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  1. Sir Conan Doyale disagrees with you. The ending of this plot is not the TRUE ORIGINAL ENDING of this game. The original ending got leaked. And Bioware changed it. Hence the DELAY OF SIX MONTHS! The seventh book of harry potter by many people's opinions ended via fan submission. So yeah i'd be able to lodge a complaint. And i'm sorry but you know what. This well could be a case of false advertising. Take a look at the ME 3 campaign the ME franchise in general and the concepts behind it. None of what you did matters. Thats what it boils down to. And if they actually do a DLC of a 'true ending' then not only does this case have merit in the BBB. I'd say it has LEGAL in court standing. The ending of this game is so in-congruent with the plot and so jarring it has sparked this reaction. It made NO sense. NONE. It is the game's shining moment the apex of a story that's spanned 3 games and countless twists and turns. To have it end this way is an affront to writers, fans and purchasers. Now i've got rumor. (And at this point nothing BUT rumor) That there's an ending above all of these. That requires 15k war rating. Even with all assets. I believe that means a full 100% run and multiple multiplayer characters promoted. That could be this game's true ending. And if bioware made it that hard to find people can curse them out to their hearts content. But i'm sorry. When a game has been so much to so many people for it to end like THIS? We would be irresponsible as consumers if we did NOT complain when a company pulled THIS kind of BULLSHIT.
  2. Not what i've been told. There may be different cut scenes? But if it really is again those three cookie cutter fuckin Deus Ex ripoff choices i'm back to hating things. >.>
  3. uhh...ok guys. I've been talking with people who know more about this than i do and people that have no problems pulling multi-all nighters. Its gonna be up on youtube sometime in the next couple days. But bioware pulled a page out of SquareSoft's (NOT SQUAREENIX) playbook... This thing has more endings than fucking CHRONO TRIGGER!! And at least as many win conditions! I've been told of 3 seperate endings where both shepard and anderson LIVE! Not entirely certain on the conditions for it but if true Bioware went and pulled something no one ever expected. And i'll love them for it! If i had the actual footage i'd post already with it. But keep an eye out and as soon as i have a link i'll post it.
  4. From my experience. If a player knows they can not win it does not help an MMO. PVP in a number of games and its participation proves that much Honestly, at this point i'm hoping for a patch with an ending fix. All of this. All of this boils down to the fact that the decisions you made dont matter at all. Virmire means nothing, Morninth/Samara means nothing, saving the krogan research meant nothing. Risking the salarians coming after you meant nothing. Uniting the quarrians and the geth meant NOTHING. I know the original ending got leaked and that played a role in this piece of shit but while there are good points about it from an external perspective. As a player, as David Shepard. (first name of mine) I'm pretty damned pissed. All that work uniting the galaxy all the effort. None of it meant a thing in the end.
  5. If anyone can. They might. I cant see this as a setup for anything BUT this kind of move. They said 3 was the end of shepard's story. You cant pull a halo with how you ended this. I get the rage from people on this but there were hints about this throughout the game. However to answer a question on Joker being in warp. That's very simple actually. The bigger plothole is how everyone else got BACK to the normandy. Mel that's been a thought for a while. Yes. A clean story break however would be required to make the transition. The ending lay's that ground work. If TOR is proven viable by Bioware. (IE profitable) Then that kind of undertaking could be applied again to an ME universe which basically requires that kind of undertaking.
  6. ...You people are looking at the endings in the wrong light. Not that i can blame you. I'm willing to bet everyone on here (myself included) Wanted the parade through the hall of heros in NYC, a celebration to rival the end of the emperor in star wars. Shepard being named to the council or ruler of humanity. There are a number of endings people expected. But all of this being said. This was PERFECT for what Bioware has its sights set on. There's going to be DLC probably good DLC. However that isnt what this opens up. IF you roll all the way through the credits there's a tidbit at the end that opened up my eyes. I cant be sure who was talking. For a second i thought it might have been an Old Shepard. Find out for yourself. However: We should all keep a very close eye on how TOR does. Especially if it recoups its investment. If it passes that mark, on its current model this will be a tipping point. (if this has already happened.....well) Bioware is going to push for an MMO set in the ME universe and These endings are PERFECT for a timeskip setup into that. A true clean break from the Shepard plotline allowing them to write something entirely new. This was in the sense of what comes next. Inspired. Its not the ending any of us wanted i bet. But its the setup for something even BIGGER. It is a shame in the sense i wanted that parade. But man i gotta say. I never saw THAT coming.
  7. the problem being a lot of us if not all of us have already liked the friggin thing... >>
  8. Well that doesn't change the fact he can be rather easily one-shotted XD
  9. Hado'kening the mutt. Shortest boss fight EVER
  10. Confirmed during the multiplayer demo. Depending on the phase...indoctrination pods drop...stay too near those you cant recognize friend from foe...oh and friendly fire gets turned on if it isn't already. So yeah...wipe out your whole team without realizing it. ONLY happens so far when the player who DIDNT destroy the base HOSTS. That i know of so far anyway.
  11. If you host: It is strongly suggested that your save data make sure the collector base is DESTROYED.
  12. I hope one of the topic messages is 'hadoken da mutt' xD One of my favorite moments of X.
  13. I will be picking up my N7 copy after class tommarow. My new logitech 510 cant wait. I hope my computer can handle this. Games have gotten more ram intensive over the past year.
