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  1. It's not like the system will be worth buying until a year or so after it comes out anyway.
  2. If this doesn't end up in a hundred Duke Nukem submissions I will be most vexed.
  3. You'd think so. But their previous track record is far from stellar when it comes to telling the truth or being honest. If it comes out that the information wasn't encrypted, or poorly so, then they're probably doomed.
  4. Seriously I've seen better whining on /v/, of all places. Way to go, AlexR. You've successfully ruined any interest this forum may have for the game. Good job!
  5. This incriminating photo says otherwise. Which will undoubtedly just create more bugs and poop all over the modding community.
  6. I tend to mix Richter's ability to be limp-wristed like Simon with 'whipping in 8 directions' since up until then it was the only time it was used. Derp.
  7. I think its that whole 'being able to whip in 8 directions' thing that hasn't been repeated since SotN.
  8. I figured the reason no one bothered hacking it for so long was because there was no good games on the fucking system.
  9. I love you. Clearly, since just about every woman I know plays and loves the series.
  10. If that is not a NSFW image you cropped, I'm going to be sorely disappointed/worried.
  11. Bullshit. I've played ROGUELIKES more forgiving than that story mode.
  12. Yeah. This is pretty much how I feel about GX's story mode.
  13. tl;dr Seriously I don't think anyone read your post there. lrn2 condense, dude.
  14. The two Castlevania games for the PS2--Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness--aren't terribly bad games. They're not exactly GREAT, but they get some idea's down and the execution is overall good. And of course, the music is fantastic. Also, Bard's Tale. Because its hilarious.
  15. http://technick85.blogspot.com/2010/07/logical-increments-pc-buying-guide-v08.html
  16. Xbox had Halo and DoA3 as launch titles that were actually memorable and decent, but everything else was forgettable. Who the hell remembers Arctic Thunder or Fuzion Frenzy? Dreamcast did fair better, I'll give you that.
  17. EVERY system has had a piss-poor launch past the SNES era.
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