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  1. That might be what I need! I'll experiment with it a little later.
  2. I have to see if there's something like that for Vegas. That is pretty slick.
  3. Podcast vids! Pretty interesting. What kind ofstuff do you plan on talking about in your future podcasts?
  4. I always dig your music. Your Street Fighter mixes are perfect to listen to while I'm doing cardio.
  5. You Naruto remix is sick! Subbed! How do you add the music visualization animation at the bottom? I would like to try that in my remix videos. I record myself doing a short game play for mine just to give people something to look at, but i want to do something more to add a little flair to my vids. I'll definitely check out your tutorial vids as well. Eventually I'll be making more music to put in my videos.
  6. Oh, I understand. I should have said "fellow OCR goers" or something along those lines. But still, its cool to let people know that you're out there.
  7. Nice! It's good to see fellow remixers out there. I used to be subscribed to a bunch of remixers on my old channel. Now, I've lost track of many of them and a lot of them aren't very active anymore. I'll check out your vids.
  8. Are there any OCR folks out there that mess around on YouTube? I would like to network with more experienced people and learn some better video editing techniques. I do other things on YT, but I'm mainly interested in learning how to make quality game play videos. I have a bunch that are in my queue, and this is my way of motivating myself to get them knocked out. I tend to buy a lot of them when there's a Steam sale going on, and I don't actually get around to playing them. I'm trying to be the next Dashie....No, not really, I'm not that funny, but I do want to get better at it and more comfortable on camera for a future project of mine. I was looking around the webz for a community dedicated to this topic, but all I could find were as bunch of Sub 4 Sub threads. That doesn't really seem genuine to me. I'm looking for pointers and critiques to get better at using my Vegas software and people that subscribe because they want to, not because they expect me to subscribe back. With that in mind, I want to get better and more entertaining. Anyway, please drop a link to your channel and tell us what it's all about.
  9. I never beat any of the Ninja Gaiden games playing on the NES, but I did beat them using a emulator. And lets not forget... I only got past this stage once in my life, then I died immediately afterwards. I got a SNES the next day and never attempted this game again. Maybe I should do a "let's play" series one day...
  10. Ninja Gaiden and those GOT DANG BIRDS!!!!!
  11. Well, I gave it a shot with my part 2 game play. The face cam audio/video was slightly out of sync, but I was able to fix it and render them at 60 fps. My mic volume ended up being a little low again. I'm still trying to get that part straight. I keep having to mess with the EQ on the mic because it takes a lot of the bass out of my voice. LOL. I might need to upgrade the camera and get a stand alone mic. Does anyone have recommendations for a decent camera and mic?
  12. I saw a tutorial that mentioned adjusting the FPS, but I wasn't sure if I should mess with it or not because my face cam can only record at 30 FPS. I think my screen capturing software can do 60 FPS, but I don't know how to check it yet. Since I had two streams of video that I had to sync up before I render it, I was kinda scared to mess with those settings. Will the final video render at 60 FPS even though my face cam only recorded at 30, or should I be looking at a better camera? I will turn the mic up a little on the next one. I wasn't sure how to balance my mic and the sound coming from the game. Thank you @timaeus222. I'll experiment with these things and probably do a quick gameplay to see how it comes together. Any advice @José the Bronx Rican?
  13. Bump + Shameless plug I finally settled on some video editing software that I like. Vegas Movie Studio. I guess it's either a lower level version of the Vegas software, or I managed to catch it on sale, but I only paid $80 for it. But it has the all of tools that I need and I enjoy experimenting with it. My only thing is, I'm trying to make sure everything looks and sounds somewhat decent, since I don't have alot of fancy hardware. My camera is pretty basic HD720p with a build in mic. I think I will use the mic on my headset though since it picks up less noise when I'm typing or using a controller. Eventually, I will upgrade my camera and get an real mic, but I'm not sure what to go with yet. Any advice about Blue Yeti mics? AMD actually released a decent capturing software called ReLive and it was free, so I can dig that. I will like to take an opportunity to mention my YouTube channel though. I didn't want to make a whole new thread about it, but I do humbly ask, for subscribers. I am doing some game play vids. Mostly older games that I haven't had a chance to play. I will be catching up, but I want to get the old stuff knocked out first. I have a habit of buying alot of games when I catch them on a Steam sale, and not playing them. I also have a few remixes posted. I have around 40 that I will eventually post, and I'll post more as I finish them, but I do want to get them out there at least. The judges are shooting me down around here! LMAO!!!!! Its all good though. I will also do product reviews. I'm focusing more on black owned businesses mainly to boost awareness of new products and services. These businesses invest back into their surrounding communities, so I want to, at least, get the word out. Please check me out and give me feedback on the audio/video quality. As always, I'm trying to improve.
  14. I am selling my unlocked, Sprint Galaxy Note 5, 32 GB, Gold Platinum phone. For $450. I'm open to negotiate as long as it isn't a crazy price. And I am down to trade, depending on what you have to offer. There are three reasons why I'm selling it at this price: 1: There is a small crack in the upper right hand corner, but it does not have an effect on the display. (pic attached) 2: No SIM card. 3: *****VERY IMPORTANT***** I had this phone rooted. I flashed a stock ROM on it and it is fully functional, but if I remember correctly, you may not be able to download official updates from Sprint/Samsung. You would have to research and flash new software yourself, and assume all of the risks that go along with flashing/rooting. I am not going to offer help with these things and I can't help you if you brick it. But, there are a ton of resources available out there that can help you unbrick it and flash. I loved the phone and it works amazing, but I recently had to moved to T-Mobile since Sprint's network was no good where I live and I was not able to get my phone to work on their network since it is a CDMA phone. Also, it will not work with Verizon (or at least, that is what the rep told me), so it HAS to be with Sprint. I don't know about the other smaller networks out there. I will send it with an official Samsung charger and a blue, somewhat heavy duty case that has a kickstand and a clip. The plastic does have some wear and tear, but it is functional and the rubber is in good condition. And also, the phone already has a gorilla glass screen protector on it. If you do decide to grab this from me, I would like you to follow up with me here, PM, or email and let me know how it is working for you once you get it all activated and whatnot. I'm not here to cheat anyone and I want you to feel confident when you buy it. If I don't hear anything from you in, say, two weeks, I'll assume you're happy with it.
  15. I'm rebuilding my YouTube channel! Please check it out and subscribe.