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    • the mellotron is also just a "tape replay keyboard". you can call both of them a "sampler" as well, i guess. man, someone put up a chamberlin soundfont on newgrounds.com, in like 2014. i REALLY loved the soundfont. much more so than the popular mellotron sounds, however classic those are deemed to be. i lost the soundfont along with my laptop in 2016, and never managed to find it again. these were SERIOUSLY good sounds in the orchestral domain. and using them in FL Studio's soundfont player was perfect. i wish i could find that soundfont again. what plugin or sample bank are you using that samples the chamberlin? i think i'd even go through the hassle of making soundfonts out of original .WAV recordings from the chamberlin, because they really were that good.
    • https://youtu.be/FYVmcrusVok Quick remix with a new synthesizer that combines and resurrects the sounds of the tape replay keyboard Chamberlin (from the 1950s) and the Mellotron (one of the first samplers). Starting with that classic guitar arpeggio we all remember from Kakariko Village, I used the sound of a 12-string dreadnought guitar. First melody section is played by a tenor saxohpone, very 1950-60s. I couldn't resist putting in some drum beats here and there. Second melody section is played by a clarinet and a flute, backed up by an ambient harp. Then a simple short solo with my signature lead before ending the song with another ambient harp playing melody over that first same ambient harp. I tried to end it with the feeling and vibes of a lullaby.  That's why I chose the background art, made by a cool guy from DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/rainbowphilosopher Ocarina of Time had an initial experience I don't think any game after could achieve. It was that groundbreaking technical and graphical step everyone had been waiting for. We all had dreamed of a Zelda adventure in an (almost) open world 3D game. Ocarina of Time fulfilled many of our dreams. Critics we're amazed, players we're having their time of their lives, saving Zelda and facing Ganon was on a whole new level now. I too experienced this, from loving A Link To The Past so much, into this was just amazing. I don't think there ever have been a jump of experience from an era to another like it was from SNES to N64. So much happened here. This remix was not intended to go as one of my ordinary releases, just like a fooling-around-with-a-new-synthesizer. I hope you like it anyway guys! Good night, Neon X
    • that intro is as etched into my mind as the TMNT series intro. seen it so many times at my cousin's house in the early nineties. quintessential barebone VG exposition. setting up everything in 60 deliberately cliched seconds, and it's just kind of perfect. aged really well if you ask me. though the music starts to suck after level 2. seems like the guy ran out of ideas....should've gone 100% leitmotif. didn't matter to me back then, as i rarely ever got to level 3.   "with your girlfriend as hostage, he plans to seize the ultimate power..." man, that makes no sense at all! unless he gains power in some way by making alex suffer.... well, i suppose that's pretty deep.
    • Never gave this one the time of day, for some reason, which is weird in retrospect since I like Alex Kidd AND Shinobi...
    • checkout this remix tho!!   no one can do it betta!
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