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  1. Indeed. That will probably be my next mic though. Good reviews and price. I already own the MXL 990/991 and they've served me well, so that one will be a step up. So did you use your mic or Fred's to record the vocals? If yours, mind if you give me the model of that one too ^^ Thank ya sir!
  2. Believe me, you make up for it in your musical incarnations of beauty. Let's just say I'd rather have your talent, than all my gear! And the Ramen noodles, well, that's the fuel to your genius SO EAT UP.
  3. I'm not gonna lie, you have some competition Jade, because this song makes ME love Jordan. I am subconsciously going to pretending this song was written for me... haha You're a lucky lady! Happy anniversary. I'm definitely going to be letting the lucky lady of my life have a listen to this as well. Hey Jordan, can you tell me what mic was used to record the lovely vibrating larynx of Ashley? Just for future reference cause, even though I am listening on some cheap computer speakers, I like the product the mic creates and might want to pic one up myself. This mix went by so fast for 8:00 minutes... the evolving bed of rhythms and melodies just sucks you in the whole time. I love the synth work. Everything cuts right through and serves their own part in a defined manner. The vocal melody and execution was impeccably placed and done with a refreshing sense of class. An instant keeper!
  4. YAYYY!!! Wonderful soundscape. You're just making it look too easy now! You got the flow. Really captures the fun, breezy, bouncy, beachy nature of the original. Oh you want some MORE alliterated "b" adjectives!? Eh, I'm too tired.
  5. Well, not necessarily. I would consider the binaural recording to be special in its own right as it's not your typical stereo recording and many people haven't heard it like this. I guess I can change the title if that would make people feel better. Even with the technology of the algorithm itself with the hearing aids, all you would be doing is hearing like you naturally would. The idea is transparency. Interesting thing about the binaural recording though is that youre hearing an interaction like you were actually in the middle of it all. It's like the difference between hearing two crowd mics pointed towards the crowd, and actually being in the crowd. So it's kind of "creating" an environment.
  6. Let's put a name with the face for some of these ideas: -Recording with a dummy head and two microphones at the position of the ears is binaural recording. -The ability of the brain to locate where a sound is coming from is called sound localization You can get your fill there and figure things out for yourselves as I have became an ungiddy little jitterbug by not going to bed last night at all... I am still not sure, but I belief I have used the Cetera algorithm as a misnomer due to an error in understanding by the author of the original article himself and my naivety. If you read the original he states "New sound algorithm to create 3d effects in sound" and "If this mp3 makes you crazy ,it is nothing but cetera algorithm." I believe this to be incorrect. The algorithm has nothing to with the mp3, that is simply binaural recording. The algorithm is ONLY used for the hearing aids in order for them to communicate to each other and mimic the process that the brain and ear goes through in processing interaural time differences and interaural level differences to give us sound localization. It is merely a communicative device between each aid to work together instead of two separate aids, which are unable to deliver sound localization like our ears do. The mp3 is merely a display of what it can sound like, like friendlyhunter said. While the cetera algorithm doesn't do anything special to recorded sound, I still believe that the recordings that binaural recording provides is more than just glorified stereo. I quote the article: "The result is a listening experience that spatially transcends normally recorded stereo, since it accurately reproduces the effect of hearing a sound in person, given the 360° nature of how human ears pick up nuance in the sound waves. Binaural recordings can very convincingly reproduce location of sound behind, ahead, above, or wherever else the sound actually came from during recording." It can't be achieved accurately by just having two microphones 7" apart either. Because sound is also shaped by our head and ears, there are head related transfer functions that must be taken into account.
  7. I am definitely not verse in the program but I do see a few things. Somehow, you able to plot notes beyond the step sequencers "steps", the gray blocks. I couldn't even recreate that. That could be part of the problem. Try deleting, and recreating those tracks, but not til after you try my next suggestion. Also, and maybe even more relevant, the blue bar in the song editor window that actually designates if a track is going to play, I think it's too short. It's only across two measures. Your notes for the bottom two tracks don't start til around the 5th measure. I gotta leave work now though! Good luck.
  8. Haha, thank you so much! I am definitely going to watch this at work tomorrow.
  9. Man, with out being there or having the program it's hard to troubleshoot. It looks like your CPU meter is almost peaking... maybe that has something to do with it. Tell you what. I have LMMS on my office computer. I have to work tomorrow morning so I'll try and recreate what you have here to see what the problem is.
  10. Well, I'm not gonna lie, I do care. I just get excited trying to help people understand things, especially when it comes to aural matters. I guess I failed though :\ I can see how my mindset of this topic is rather enthusiastic, but that's just my demeanor about things when they interest me. I'm a giddy little jitter bug. You can dismiss it as stereo, I will see it as more. That's perfectly fine by me. It is really revolutionary, stock wouldn't be a bad idea....
  11. I am the same way. It is very hard to ignore this tendency. When the guitar plays and telephone rings it sounds like it is behind, up, and to the left. Love it!
