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  1. I dunno. I can see where you all are coming from, but like the Liquipedia Wiki states, that term "cheese" has been EXPANDED to any strategy that sacrifices economy, and some even use it in mid-game. I think initially the term "cheese" was set for very early game (like the examples given) but now it recognizes later investments. And yeah, the players first combat units were infestors.
  2. From Liquidpedia Wiki: "The usage of the term "cheese" has expanded to include most "all-in" strategies which involve a great sacrifice of economy". As the player who dropped banelings on me very early in game, had nothing for economy (after I watched the replay), I'd consider it cheese. Getting the Lair, ventral sacs, double extractors early... it hurt their economy. If I only would have scouted, they'd be done for. Hence, cheese. Same with the infestors.
  3. It is quite a horrific sight... Exactly though, thorough scouting would turn the tide.
  4. I've been getting raped by cheese. From baneling drops on my workers to massing infestors and spewing out TONS of infested terrans. It was all my fault too. You know what though, from what I have learned, it seems the MAIN reason for my loss is not scouting well enough and seeing these things ahead of time. Scouting is so important, and I still suck at it (mainly it's taking up a too much of my time and forget about macro). Almost every time I check out a replay, I have enough units to wipe them out but I hesitate for fear of the unknown. If I would have scouted, I would've known that they were taking twice as much time getting up their tier levels to make infestors (thus, sacrificing their army count), while I already had 10 charged zealots. Or if I would've seen those banelings, I could've gone with a sentry/stalker combo. Ever since a few run overs by ling rushes, I learned how to gap my base off with one zealot in the hold position that way they can't get the surround (of course, watched that one over pro replays ). There's always a way. Just expand your tool set, and you'll be ready for anything.
  5. Judging from the Real ID FAQ when you add somebody by email it does make you Real ID friends. It says that "Both players must first mutually agree to become Real ID friends" but I'm guessing that is just agreeable by word of mouth or such. When you add friends by the Facebook method, I bet it uses your email as well because Facebook uses your email to log in. All the friends I added through the Facebook way became Real ID friends.
  6. I'd like to try out the tournament. I have no IDEA the skill level of people here, but it will be fun regardless. Souliarc:518 Platinum Division:37th Rank Messenger info on profile Edit: Do message me on here if I'm unresponsive on this thread. I might have a little memory lapse.
  7. I'm so happy and proud that these are my people
  8. QFE Rips into the bass of my soul. Excellent. Edit: I am going to go run with just this song playing. Can't deny the essence of this song to make you want to get up and move
  9. Hey I just subbed a ReMix today but it was only until now that I realized when I converted the mp3 from 256 to 192 it seems to have cut off the end of the mix. I have no idea why, and not sure if you got around to listening to it yet (probably not) but I'll update the link with the complete version tonight.

  10. I guess no response is a good thing right? Means there's nothing to critique Nah but seriously I decided to wrap it up as this song has been on my mind for a looooong time. I mixed and mastered it and will be subbing tomorrow, for better or worse! http://soundcloud.com/souliarc/a-cinematic-heaven
  11. I got accepted but dealing with the client was way to stressful and time consuming. Having to use utorrent instead of the official one to get acceptable download speeds, keeping up with the current update, changing file names, blah blah... It wasn't worth it to me. Poorly executed... Maybe I'll try again seeing that they admitted having difficulties and canceled a few test days.
  12. Soooo..... oh hai! Been through A LOT of life changers since I last updated this song, but I am still determined to not give up on it. I have been able to work on it here and there, but ultimately it still has some work. It is a MAJOR update but it still hasn't been mixed, ending is definitely not final, and choice of orchestration isn't final. For those that have commented throughout all this time, thanks for sticking with me. Link: http://soundcloud.com/souliarc/heavens-tower-remix3 I will update the first post with this link as well.
  13. Awesome man, I've been waiting a long time! It's definitely a big improvement from me picking out songs from your ollllllllldd site (with the folders) Happy to see things are only getting better for you.
  14. So well done... wonderful piece! Loved listening to it.
  15. :D Me too. Like trying to walk down stairs and then the leg all the weight is on just goes out. That soreness is beyond what I'm talking about, but it's still funny
  16. I've worked out for several years, but I want to get opinions on muscle soreness. Some people say it's okay to workout if your muscles are still sore as you need to stick to your schedule, others say to not to as your muscles need to heal. I guess you can always do cardio even if your muscles are sore, achieving that much needed elevated heart rate to stay healthy. Peeps?
  17. Nice. I don't own Zebra (though I've wanted to) but this is still informative otherwise. You da man.
  18. Umph, like uhhhmmfff. Like POWAH!! What are your comp specs GG?
  19. I have to quote BT/Heraclitus: "The only constant is change." While the past efforts made by you Andy are much appreciated and honorable, this change must only mean that you are doing great things elsewhere Have fun diving into your future endeavors! I can't say I'm not saddened to see that your activity will diminish around here, but I know it will be for the better.
  20. $250 cash Shirts/sexy underwear/socks Toaster Phone/iPod/stuff desk organizer 2 sweet lawn chairs Painting from my grandpa, most precious Parents took over a small loan of mine which cost me $100/month, holy shiiiiii $75 Best Buy gift card $75 Gamestop gift card $50 Kroger gift card $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card Shot glasses Left over food, most precious I have a lot of family.
  21. Good stuff there, thanks! I picked up Horizon and Friction. Sonar doesn't provide a very good chorus effect so hopefully Horizon will pick up the slack, and I can always use a device to create sound effects, thus be Friction.
  22. While like previously stated, some tracks are hit and miss, it's quite nostalgic and fun. Even though it's a direct remake, I can give credit where it is due and it seems the ZREO team has put some good time into bringing us a more modern version of the classic OST. What a great game and a great way to remind me of it
  23. Gratz May there be many joyous times ahead for both of you!
  24. Hey dood. I like ur phat CHOONS

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