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  1. Heh, sorry. My excitement was clouding my clarity X) In that first dropdown menu, I have [stormdrum to SD2 (Upgrade)] chosen and in the second one (the free one) it gives several options, for which I choose [Gold NI to Gold PLAY (Upgrade)]. Of course, the free one must be of equal or lesser value. So for you, if you have some other product that you want to purchase/upgrade, choose it in the left and depending on if you have the original silver or silver + pro xp or silver PLAY (and appropriately priced first product), you'll choose Silver NI to Silver PLAY or Silver PLAY to Gold PLAY or Silver NI to Gold PLAY. Not sure if those are respective or not, but you get the gist. Hope that helps! Yup, it has begun and ends on the 31st.
  2. O hai. I've had StormDrum 2 and Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete on my shopping cart for a while, but I just went back to check pricing (payday today) only to find out that EWSO Gold was FREE! Yayyyy!!! I don't think with the normal B1G1 offers they have that they include upgrades and expansions so I thought it generously relevant to share it with you, my friends! http://www.soundsonline.com/home.php And be sure to add the Nomad Factory British Bundle offer ($15) because for some reason it made shipping ($30 or so dollars) free. Do the math Basically, my original order of $340 went down to $200. Roger THAT.
  3. A bunch of old farts who know nothing about the internet have the power to take control of a domain without notice, warning, or conviction? , and hello China. Edit: Oh, and I must point you towards this thread.
  4. Yes damn those words and their meaningful... meanings! That guy = definition of douche
  5. Vurez... he's the man. He's fooled me with his sequencing prowess many a time. I can't say this is one of my favorites, but that could be due to me living in KY and being overexposed to folk, country, bluegrass whatever music my whole life. Regardless, you gotta recognize his versatility and production. And if this one ruffled your feathers, just wait til you hear his Tetris (Korobeiniki) mix. Damn son! If had to critique, I'd say the bass is a bit inarticulate. I'd also say that the bass isn't too prominent in this style of music anyway with it's up/down melody and rhythm. And the percussion sounded a bit too MIDI'ish, especially the snare, but the arrangement of them was excellent.
  6. Yes yes, excellent, classy rebuttal Larry! Here here! Glad you're on our side fo sho. There's a reason this site as a whole has grown and not dwindled.
  7. This is the EXACT piece that would make Cleric John Preston cry in "Equilibrium" It has such depth in performance and harmony. The percussion alone takes me for an unforgettable ride. Very inspirational. Love hearing different time signatures, especially 7/8. Thanks! I mimic Monobrow in my need for MOAARRR
  8. Whenever I think about OCR, you always come to mind my friend. You are an integral part of this community. Thanks for the update and glad to hear you've still kept a positive mindset through the troublesome endeavors.
  9. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/2454-Easy-Games A lot of my friends and family always made fun of me when I read the manual or participated in a tutorial with enthusiasm. I knew, that it would give me (personally) a greater sense of depth and mechanics in that I could more fully enjoy the game. Sure, I've just went balls to the wall and dived right in before, but I almost always found something in the manual or tutorials that made me go "Oh! You can do/use that!". Of course, there was always the following ass whoopin' that I laid down
  10. Yeah that's right I stayed awake during the interview of course, but when that first layered guitar remix played and the glitchy electronica remix played afterward, my eyelids dropped like a hammer. Didn't have a cup holder or blanket drawer under there or anything, but damn do I love a good nap underneath the desk.
  11. Sat and listened to this at work underneath my desk. Fell asleep to the fitting music around Pot Hocket's FFX remix. Do you happen to have a track list for the songs you used after the interview? At least the couple of tracks before Pot Hocket's remix It's no big deal to scrounge it up if you don't. Danny's such an epically cool dood. It was great to hear you pick his mind for a bit. Talking about how he went about composing the soundtrack and got involved, chip tunes, the game (of course), OcReMix, all very informative. Thanks for this!
  12. Man, sweet =) In regards to both the music and that you've gotten this great opportunity to compose for a game. I don't have any Apple products, but thank you for the OST Brad. I particularly love all the World themes and the credits (which I know, is a lot of the soundtrack, but hey, what can I say? I'm a fan.) Odd laugh at the end of the credits but I'm guessing that's an in game thing XD You executed your own sort of remixes of the Overworld themes to fit the Battle themes very nicely. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get involved with these fellows?
  13. Yeah... maybe I'm a little too optimistic. I can see something like this being implemented more likely with a controller, at least, but for motion detection (other than boxing) not likely for now. With a controller you wouldn't have to worry about stamina, grappling, or peripheral vision issues (the camera would adjust as needed). I don't even think consoles would have the processing power to keep up with the minute adjustments in movement and introducing lag in something that is trying to be more realistic (were talking milliseconds here) would be unacceptable. As far as tackling mapping a controller with all the movements, well, with so many additional accessories being acceptable these days, if the game is good enough, maybe a new controller or add-on is in order. Even though the idea is a little far-fetched, I think the industry is due for something that is at least more realistic and focused more on integrating real world martial arts, beyond what even the UFC games have done.
