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  1. Some of the sustain loops are horrid (e.g. very noticeable, pop), you can hear hiss on some samples, and I could even hear people rustling around throughout some samples (contrabass specifically). Maybe it's my sampler, maybe it's CDXtract (you probably remember the thread that describes the way to batch convert using only the demo), maybe it's the AKAI format, dunno, but the pizzicato is good.
  2. Annnnnnd for those unaware of the Free Orchestration Course: Principles of Orchestration, there it is, if you want
  3. Huh, can't believe I didn't see this. I know a couple guys. One actually DJ'ed my brothers wedding (he's family, now ) and the other is a guy from school who DJ'ed at Club X in Louisville (not sure if you're familiar with the club). The latter is actually located in Lexington while the other may be in Indiana (not sure, but that's where the wedding was). I know weddings require a lot of pre-planning, but if it's not too late, I can give you some more info on them. They are both very enthusiastic individuals and have their own equipment (one even has lights, for ya know, the reception, if yal want to get crazy). I was going to DJ my brothers wedding but... they chose someone with more experience, and I don't have any equipment. Which was a good decision, but hey, I offered, and from what I saw, it wasn't too hard
  4. Well, it's not that unbelievable considering... Yeha, thx for teh nfo, gotchya kthx And I really don't think anyone could spell "perfect" that wrong, at least not on purpose, but I could be mistaken.
  5. I'm a bit weary of accounts like that... lol "frooty loops".
  6. Well looky har Just a few threads down, and welcome to the Forums! Edit: Oh, and i'd also recommend (if you don't already have musical composition experience) that you don't just jump into "ReMixing", because as I always say "It's easier to understand how to create your own music first, than ReMix someone else's."
  7. I know people usually post pictures in their rooms for inspiration but... BWAHAHA! ;p Yeah I was thinkin' 37ms was still a little high but I guess you gotta do what you can. For future reference though, I can bring my Echo Mia Midi (comes with ASIO WDM drivers) down to around 5-7ms (you have the same CPU speed as I too, not sure about ram) and it only cost around $130. Though it's rating has went down considerably since I bought one... i'd imagine an Audiophile 24/96 can achieve the same results. Can't wait to see your FFA songs posted
  8. And when are YOU going to finish/submit "Wish Upon a Wendellian Star" ? What kind of sound card do you have? I'm just curious if you could go lower sample-wise. But meh, if your satisfied, no bother. That Axiom is nice though, and I wish I would've saved an extra $100 to get it over my Radium 61. Aftertouch, semi-weighted, touch pads, LCD screen, a host of buttons... grrrrr.
  9. As is mine Your course is 2 years so it's definitely going to be more in depth than mine. Depending on how deep, will depend on where you can go. My training was more focused towards the mixing and recording aspect, with a suffice amount of the science of sound involved and the devices used. I'm most likely to get a job at a recording studio, which, isn't a very effective pursuit considering my location, but oh well. I could be a stagehand or work at a radio station as well. These possiblities are all similar to yours. Now, if you're actually getting deep enough into the subject that you could possibly be designing speakers and the like, that's a whole different thizzang. Or maybe you could even be developing plugins for a software company. Mainly though, i'd say Audio Engineers are more represented by their mixing/mastering abilities, in which case, you could work at recording studio or mastering house, or start your own. Now, there are a lot of "studios" out there due to the trend of home recording, so i'd be weary of that at first. One thing i'm pretty sure of is that you'll want to intern for 6 months to 1 year to gain valueable experience, or be a "runner" at a big studio answering telephones, and getting food for the band Either way, 2 years is a pretty hefty term, so it should serve you well. Where are you going by the way?
  10. http://www.performanceaudio.com/cgi/pages.cgi?buildPage=item&ProductID=006999 Don't know if this is one of those "shady" places, but I tried.
  11. Having your VGA's applied properly can increase the apparent volume as well. Just because a signal might be at 0 db doesn't mean it can't be mixed to appear louder. Giving a maximum signal ensures that the listener is hearing the most frequencies throughout the bandwidth. For example: Having a miked acoustic guitar at a low level might not allow you to hear the actual pluck of the string while strumming (this is relative to what you want, of course). The actual percussive pluck of the string is at a different frequency than a guitar's presence range. On the actual recording end (analog -> digital), you'll always want your gained to be turned up to achieve as much signal as you can without clipping. This is because the maximum amplitude in a sound is determined by the number of bits allocated to each number (a number representing the 1's and 0's used to sample audio). So if a sound is recorded at a low level it uses only half the available bits, and half of the dynamic range is wasted.
