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  1. MnP 71: Circle of the Moon - Tower

    Bonus entry! unfinished, but why not
  2. MnP 71: Circle of the Moon - Tower

    Looks like I'll have to rush my track...
  3. MnP 71: Circle of the Moon - Tower

    Just letting you know the YouTube link is for a different song
  4. MnP 70: Halo 2 - Impend

    Actually submitted this time!
  5. MnP sexy 69: FF4 - Theme of Love

    For real I'll make something this time...
  6. I'll make sure to actually remember to submit a track this time.
  7. MnP 67: Tales of Phantasia - Freeze

    Wasn't able to make a track, but these are all great entries!
  8. MnP 67: Tales of Phantasia - Freeze

    It's Tales of Phantasia, so I have to participate. c:
  9. Rising Sun

    Tried to make a happy hardcore-like song, not sure whether I got it down. Feedback is appreciated!
  10. I need to find a time to listen to this all. So hyped! I picked a track at random for now, and Uwa! Mega Temperate is my favorite thing now.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! True, the GSC version would be a nice touch. Yeah, I need to work on using FX. I bitcrushed the ending to try and give it a sort of spooky feel, that's why it sounds weird
  12. I don't know what genre this even fits in, but I had fun making it for a MnP a while ago. Feedback would be appreciated!
  13. I haven't been able to make anyhting recently, but I'll see if I can make one for this.