  14. Thank you DarkeSword... THANK YOU for making that ReMix SPECIFICALLY to compliment that guys video ahahahaha. That gave me such a good laugh. Slow-mo man boobs... check Generic video effects... check Core definition of random... check EPIC poses... check Genius or creepy? dilemma... check
  15. While the majority of my rhetoric was geared towards something like a realistic fighting simulator, I won't say that something along the lines of a more supernatural fighting game can't be done. Either of these game types may possibly be tackled with a controller OR motion detection. I think they each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Using a controller would negate the physical aspect of the game for the players and adhere completely to strategy, tactics, and reflexes (like what it already is for current fighter games), but realism from not using the human body would suffer. Using motion detection will allow the players physical prowess as an advantage, but may detract from the strategy and tactics if one person is significantly more in shape, just like real life. Of course, if supernatural fighting games were going to be tackled by motion detection, the exact moves would not be able to be performed and there would have to be a substitute combo of moves. Yes, lack of physical contact will inherently reduce realism and be a large hurdle to cross, but only for motion detection. For instance, using controllers, if a person punches but is blocked in the game, the game will respond accordingly. If there is motion detection involved though, the person who punched is still going to be in the extended punch position. I'm honestly not sure how this would be handled, but I'm sure, with brilliant thinking, some type of unique in-game system can be implemented to compensate for these current flaws.
  16. I can't wait for the first game developer to do the "first person fighter" genre right. I know there are games out there, but I'm talking killer reaction times, seeing muscles twitch to be able to counter your opponents attack, sensitive controls and response zones that make you barely hit and/or miss an attack, sophisticated attack and defense systems and physics, and more. I mean, you could basically map the different possibilities of fighting with the different forms of martial arts, in digital form. Is it even possible given the limited controls of a controller? Will the new motion controllers remedy this? I personally think that this game type is inevitable.
  17. Future game designers rally up! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/2443-So-You-Want-to-be-a-Game-Designer What's amazing to me is that most of the points you all mentioned to become a game designer are good things to experience in life in general. Creating experiences indeed. And by the way, here's that clip from the Daily Show on violent video games and maintaining their rights as an artistic medium. Oh yeah, it's also hilarious. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-november-4-2010/you-re-welcome---violent-video-games
  18. The Nobuo vid is right below the KOTOR vid. There is a section to the right labeled "content that you might like" that has some different videos and if you click on the "Sound Byte" logo there is more. So far, I've seen them interview Marty O'Donnell, Akira Yamaoka, Richard Jacques, and Tenpei Sato. They've got specials for The Sims and Rift: Planes of Telara as well. It's really good info.
  19. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/starwarstheoldrepublic/news.html?sid=6272444 I'm sure some of you have heard of this (I couldn't find a thread), but for those who haven't, GameSpot has a pretty impressive VGM blog called "Sound Byte" that interviews video game composers(through video and/or text). A lot of good information. It's not very well organized... you can click on the rectangle logo to access more videos, click through the "content you might" like section on the right, or even google "gamespot sound byte" to get different videos. The KOTOR interview has Mr. Wilbert Roget, II (a.k.a. around here, bustatunez) in it =)
  20. That was a great vid. Blast from the blast... So cool to watch and understand where things come from. Their reactions just put a smile on my face. Like seeing the gun go invisible when you get invisibility lol. The segment with Bobby Prince was inspiring with video game music being in its infancy. Being able to hear a composer explain why they did what they did, regardless of the time period, is an excellent source of putting things in perspective. Very excellent, feel good video. Thanks.
  21. Yeah there's definitely high frequency content with dubstep bass. Glad I could help! I haven't actually completed any pieces yet (only messed around with the wobble) but I like to draw in the filter cut off instead of using something like a tempo synced LFO. More time consuming, but a lot more customizable.
  22. Sounds like your pretty basic dubstep wobble to me. Get some saws, detune em and modulate a low pass filter to open and close to get that whippy wobble. DIRT DIRTY BASS
  23. Man, I love this album. Some great chillout genre stuff here. Very airy and encompassing. The more upbeat songs are just bubbly enough to lift my mood Reminds me of a higher quality Ragnarok OST. You're right though, it is hard to give your album a genre, which is very rare these days. Great work! Very happy you shared and I found.
  24. Speaking of sticking up for video games, we just got a pretty excellent heads up! Watching the most recent episode of "The Daily Show" tonight and John Hodgman had a section on maintaining the rights of video games on his "You're Welcome" segment and keeping them out of the hands of minors. He talked about how people (which we are already aware of) are trying to get the government to step in and ban the sale of video games to minors. He defended them, saying they are the next generations level of art and deserve their first amendment rights as such! As Sephfire talked about before, with the government stepping in, it would be disastrous for the medium. One more step for legitimization. Schwing.
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