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  1. we tried so hard, and got so far. but in the e OH wait wrong song. Thanks, Garpocalypse!
  2. Anyway, Here's Wonderwall A Wonderwall Tribute Album 2016/04/01 Anyway, Here's Wonderwall is a tribute to the ubiquitous classic masterpiece Wonderwall, originally released by the English pop band Oasis in 1995. Put together by your pals over at ThaSauce, and many of their friends, it's 15 tracks -- nearly 60 minutes -- of Wonderwall homage, including works by OC ReMixers such as SgtRama, Shael Riley, and Injury, in multiple styles and schools of musical thought, from acoustic guitar covers, to other acoustic guitar covers. And vaporwave. So have a listen, and enjoy. Anyway, Here's Wonderwall. DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. .Am I doing it rite?
  4. confirmed bachelor here
  5. Bioavailable now bioavailable on Bandcamp! c wut i did there The Grammar Club Bioavailable The Grammar Club has put out its third alternative hip-hop album, featuring Shael Riley on vocals, Beefy on raps, Ailsean on guitars, and Ty Guenley on all the other things. Also featuring an excellent buncha guest rappers with the likes of MC Frontalot, Jesse Dangerously, Wheelie Cyberman, Wordburgler, and Weedlord Boner-Hitler. Pay what you want! We got featured at Wired!
  6. Maps too small? Just wait until the inevitable $30 map size increase DLC!
  7. Isn't 1.5 coming out pretty soon?
  8. Out of morbid curiosity: Do you guys still do fallthroughs? I remember being told I used up all my fallthroughs... ten years ago.
  9. Happy B-day Suzume Bachi

  10. There's been a few games I didn't expect to like that I eventually came to love, over the years. World of Warcraft. As crazy and counter-productive as it sounds. When World of Warcraft launched, a few of my IRL friends played it and told me about it. From the way they explained it to me, it did NOT sound appealing. Not in the least. The whole idea of an MMO was a massive turnoff. Then I got into Guild Wars when it first came out. It's kind of like an MMO gateway drug. I enjoyed the hell out of it while I quickly massacred my way to level 20 on a couple of characters over the course of a month or so. But once I had done that I started to get bored, and then started thinking about World of Warcraft. A few OCR people had started playing WoW, so I picked it up and fell in love with it almost immediately. Three realms and four mains later... I've been playing for almost 8 years now. D: Also, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I did not really care for Phantom Hourglass. Or any of the handheld Zelda games since Zelda 4, really. I wasn't expecting much from Spirit Tracks when I first played it. But I fell in love with the whole trains gimmick. Yes, it is a gimmick. But gimmicks aren't necessarily bad. It's not without its issues (there's a huge inconsistency in difficulty levels, especially later on in the game) but it's one of my favorite Zelda games now. For that matter, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I absolutely loved Ocarina of Time. Loved it. But for some reason, Majora's Mask... I despised its very existence. Everything about it rubbed me the wrong way. A direct sequel? Unheard of! It felt like Nintendo was just cashing in on the success of Nintendo 64. It felt forced. Even the commercials were trying too hard. I refused to play it for the longest time. Some years later, I bought a GameCube that came with the Zelda Collector's Edition disc, and after playing through Ocarina of Time yet again, decided to finally give it a try. It didn't suck. Last but not least, Terranigma. Looked like a super boring generic jRPG. Totally isn't. Oh, and yes, as mentioned before in this thread, Frog Fractions. Brilliant.
  11. get unfat get unlazy in no particular order
  12. i don't care what they do as long as it involves releasing Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Gyakuten Saiban 5 in the US
  13. simply brilliant
  14. Harvest Moon. Oh man, I loved the original. Right up until the ending. The completely arbitrary, no warning, bullshit ending. "Hey we know you've invested 80 hours into this game, but we're just gonna stop you here. Yep. Game over. The end!" Sticking to the theme of this thread, I still enjoyed Harvest Moon greatly, which is more than I can say for the Rune Factory spinoffs. They're just... I don't know how else to say it, but, not fun.