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  1. Garpocalypse
    02-24-2014 12:48 AM
    Hey ACO!

    I know you are into power metal. I just did a power metal remix for the Sonic Zone Remix Competition. If you want to take a listen it's here

    Still have some stuff to iron out but let me know your thoughts!
  2. Chernabogue
    01-11-2014 09:18 AM
    Hey man, do you plan to enter DoD this month? If not, how about a(nother) quick collab?
  3. Salluz
    01-03-2014 07:11 AM
    Hope I was able to help you out. Still, I have a potty mouth.
  4. Mak Eightman
    11-12-2013 04:50 AM
    Mak Eightman
    Awesome! But I think you forgot two more leads somewhere close to end of the track)
  5. Mak Eightman
    11-11-2013 04:27 AM
    Mak Eightman
    Downloaded! I'll take a hear when get to home. Thank!
  6. Mak Eightman
    11-07-2013 07:55 AM
    Mak Eightman
    Great! But I don't have net connection at home for now. I can download your leads only at work at monday(or tomorrow).
    It means don't rush and don't bother yourself to much. Music suppose to be enjoying remember? You have time to monday.
  7. Mak Eightman
    11-01-2013 12:43 PM
    Mak Eightman
    No worries. Gar still didn't respond.
    BTW. We took 23rd place at DoD(out of 53)
  8. Garpocalypse
    10-19-2013 01:21 PM
    You mean on Xbox? Not good. I haven't played it in awhile either and I doubt it has become more popular in the last few months. Most are playing TTT2 and SC. SF4 is also pretty popular but I never play that.

    I guess the free version on the ps3 is the way to go at the moment.
  9. mickomoo
    09-05-2013 08:57 AM
    Yo, thanks for the bday wish!
  10. Damashii!!
    08-25-2013 02:25 AM
    pm'd you a mini dissertation breakdown of ebonics and weaboo speak....

    but the tl;dr is essentially:
    satirically speaking 'that nizzle went ham with dat kawaii swag' should roughly translate to 'that funky yet socially savvy dude exceeded my expectations with his presentation of confidence and bravado [in regards to the art of cute and amusing emoticons].'

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