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Dragon Warrior Project - Claim tracks, send WIPs, yeah?

Welcome to the Children of Erdrick OCReMix Project

CoE is a project which consists of remix tracks from the first three Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games. Koichi Sugiyama is the composer and has composed some of the most celebrated and unique video game music created.

This is a concept album, with emphasis on flow, please be open to adhering to project guidelines for the sake of the album as a whole.



1. No symphonic or orchestral tracks will be accepted. It has been done to death with Dragon Quest music. Let's go for something different and not try to one-up Mr. Sugiyama's own accomplishments with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
2. Album Flow That is, once some more concrete tracks are selected, I would appreciate trying to get each song to flow, one to another. This is not specifically required for every track, but as this project comes together and becomes more cohesive, I will be contacting each of you to figure out placement and ways to make this album as a whole, more fluid. More like a project, less like a collection of random songs.
3. Do not stray too far from source material. In other words, make sure your goal with music is to showcase the original song's latent merits, adding emphasis to the pleasure you got out of listening to the original. The goal here is to do the original song as much justice as possible. Interpretation is great, and of course can bring out the greatness of the source, but it always comes secondary to honoring the original. I want you to view each song as a delicate and important piece of music that you want nothing more than to show everyone its true musical merit.
4. Lean towards more organic, acoustic, rock oriented and more realistic sounding styles of music. Instrumentals would be nice. Electronic is also acceptable of course, but think more serious, less "cute" in your sound. Synthy stuff is great, but use them to add tension or to volumize the feel to your music. Also lean towards conveying a real sense of atmosphere in your music. Your source tune should be able to give you an idea of what mood you are going for.
5. Be creative. Honor the source, but no straight covers. Hit that balance, that place where you are arranging the song and bringing out the best of it, without straying from the source too much and losing sight of what the original was about.

A NOTE ABOUT VOCALS: If you attempt vocals, please contact me w/ your thoughts beforehand. They are a very hard instrument to utilize and implement with skill. What I do not want is along the lines of vocals for the sake of being in there, but more along the lines of getting a point across. They need to be used in a way that makes the song more than a sum of its parts. For example, vocals for ambience, or lyrically to set a tone. Atmosphere is important. There are great singers in this community, and I definitely do not discourage vocals in general, but I am talking about integrating them into an album as a whole, which would be harder, spotted with non-vocal tracks. I hope that helps. I do not have anti-vocal bias, but I'm trying to be realistic in terms of whether or not they would fit, or be disruptive overall.

Here are links to the NSFs from Zophar

Dragon Quest 1 nsf

Dragon Quest 2 nsf

Dragon Quest 3 nsf

Available tracks numbered accordingly from the .nsf files


Dragon Warrior/Quest

4 - TOWN GAME SELECTION (Town) Brandon Strader
5 - OVERWORLD - djpretzel
6 - UNDERWORLD - metaphist
20 - GAME OVER (Thou Art Dead) - Fratto

Dragon Warrior/Quest 2

2 - JOYOUS SONG - (Menu) - ShrackAttack
3 - ROYAL PALACE (Castle)
5 - A LONELY YOUTH - Phantasia
6 - UNDERGROUND (Dungeon)
7 - EVER UPWARDS (Tower) - Christian Pacaud
8 - ALL HOPE IS LOST (Requiem) AeroZ
9 - PROPHECY (Shrine)
11 - KINGDOM OF ALEFGARD (Unknown World) - Cyril the Wolf
12 - RIDING THE WAVES(Ship) - Rexy
13 - DEMON ATTACK (Battle)
14 - MALROTH THE TRUE EVIL (Final Battle)
15 - RECOUNTING THE JOURNEY (Credits) - CarboHydroM

Dragon Warrior/Quest 3

5 - ADVENTURE (Overworld)
8 - DUNGEON - ilp0
11 - SMALL SHRINE (Temple) - Ryan8bit
15 - HEAVENLY FLIGHT - Reserved, pm me for details why, and please try to pick something else for now
16 - TOWN
17 - BATTLE THEME - Shnabubula
18 - THE PHANTOM SHIP - Protricity
*19 - FINAL BATTLE (Hero's Challenge) - Reuben Kee*



Red = Claimed tracks
Magenta = Extension
Purple = WIP
Blue = Significant WIP
Green = DONE!


Instrument contacts

Geoffrey Taucer - acoustic guitar (AIM - GeoffTaucer, MSN -
MagiNinjA - clarinet, violin (AIM - ReMiXedD, MSN -
PriZm - electric guitar (MSN -
The Prophet of Mephisto - bass, saxophone, vocals (AIM - mavericksprophet)
Ryan8bit - bass, guitars, vocals (AIM - Ryan8bit)
XMark - rhythm/solo guitars (AIM - ChexMark)
Zoola - saxophones (AIM - zoola4zoola)
Olarin - cello and double bass
Jeff Ball - violin and viola (AIM - some1namedjeff)
just64helpin - whistler
Fishy - bass, acoustics, e-guitar (pm, irc)
ShrackAttack - percussion, various (pm, irc)

Note: If you have any questions regarding this project, PM me. If you wish to claim a track and I know who you are, please msg me with your thoughts on what you plan to do with the source you are claiming. If you wish to claim a track and are new, please send me a sample of your latest work. WIP claims are on a case by case basis. Thanks!


Other Contributions: (help wanted)

Website: Protricity
Design: Monobrow
Illustration: Monobrow (looking for volunteers)
Promotion: Monobrow (looking for volunteers)
Final Mastering: (looking for volunteers)


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I want to claim a track but I'm not all that familiar with the first 3 Dragon Quest games... I'll get back to you after I give them a listen.

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Awesome. Here's hoping this can get off the ground again. Good luck, Katie!
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You could perhaps list me as an instrument contact for cello and double bass, if you want.

Also, I've been considering a solo bass improvisation on the DW1 overworld theme for a long time, so I might try to record that and toss it your way.
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Old 11-06-2009, 07:27 AM
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Might I point out that Unknown World is taken?
I'll see if I can improve it up to your standards.

Also, great to see this project taking off.

Last edited by NeoS; 11-06-2009 at 07:31 AM.
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I tried making a song for this a week or so ago but it didn't get off the ground, I'm going to try again later this month. Not sure which track I'll use, I am thinking of one of the DW3 castle/city/village themes.

When I get something solid off the ground I'll let you know.
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Can I claim track #5 from the first DW? It's the same as#11 from DW2 and #6 from DW3 - are you eliminating duplicates?

djpretzel / / / anime mixes
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Old 11-06-2009, 02:42 PM
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I'm leaning towards Town theme from DW1.
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I can't believe you would have the AUDACITY to take my beautiful, COMPLETED town remix I made nearly 5 years ago off the project.

Actually, thanks. Did you listen to that atrocity? I don't even think I have a copy anymore.
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put me down for traveling with friends (overworld 2)
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