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  1. Actually submitted this time!
  2. For real I'll make something this time...
  3. I'll make sure to actually remember to submit a track this time.
  4. Wasn't able to make a track, but these are all great entries!
  5. It's Tales of Phantasia, so I have to participate. c:
  6. Tried to make a happy hardcore-like song, not sure whether I got it down. Feedback is appreciated!
  7. I need to find a time to listen to this all. So hyped! I picked a track at random for now, and Uwa! Mega Temperate is my favorite thing now.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! True, the GSC version would be a nice touch. Yeah, I need to work on using FX. I bitcrushed the ending to try and give it a sort of spooky feel, that's why it sounds weird
  9. I don't know what genre this even fits in, but I had fun making it for a MnP a while ago. Feedback would be appreciated!
  10. I haven't been able to make anyhting recently, but I'll see if I can make one for this.
  11. Thanks! Yea, I'm trying to use automation more, I'll try to learn how to use it better.
  12. Alright! This is one of my favorite from FRLG. Going to make something for sure!
  13. I tried to combine orchestral and ambient to give a sort of forest feel.