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  1. This year would have been a lot better if they didn't announce shit like Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil 2 until e3. Or maybe even Megaman 9, or Chrono Trigger. I guess that most of the good games this year are third party multi-console games though, and it really wouldn't be appropriate to announce that stuff there. Anyway, shame on Nintendo. I'm starting to get fed up with them.
  2. PlastikBag

    Sony PSP

    I'm pretty sure that its against this site's regulations to talk about that kind of stuff. I just like the follow the rules. Also, enjoy your inferior product. Its not that hard to hack a PSP Slim. I did it in about 20 minutes and all I needed was some software and a screwdriver. I plan on buying a new battery though just because I'm not too wild about using a modded and then unmodded battery.
  3. PlastikBag

    Sony PSP

    You'll have to do some research or IM me. I think we're getting into illegal business.
  4. PlastikBag

    Sony PSP

    You don't need a phat. You need some software for your computer and nothing else. Buying a replacement PSP battery might be preferable though.
  5. PlastikBag

    Sony PSP

    Hey, I don't think hacking is too bad. I hacked my PSP so that I could play Cave Story on it and run a few emulators. I think that hacking the system to play pirated PSP games is wrong.
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    Sony PSP

    Pixels dying on an LCD screen has nothing to do with hacking. Additionally, they died a few days after I hacked the thing. What irritates me is the fact that I can't return the damn thing now.
  7. PlastikBag

    Sony PSP

    I hate the psp... Not really though. Its just that I just bought one, and it was fine for about a week. A few days after I hacked the damn thing, a few pixels died. Whatever, maybe I'll invest in a replacement screen if it bothers me too much.
  8. Yeah, I really like that song. I don't think that person has ever heard a bad song or possibly has the worst taste on the planet.
  9. Creativity is pretty retarded, too. If it can't happen in reality, then it shouldn't happen in a movie. If you think all that shit is retarded, why the fuck did you go to watch it? It was only all over the advertisements.
  10. Yes, an insane amount of system resources. The OS requires 1 GB ram alone - my system, which can run Crysis on medium, couldn't handle Vista. My buddy bought a new laptop, it had Vista installed on it. This *new* computer could hardly handle Vista, in fact he downgraded because of how slow it was. Game benchmarks report a good 5-10 fps lower on Vista than XP in a lot of cases. In conclusion, Vista is a system whore. Also, there's no way to easily and effectively remove settings to make the OS use less resources. Other, good, operating systems make it easy to turn down the unnecessary features to optimize your OS to your needs. NEW systems have trouble with Vista. Just because your gaming rig runs it fine doesn't mean that a mainstream computer will. In terms of compatibility issues: there's a lot of smaller programs that don't work on Vista. For example, the program that I had to use to hack my PSP Slim doesn't work on Vista. This is inconvenient. Vista used to be pretty insecure and buggy, but that's changed with the SP. However, these problems do still exist, though they are rare (like I already said). Compared to Apple's excellent OS, and FREE and easy to use linux distros like Ubuntu, Vista is a bad OS.
  11. Maybe its the insane amount of system resources it hogs up. Maybe its the limited utilities that it comes packed with. Maybe its the bugs. Maybe its the compatibility issues. While the last two problems are rare and uncommon, they still exist, they still suck big time, and Windows Vista is still a pretty bad operating system.
  12. PlastikBag

    Mega Man 9

    Oh. my. god. This is quite possibly the most awesome news of the year. This is now my #1 anticipated game. Holy shit. You have no idea of how big of a Megaman classic fanboy I am.
  13. 21 here. My Wii is played about 6 hours a day according to the messages, but I haven't played it in like 3 weeks because of school. My roommates play Mario Kart almost every night...
  14. Outside of the extremely wordy cutscenes and shameless borrowing from Zelda, I love it. Also, stick waggling = fun.
  15. I'm not complaining that this isn't coming out for the Wii. I'm complaining that there's close to nothing being announced for the damn thing. What the hell is this supposed to mean? BG&E sold poorly, and they're making a sequel. "This doesn't matter"? Us who enjoyed the game get to enjoy a sequel. I don't see how this doesn't matter.
  16. All this great shit being announced for PS3 and Xbox 360... Nothing for the Wii. Oh well, I'm really looking forward to this. I just got a great job, so I should be able to afford a PS3 within a couple months.
  17. Updates to Fractured Mechanics (new drums, some extra touches, still no intro): Fractured Mechanics Another new WIP: New stuff I've made some progress on the other stuff, but I don't feel like uploading it. I'll probably post them when the complete arrangement is done.
  18. This is amazing. Its been a while since I've listened to a remix. I just decided to give this a listen because I've been playing Okami recently. This blew me away.
  19. Been waiting for this track. I remember you mentioning it on your site a while back, and I've been checking your site daily. This is really awesome stuff.
  20. I love the track. My photoshop skills are pretty rusty though, sorry.
  21. I absolutely love Steve's Lament. I love it all, but I really really like Steve's Lament. Awesome.
  22. I absolutely love your music! Downloading now, gonna listen later.
  23. Not necessarily true. You can get away with mashing buttons in a lot of fighting games. In Smash Bros., if you don't know how to perform a smash attack, you pretty much have no chance of winning.