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  1. I will give Forest of Illusion a shot, if it is not taken. Just to be sure I understand, the tracks on the first disk will be fast paced?
  2. Can we edit our own profiles, or is that just for admin? Some of the info on mine is super old.
  3. Is the track list up to date?
  4. I edited the original post. It was $180.
  5. Dropping the price to $150.00.
  6. I'm mad late with the reply as well, lol. I appreciate the feedback on this man. I got caught up with moving and the whole "new home owner" thing, so I put this on the backburner for a minute. But I'm still thinking about getting Vegas. Adobe seems kinda expensive for a beginner like me, but I might look into it later. If you don't mind, I might bug you a little bit once I grab Vegas. I know you have the skills.
  7. Amazing mix! This is one of the best dubstep remixes I have ever heard.
  8. I'm digging this. It is smooth as hell, but it's pretty conservative. I hear that Phil Collins influence (Mama is my favorite song), but it seems like it's lacking what's needed to set this mix apart from the rest. I would put in a couple solos and change things up here and there, especially the drum work, fill ins, drop outs, filtering...get freaky with it! That saw lead could use some beefing up as well. Maybe some phasing and modulation would be nice. And some nice transitions from section to section would be cool.
  9. Most of the time, the term "midi-ish" refers to the quality of the sample used.
  10. I wont be doing live streaming until I get more comfortable being on camera. And more than likely, my wife and daughter will interrupt me, so I will need to be able to edit the videos before uploading. I use Audacity from time to time. It is pretty good for a free program. I used to love Sony SoundForge but was a super old version and it stopped working correctly when after I updated to Windows 8. I haven't been able to get it to work since.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I was torn between Vegas and Pinnacle when I started looking. I decided to try Pinnacle because they had video capturing software bundled in. But I see I definitely made the wrong choice since nothing else would work properly. I'll look for a demo version of Vegas when I get home today and give it a try. Is Vegas pretty easy to use? Also, does it really work well with Windows 10? I was looking at the Adobe Premiere and Corel VideoStudio, but I don't now if they can do what I am wanting to do and I saw that CyberLink Power Director was rated pretty high. I never heard of that one.
  12. I'm looking for some good video editing and capturing software (and hopefully, easy to use). I am looking to post my mixes up on YouTube and I want to capture myself actually playing the games while my music is playing. Also, I want to do some actual gameplay videos, with a face cam (maybe), a mic, commentary (there's probably going to be some cursing), ect... I have a queue of about 60 games between my PC and XB1 that I haven't even touched yet. Most of them are old, but new to me. And I would like to kinda share my experiences as I attempt to play them. Especially the scary games. The only horror game I bought was Outlast and I couldn't make it 30 mins into the game before I freaked out and stopped playing. I might do some long plays as well. I really want to be able to do videos like Dashie Games or CoryxKenshin. I know that might not happen right from the jump, but I want to be able to learn the software and have those capabilities. I tried Pinnacle Studio 20 and I actually feel like I wasted my money on it. None of the additional transitions and effects actually worked, the program crashed all the time, and alot of features that are suppose to be standard, did not work. It wouldn't even let me add text to the videos I was trying to make. I got frustrated with it and tossed it. I do use Windows Movie Maker, but I want more features and ease of use. Any suggestions? And please suggest software you actually use/used because I will have questions. I am noob...
  13. finished

    Thanks Gario! Those flat velocities in the piano track was a mistake. I was planning on using a synth to play those little riffs throughout the song and take them out of the piano track completely, but I forgot (getting old, I guess). I will update that though and I think I will submit this afterwards.
  14. finished

    Woah, my last update was four years ago??? Bump/Update