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    • Sounds pretty good.  I think the pacing of the sections is good, though I can see how one might want the upbeat section to come earlier.  I would LOVE for someone to do a remix of the ending song from this game.  Might make a good dance track.
    • Hey there! 2004 is more and more of a hazy time for me, but I suspect Blue Magic tagged the track in advance before sending it into the submissions inbox (as indicated by the instructions back then).  And yet, there’s no record of him sending it to OCR, which is odd. The VGMix archive (where Chrono Compendium obtained a fair chunk of coverage back then) has a similarly titled track known as “Tower of Nightmares”, and it’s safe to assume they both are either identical or follow the same principal idea.  So I have a feeling you got the track from VGMix when it was active. I hope this answers your query x)
    • Got a bit of an odd request here. I've been going through my OCR collection and updating tags (mostly adding in "track" numbers since several of them were missing it), and I came across an unusual remix that I can't locate. Now, in most cases when I have a remix downloaded but it isn't on the site, it's because it's been removed - the change log has been very helpful with identifying these. In this case, however, it doesn't appear in the log as a removed track. The remix in question is a Chrono Cross remix called "Tower of Bad Dreams," with Blue Magic as the tagged artist. The other tags indicate that it's from 2004 and the album is parsed as http://www.ocremix.org (newer tags omit the www. from the URL). My first thought was that maybe I'd downloaded it elsewhere and it had gotten mis-tagged somehow. So I googled it, and came up with exactly one hit: a remix listed on the soundtrack page of Chrono Compendium. And when I downloaded that, it had the same tags as I did, including the OCR album listing. Does anyone have, or know where I can find, any more information on this track? If it was originally on OCR and somehow skipped in the change log, I'd like to at least add in its original number. And if it wasn't, I need to sort it into a different folder and properly tag it.
    • I think I originally started hanging out on OCR forums in 2005 when I was around 15 years old. I decided to come back and lurk the forums/Discord more recently and this is my first post in many many years. I went back to school in 2019 at the age of 29 to begin a bachelor's in Computer Science/Mathematics so just been working at that. I took a summer class during the intercession period between the main semesters in the Fall/Winter and now I just started my second year  I also got a job with the university radio doing a bunch of programming/server stuff. Despite the pandemic, things are going okay. Life is good. :] And I'm glad to be living in Canada where most of our governments at the federal and provincial level seem to be handling it well
    • That is a sentiment I haven't known how to express until now.
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