  12. Geez, you seem so bitter Unfortunately, I guess all it will be is techno-babble and self-induced hype to you. I, and many others can personally vogue for the different way this sounds. There is a CLEAR distinction between stereo and what the algorithm provides. Like I said, it provides the brain with the necessary information to ignore the presence of the headphones. That is the biggest part. Clearly different from hearing two harsh "speakers" next to your ears. Just last night I had three different friends look around and behind them when they heard this. I didn't even explain what it was before I let them listen to it, to avoid the placebo effect. The reaction I have gotten from people is INSANE and could never happen with a typical stereo recording. ......... maybe
  13. Oh, I forgot to also mention Presonus' pretty much brand new DAW Studio One. It really looks like a good program and also touts ease of use. You can demo it fully functional for 30 days. The full version is $399 and the artist (LE) version is $199.
  14. This is insane you guys! I want it I want it I want it! All my money is going to gifts for Christmas though because we are not getting a bonus this year at my job :'( Great deal, no doubt.
  15. Yeah, you're right. I guess regardless if there is an honest person and a dishonest person, both of them can still be committed. Entitlement. Much better word than commitment. Thank you.
  16. They are about six inches apart, but when you just listen back to the recording with headphones without the algorithm, you still have the presence of the headphones. The algorithm basically gets rid of the presence of the "speakers" right next to your ear, which is why it is used for hearing aids. That feeling is insane! It makes me put my hands on the headphones to try and protect my ears. I actually had a friend who had to stop at the razor part because it really got to him. He threw off my headphones and ran out of the room. He had a lot of paranormal things happen when he was younger... might've been cause by that.
  17. This is BETTER than surround sound as it's exactly how you hear things with your own ears. You can't tell things are behind you or above you with stereo, and there is no harshness with the panning in the headphones. Even with surround sound, you'd need an infinite number of speakers completely surrounding you in order to exactly recreate the way we hear sound. hdphx uses the same type of concept. You get your aural bearings (sense of where a sound is coming from) from your brain detecting the slight differences in time arrival of a sound wave to each ear. The Cetera algorithm puts the delay in use for things like hearing aids. I am very surprised there hasn't been music recorded this way and had the algorithm applied. Granted, a typical band is front of house, but it would still be an amazing experience especially for electronic and organic sounds.
  18. So do you steal your textbooks? Yeah! Screw everybody and their problems with piracy and... and... supporting other peoples hard work! Alright, I know you haven't stolen anything yet, but you're going about the idea completely wrong. There are SOOOO many free tools out there, (LMMS is free!). You can get enough information from free sources for your course work without having to result in piracy.
  19. Have you have ever listened to the virtual barbershop.... ON WEED??!!!?
  20. I used the search feature and didn't find it.... my bad if so. Maybe some new people can enjoy it.
  21. I didn't create it, no... but you'll agree of the gift nature of this when you hear it. If you have some good closed ear headphones, they work best, but normal ones can work too. The Cetera Algorithm presents to you, Virtual Barbershop.
  22. Everything you are saying is invoking that just because you don't have the money, it's okay to steal, and regardless if you know it or not, it mocks peoples hard work. In that, we will forever differ. Aside from people stealing for food and water and necessities. Music software is a luxury no matter how you spin it. You can't spread money everywhere, no, and not everybody's rich, but where and how you spread your money will lead you ultimately to what you need/want without having to result to stealing, if you have patience and drive. I don't attach "being allowed" to do anything to... anything. There is no "earning" involved, only honest hard work to get where you want. I quote Henry David Thoreau: "I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate himself by conscious endeavor." If you think it, you can do it. Everything will fall in place. For this, you have to have patience. It's a law of life. I talked to Zwitra a while a go. He said he paid around $45 for the full version. You can use the trial as long as you want, but you can't export audio.
  23. They are no need for insults. I know rationalizing a conversation is hard over the internet, but at least try. So by this conversation, you believe that just because someone really WANTS to do something that they should just take whatever they need to do it without having to be patient about it and save up for it? I really wanted a Nintendo 64 when I was younger, so I mowed lawns for a year until I could save up for it. I didn't steal it. It's called perseverance. It actually is a simple as "damn kids have no patience". Like I said before, you want something in this world, you have to earn it. It is REAL simple. I never said they were "ungrateful bastards" either, just impatient. Putting words in my mouth doesn't help your case. Some people do want to pursue their hobby, and like you, many others, and me have done, they used free/inexpensive things. I don't see how saying people who steal music software aren't patient, is dumb either. I know the exact feeling these people have when they come to this site, and it's a very impulsive feeling when you hear this music, and then want to ReMix yourself. You have to just take a breather and a step back and see what you have to do to get what you need and if you really want to do it. Or if you think stealing is worth it, then by all means, we all have a choice. As far as the topic goes Linux Multimedia Studio is an UNBELIEVABLY wonderful program (not just for Linux) that has close roots to FL Studio. Comes with many sounds and instruments.
  24. The point I'm trying to make is that if you were committed enough to want to put your music in digital/analog form for the world to hear, using a certain hardware/software product, you would save up your money to pay for it. Maybe it isn't an issue of how committed you are to "music", per se, but how committed you are to want to record it. It IS an issue of how committed you are to music though, if the music you want to make requires software. People getting what they want as soon as they want is a product of the "microwave generation", as the virtue of patience is long gone.
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