extremely unlikely that they'd be related, I figured it was worth checking.
  3. PRC320 - Who The Hell Is Dead Cell (Metal Gear Solid 2)

    @Esperado There are definitely some similarities, but it was actually Norihiko Hibino. Fun fact: he actually has a ReMix on this site. A long, looooong time ago (2015), he collaborated with Ayaki Saito (generally known as AYAKI) to ReMix 'Lake of Oblivion' from Monarch: Heroes of a New Age. Check it out.
  4. Welcome to our NEW JUDGES!

    As long as you remember to pass all my future submissions, I think we'll get along fine. But hey, I'm sure that particular rule's covered in your Judge's Handbook of Judgingly Judging.
  5. I saw the title of this thread and thought it'd be one of the greatest remix albums ever. Then I read the actual post. Anyways, I've played Pokemans Yellow, Stadium, Snap, Colosseum, Mystery Dungeon (Red Rescue Team, I think), FireRed, and Platinum. I have very fond memories of going head-to-head against my brother, although unfortunately he was always a more focussed trainer than I was, so his level 100's always clocked my level 70-80's. Then several years later, we started doing level 50 matches. ...Aaaand I still lost, although not nearly as much as I had before. But I still had Mewtwo, so my fragile ego was satisfied.
  6. PRC316 - Meeting the Desert (Zelda Twilight Princess)

    Yay! Not that I like needing an extension, but I have a WIP that just wasn't ready. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it in time.
  7. PRC315 - Dreaming of A Fast Race (F-Zero X)

    Aww... Nothing yet? C'mon guys! Well, I haven't had time to get on a bonus track, but I really should come up with something. I'll have to see if I can improvise in the next couple days. Er... cowbell? Banjo? Jaw harp? So many options!
  8. I listen to this album way too much. This particular song is actually my favorite out of the set. It starts off really strong with the cellos played in unison, the harmonies throughout are glorious, and the chord in the ending is unexpected, which doesn’t always work well but in this case is really cool. Actually, until I looked at the writeup on this mix, I wasn’t aware that it was two separate combined sources. Maybe I’m just oblivious, but I’d like to think it points to an excellent arrangement. Magnificent!
  9. OCR03160 - Final Fantasy II 'Grind My Crank'

    Oh my. This is certainly different. There's a lot of cool stuff here. A lot of weird stuff as well - in a good way - but I’m especially liking that drunken tavern bit at the end. The singing is a bit off-key (as can be expected), which would drive the perfectionist side of me absolutely batty. You succeeded in pulling it off, though, so congratulations are certainly in order.
  10. OCR03182 - Witcher 2 'Cáemm elaine luned'

    This is really beautiful. The vocals are excellent, the orchestral writing is pleasant but unobtrusive, and everything comes together to make one really relaxing song. I especially like the way the vocals were layered in this one. Not a choir effect, as I often hear, but merely one additional voice (if I’m hearing it correctly). It’s all quite soothing.
  11. Some classic DDRKirby(ISQ) sounds and techniques being used here, I see! Complex, cheery 9-bit madness. Quite a few themes and melodies were combined throughout this one, and in my opinion, it all works really well! There are a couple iffy spots, I suppose, but when taken as a whole, this mix is one crazy ride. There’s some awesome music here, and all y’all need to hear it.
  12. OCR03091 - Shadowrun 'Reborn'

    I've been playing a bit of Shadowrun Returns lately, so I guess it's appropriate that I review this mix. You did use a lot of instruments here, and I think they work really well together. Strings, drums, vocals, flutes, bells, piano, guitar... and a bunch of other instruments I'm either not listing or not noticing. All of them blend together nicely. And a banjo, apparently! I couldn't spot it in the mix, I'm afraid, but I really like the instrument, so congrats on finding a way to use it. I think your song is very cyberpunk-y - and Shadowrun-y in its own way - and an excellent homage to the series. Nice job!
  13. Ah, nice job on the time signature switchup! That's not always an easy thing to do, but you handled it well. The Song of Storms is such a fun melody to work with, which would, I suppose, explain the number of remixes of the song. I agree with djp’s comment that a longer version might have been nice - if only because you were doing so well with it! Still, I guess a great shorter track is better than a dragged-on longer track.
  14. OCR03226 - Illusion City 'Enter the Illusion'

    I really like the cyberpunk-y feel here. I’m not sure about the use of the Metal Gear Solid Game Over theme, if only because - for me, at least - it’s such a recognizable tune that it kind of stuck out too much. However, familiarity with that particular theme will definitely vary from person to person, so I’m happy to let it slide. On the plus side, you used the instruments well and, despite the fact that a guitar isn’t really something I typically associate with this style, it worked better than I might have thought. Good job!
  15. After some of the fast stuff I’ve been listening to lately, this is a nice change of pace. It’s a very warm, relaxed song, but it also has a bit of sadness and melancholy to it. The build is very nice, and something about it actually sort of reminds me of Hans Zimmer’s Time, from the soundtrack to Inception. Anyone else, or is it just me? A beautiful piece!