  12. I have graduated, and am now a certified Audio Engineer . Though many here definitely have a great deal of knowledge more than I, it is a great start, i've learned a lot in a small amount of time, and I feel more confident about my future in such a profession. Though the job market is competitive, i've heard that IATSE might be something worth looking into, and of course, local recording studios and radio stations. Just thought i'd finish the thread (if that's possible).
  13. Ziwtra sent me a link a while back with a ton of .xi's. Though i'm not at home right now, I will be tomorrow (for good, thank god), and i'll be sure to give you the link. so many thanks in advance hit me also on AIM if I'm online, because I don't look in this forum section very much. Posted here for everyone else to use as well, as it does contain soundfonts too. I know you'll come check here because getting new sounds is always exciting Edit: Sorry for the delay... 21st b-day parties tend to have an ill effect on you.
  14. Ziwtra sent me a link a while back with a ton of .xi's. Though i'm not at home right now, I will be tomorrow (for good, thank god), and i'll be sure to give you the link.
  15. Don't forget that in Reason, you click on what you want to apply the effect to, THEN go to the create menu. So you click on the redrum device, then go to create reverb. Also, if all else fails, you can always press TAB and manually wire things up. Which you probably want to do (especially for ReDrum) because you don't want to put the same EQ (for example) as you have on the kick, on your snare. Selecting a device such as ReDrum and then creating the effect device, will route the effect to affect every channel of ReDrum. So, you route the output of the individual channel of ReDrum to the input of the effect, then the output of the effect to whichever channel you want on the mixer. Even for an effect like reverb, you probably want to route it to an auxiliary instead of the specific instrument device, so you can control how much reverb for each instrument you want through the individual mixer channel's auxiliary knobs. In which case you'll want the reverb to be 100% wet.
  16. Was that tracking being typed out? Bwahaha. Not bad. These should be included with Part 3 of zircon's tips XD
  17. That's what my "theory" is as well, so that might tell you something This might as well. Mind you, he is located in Europe and it may be a different situation there, i'm not sure, but I can guess L.A., New York, and Florida are no different. I don't have any job related experience with audio engineering, but I do know that most people who come out as one work an internship to gain valuable experience. My class even has a section for preparing you as such. Now whether you can survive from working an internship, that's up to you (I can't), so i'll mostly have to make due with a part-time job until I can land that primo position with the experience I have gained. All I can do is put in some applications at recording studios, radio stations, concert halls and the like and keep working until I find something. I'm motivated because I love music, simply put. Every day i'm at school mixing up a song, it goes by so quick because I love working my way up to a finished mix and hearing the result. And i'm learning something new (something that I WANT to learn) everyday. I don't know, i'm not the most experience guy to talk to, but if you do go through with it, I hope things turn out alright. If you love it enough, things will fall in place.
  18. The normal course length is 32 weeks, with about 2 or three classes a week at around 2 hours a day. I'm in the accelerated program. It's almost like taking one specific class in college and compressing it into full-time hours. So, my learning gets to the point. Again though, it's only the beginning, there are many schools in TN that i'll be looking into as well. But anyway, it's going great. I learned a lot from the Analog portion of the class. Device routing, internal device mapping, tape recording, etc. I am glad to be back in digital, although moving around in the analog mix rooms did keep me awake quite well Pro Tools is very nice, despite the dull user interface. Tata.
  19. Welp, i'm off 40 hrs a week for 8 weeks to obtain my certification in Audio Engineering, and what a cramfest it will be. It will be a good start, but it's definitely only the beginning. I'll be living with my Aunt Wahler (doesn't that just sound creepy?) for the time being, and her house is very old, so i'll be without the internet except for maybe a few occasions. I'd like to thank everyone in this forum for being soooo generously helpful, as it will definitely give me an edge in the school and thereafter. I,,I Take care!
  20. I think Gray said it best when he dubbed you the "Groove King". Great job, you are my alternate Enigma
  21. http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=80879&start=0
  22. Did you even check the link. yes I did."The demo will work for only 20 days." "Did you even check the link." was mentioned for Neon00b lol
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