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Found 5 results

  1. For more. Buy from :
  2. thoughts? Comments? Insights?
  3. Here are some of my recent and old projects I've worked lately. As of now I trying to revive my soundcloud and youtube out of their graves but anyway I hope you guys enjoy. Btw I post my songs here first: Undertale - Death By Trap Endless Thoughts |Zelda's Theme OOT Hip Hop Sample| UFO - (SSBM Fourside Trap Remix) (prod. Dj Flangerous) The Beach [Banger](Koopa Beach Remix)(Prod. Dj Flangerous) Kirby's Butter Fountain Beat (Butter Building & Foutain Of Dreams Remix) (Prod. Dj Flangerous) Crusin On Stardust (Prod. Dj Flangerous)(Stardust Speedway Remix)
  4. Hello! Just wanted people to know that I've got a SoundCloud! I used to post music on my label before, but since 2013 ish the label's been more or less dead (!=?). If you're interested in hearing my original music (and potential oc remixes early on!) make sure to follow me! I post everything from chiptunes to weird platonist-esque IDM both originals and remixes. Also! If you have a request, I'd be all ears, because I've been in a bit of dry spell lately. Inspiration, please! cheers!
  5. If you want to hear this experiment in playing one hour straight of continuous, beatmatched Final Fantasy tunes, then head over here: Basically I used a lot of stuff by bLiNd, haha.