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  1. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Alright. Some of you guys have already been contacted by me already, and I plan on hitting the rest of you up in due time. I think it's time to post on the thread itself. (Well, again, at any rate) Right now I'm in the process of mastering the final tracks. There are a few that may need remixing (heh) at the instrument level, but for the most part, a normal song mastering will be fine. So, please contact me if you have any concerns about your track for the mastering process. Also, for those in need of other sound engineering services, I'll be happy to help.
  2. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    I'm not saying you're wrong or even that you don't make a good point. The disappointment is more like a "yeah, he's probably right. Darn..." kind of thing.
  3. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    Wow, thanks for the amazing eval! I've been throwing around the idea of changing the ending. I initially wanted to end it with somewhat of a climax followed by a rather abrupt outro, but it makes the ending seem TOO adrupt. I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't like the breakdown (well, the length if it, anyway)... I'll see if I can trim it or something without detracting from what I was trying to do with it. Something like adding arps. I plan on doing a final master before I submit this. I'll add the timestamp source thing you mentioned. I'll probably post one more update before I send it off. Thanks again for the eval!
  4. Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    I've sent @Darkflamewolf a PM already, but I figure I'll post here too. My childhood! I wish I discovered OCRemix much sooner, and joined this project near the beginning... So, I like to think myself somewhat knowledgable in the art of mastering and audio production. Went to school and everything. So, I'd be interested in joining as a sound director, masterer, etc. Also, I know a little about sound engineering, so I may be able to help those who find their sample quality a little lacking. Well, that's my pitch. If I'm something you guys might be looking for, I'd love the opportunity to join. I wouldn't mind claiming something too, if you guys wouldn't mind a very late entry.
  5. Alright, my turn. Not a bad start, but man, some of those chords in the intro very nearly turned me off. See if you can get closer to the original chords if you need to. Now, for the things you asked The Damned that I may be able to help you with. The drums: You can make real sounding drums using white noise. It's all about how you EQ and mix it. This site has been my holy grail for EQing, and there are many others like it out there. If a particular drum isn't quite working for you, add another on top of it to achieve the sound you're looking for. May I also add that drums are nice, but are only half the equation. You need bass, drums or not. There's something of a tenor in your song in the form of a cello, but you need bass. Every ensemble and genre of musical instrument has a bass instrument (tuba, contrabass, bass flute, etc.) for a reason: it acts like a foundation for your music to sit on. I've heard songs without bass, and I got to tell you, they may work, but they're empty. To the other thing you asked The Damned: No to the increasing flute volume. Fade out the other instruments just enough to make the flute stand out, but not overpowering. If given a choice, decrease, not increase. Well, I mean if you start off soft, yeah, but if you're going from forte to piano, ensemble to solo, don't increase.
  6. Despite the fact that I absolutely loathe sidechained pads in EDM, you've actually made me put that bias on hold for your mix. I'll definitely add this to my vg remix playlist. God, I hate sidechained pads...
  7. Large Jazz ensemble video game composition

    Very relaxing. So, what exactly is the scenario for this piece? I ask because you labeled it a "video game" composition, and usually a VG song is written to create a specific mood and atmosphere for a scenario in a game. The only thing I can think of is a cutscene where an old school detective goes to the casino.
  8. RPG Town Theme

    Definitely sets the mood, but not exactly memorable. Great job, nevertheless.
  9. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    @The Damned I appreciate that. So, I gave it 24 hours just in case someone else had any suggestions. I'm going to go ahead and change this to Ready for Review. Wish me luck!
  10. Here's a piece I've been working on. The piece came to me in a dream (a weird symbolic event to be sure), and I remembered it with perfect clarity when I woke up, so I opened my laptop and transposed this before I could forget it. I'm still ironing out some details of the composition and working on the EQ, but I'm interested in what you guys think.
  11. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    UPDATE 2: Sorry for the long wait, been busy, then sick, So, did a lot of mastering work and I've implemented most of what @mothershipl suggested. I'm actually very happy with this right now, so barring any critical suggestions, I think it's ready for Mod Review.
  12. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    @TurboChaser Wow, it's very flattering that you made an account just for this song! Thank you for your praise! @mothershipl Awesome! This is a feedback gold mine! Alright, I will try everything you suggested, although I can't make any promises that all of it will be fixed exactly like you suggest, only that I'll try everything and see what fits. You guessed somewhat right about the progression of the song. Everything up to the 2:59 mark was planned. Everything after was pretty much spaghetti thrown against the wall...
  13. 3. completed Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    Thanks, and I'm still figuring out how to fix the repetition. Psytrance is almost literally trance on drugs. Psytrance is short for psychedelic trance. A couple of key things are the kick and drum, the synth special effects (like the "squelch"), and the emotional journey it takes you. I know thats like trying to explain "love" as "chemicals in the brain", but I'm new the the genre and there may be people who can explain it better than I. Another key thing to mention is that psytrance got it's roots in Goa, India. That's how the very similar Goa Trance genre got it's name. Goa Trance is a more mellow form of psychedelic trance with more of a traditional Indian sound, whereas psytrance is more about experimenting with synths and is generally an insane form of a sound. I must also say that psytrance is a bit of an aquired taste. Like I said, I'm not explaining it well, but that's the gist of it.
  14. Omg... Totally forgot about this track... I'm cringing so hard on how awful this sounds to me now. That being said, I now want to finish this. I'll finish my Duck Tales remix first, though.
  15. Well, I mean, this is more of a cover than a remix, at least by my understanding of OCR's definition... That being said, I always comment on EQ, as it was the hardest for me to learn. The track is muddy and cluttered. The way around this is using the stereo spectrum and note frequencies to your advantage. Try to EQ instruments different from each other so that they're not fighting over the same frequencies. If it turns out two instruments require the same frequencies, place one more in the left ear and the other more in the right. Balance is key! Also, keep in mind that low mids is the enemy of a lot of instruments (what tends to make an instrument sound "muddy"). Not saying all, or even all the time, but generally speaking, keep low mids to the bassy instruments and ditch them for the high ones. Remember, its all about balance.