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  1. Gosh, this is sold at full retail price? No thanks. This looks comparable to Lost Winds (though probably longer), and Lost Winds only retailed for $10. I might be picking up De Blob though. That game looks excellent.
  2. It came in the mail today! And it wasn't broken! Props sgx for putting that bubble wrap inside. It definitely felt more sturdy. I'll give it a listen soon.
  3. PlastikBag

    Mega Man 9

    So, the race to get a Megaman 9 remix posted has begun! Right?
  4. Cool. Very nice sounds here. I'm looking forward to this. You sure this is a WIP? Sounds done/almost done to me.
  5. That's a pretty good idea. I didn't want to bug you about it since I fixed the problem myself. Normally I wouldn't care, but the only reason why I buy CDs anymore is if the packaging is awesome (or if it means pitching a few extra bucks to fellow indie artists). Regardless, I live in an apartment and I have a fairly small mailbox. The mailman has broken several things trying to shove it into my box. This isn't the first time this has happened. I also received a snapped PSP faceplate. Yesterday I got a computer case with the front side smashed in (that wasn't in the mailbox though). My luck with the postal service.. ANYWAY, I look forward to listening to this in the next few days.
  6. Awesome, I'm getting 1 of 20 physical discs! Hopefully, this time around, shipping won't mutilate the nice jewel box. My copy of Audix' ODM arrived with the case almost broken in two. Thankfully, Jewelboxing offers free samples, so I picked one up as a replacement. I'd feel bad about doing it again, so here's hoping it gets careful handling.
  7. Hey, thanks for the compliments Jordan. I'm hoping they turn out pretty awesome as well I'm being careful not to fall into the mode of getting repetitive, which I usually do. I think the mastering is a lot less muddy than my older stuff, too. Anyway, so I was getting tired of working on loud music all the time, so I started this the other night. So, have another WIP A nice, laid back, emo groove. Haven't spent too much time on it yet, but I felt it was worth sharing.
  8. This is definitely interesting. I like it. Overall I think that the song sounds a bit thin. The strings sound a it muddy too. In fact, I think that better string samples would help the mix a ton.
  9. All are atmospheric D&B I suppose. Track2 is the WIP in my other thread. Enjoy! Edit: I only exported like half of Track3 by accident. I put the entire WIP now.
  10. While 5 installs is still lousy, I'm rather pleased that they're getting rid of the 10 day authentication cycles.
  11. Atmospheric DnB = win any day in my book. Seriously though, I really like this.
  12. One game is not enough to sway me. I can wait for quite some time for a port too. I have about 10 games backed up that I need to play because I just don't have enough time for them. Maybe it'll get ported to PS3 with more features, like ToS did for PS2. I can only hope. However, I am going to Vegas next week, and perhaps if I hit it big..
  13. Why oh why must this be on the 360? I hope this gets ported to PS3 or something. Nothing against the 360, its just that with my gaming computer, I have little to no reason to buy a 360.
  14. F'ing sick. Like it, love it. zircon is right, everybody download it.
  15. This stuff is great! I've been listening to it this morning at work. My favorite tracks are Visions, Lockdown Breach, and Vintage Metropolis so far. I've loved Visions since the day I first heard it on Ourstage. Lockdown Breach has an incredibly catchy melody that I just can't get enough of. And Vintage Metropolis has a great groove and a fantastic bassline. Thanks again Danny for resetting my downloads. You are great customer support!
  16. Thanks a lot sgx! It just downloaded flawlessly. I'm not quite sure what was going on since I tried downloading it both at work and at home. Both were failing. I'll be listening to this at work today. I already know that Visions is fantastic, I'm stoked for the longer version.
  17. Protagonist Records ate all my downloads. Every time I hit download it would either "fail to connect" and count it as a download, or the download would fail at some point. My connection to the internet is fine.. I suppose I'll be waiting for the physical copy.
  18. $0.13? Are you kidding me. ripoff. Seriously though, loved the original track. I'll pick this up tomorrow.
  19. Updates! Not much *new* content, but a lot of mastering. And another WIP I started the other day:
  20. Here's one of the dead WIPs. I do have an older version of song that's like 1:00 long, so I might pick it up again.
  21. Hey, thanks for the comments! Its just a WIP so far, so I plan on developing it even further... The reason why it has an ending is my friend wanted it as a ringtone, so I made it conclusive. It'll probably be around 3 minutes long when finished. Also, I've been saving everything to two harddrives now so I won't lose it. And really funny that you say Megaman 8, I just played through that game several days ago!
  22. Hi all. Been a while. I experienced some harddrive problems a few months back, and I lost most of my old WIPs/songs. I only have a few of the WIPs on a flashdrive. I also lost the password to my webspace, so I'm left without any webspace. Anyway, I got frustrated and stopped writing for a bit. But now I'm back. Oh no! Anyway, here's a WIP. Edit: I got my password reset!
  23. Dude, this looks really cool. I can't wait to take a look when I get home from work today!