  14. I guess it had to happen here as well. Before the rage machine ramps up let me tell you a bit of an insider story. I know a game dev. I cant and wont say who because he values his privacy and he's currently working on a couple of projects. People are gonna know this guy in the next few years. He worked for sony for a while before going on his own. He gets into exclusive stuff during events. During a recent convention -I cant and wont say which for privacy issues- he was able to talk to some bioware devs. One of them let slip that the THIRD DLC planned for Mass Effect 3 was...MULTIPLAYER! Approximate launch date of june/august range. The same multiplayer that was added to LAUNCH. What would easily rate as a 15 dollar DLC got moved to a main component of the title. So before this jumps the rails and people truly start complaining. Bioware/EA made a choice. To give the user a better experience up front and give them a component they'd have to pay for otherwise. Then what would take the place of that first DLC? They decided on THIS. Honestly I get with the spoiler information out there why people might be upset but before people go into rage mode they need to be reminded that they're not ENTIRE assholes. Plus at this point if people looked over the Collectors edition they oughtta be buying that. A far better value if you ask me. 80 bucks for approximately 120 worth of stuff. (including that DLC) I can understand to an extent the frustration on the way this was done but Day one DLC has happened before in games and it will continue to happen. In this case what was added imo is far more important than what was moved to DLC. Then again this was a game i decided very early on to buy collectors so this doesnt affect me.
  15. Shepard however is not Master Chief in a number of mechanical aspects. 1. He's customizeable. You could have anything from soldier to biotic. 2. You can alter his appearence. There are...a googleplex worth of combinations of his face between the two ME's oh and you could go femshep too. Shepard is a very fun character but bioware in the multiplayer is allowing players to do something they haven't been able to before (and have kinda wanted) Play other races. And personally i've wanted to play a Krogan since i had Wrex in my party. Bioware has made Shepard a very engaging character but at the same time has left it in place that it can leave Shepard if they choose. (Hell you could get him killed in ME 2) I get what you're worried about but i think Bioware wont have the problems the Halo Crew is having. I really don't see it.
  16. Thats a mess of a different color imo. When Halo was over there wasn't anywhere near the source material imo there will be to draw from from the ME universe. And there is source material. I cant touch the demo because i want to experience all of the story at once. I've bought the hard copy collectors. I want to see the end of this and i want to see how all the decisions i've made blend together. I want to see a fleet of Rachni ships off to my left. The combined citadel forces at my back with the systems alliance and Geth warping in out of nowhere to take these SOB's on. I want to see if my ME 1 romance continues. I want to know what role Cerberus plays in the finale. Will the Krogan Genophage be reversed? What role will Grunt play, What role will Ashley/Kaiden play? There are a metric ton of things that are coming together in this finale. And when its done. There will <b>still</b> be about five <i>hundred</i> different strings that would be the setting for an OUTRAGEOUS game set in the Mass Effect universe with characters just as engaging and fun to play as there are right now. Halo didnt have that. Bioware wont have to reach to Shepard again if it doesn't want to.
  17. This will be the end of Shepard's story but it would not surprise me in the least if they pull a 'halo' and start charting out these particular areas in games. The Rachni wars nearly ended everything. The Krogan Rebellion threatened even more. Both had the touch of the reapers. Depending on your actions in ME 2 however the GETH might or might not be what you believe. This is a universe PRIMED for an MMO setting. With the success and what they're learning concerning TOR MEU set in the aftermath of 3 would be a very good setting.
  18. Guess i'm getting a jailbroken ipod instead. I cant afford the contract and crap of a smartphone. Unfortunate. I was really holding out hope.
  19. Some are however these are the ones that aren't and have been the ones people have rallied around 1. MML 3 which had a large amount of fan support got canceled. Despite support beating estimates. 2. Megaman a staple in the MVC series has not been introduced or even considered for a DLC. Yes they added Zero but him and not the blue bomber? 3. The MVC disaster that was shows capcom's inability to put a quallity game together that they basically had to re-release the son of a bitch. And i dont mean just megaman. (Ultimate MVC 3) 4. There hasn't been a main line MM game in a while. It's been off consoles since 2004. Its been off handheld since 2009 with no signs of another being in production despite demand. 5. The recent departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom suggests that Capcom may have 'buried' the blue bomber. I hope you're right but their recent actions suggest a far darker future =/
  20. awesome on the final artwork To answer the question. Because Capcom has given up on megaman. Its fans havent.
  21. Could we change the tagline of this thread to 'screw capcom'? or would that violate the ongoing agreement?
  22. On the other hand if its happening on the go that's not a bad thing. I do a lot of stuff around wireless connections but i'm not around them 24/7 Still i'm amped.
  23. Granted the initial title lineup doesn't have the branding of say a pokemon. And wipeout's been gone for so long most people don't remember it. BUT There are some real fun games right out of the box including the return of Ridge Racer. I also need to bring up the Apps again. The PSP was more like an old school current gen handhold. The Vita however is going to war with SMARTPHONES! Camera, Chats, The ability to operate their PS3 consoles with their vita, VIDEO! (paired with netflix and potentially HULU!) A fully functional web browser. Music player. The entire mainstream social networking suite: Facebook Twitter 4square SKYPE Flickr. These are what's available at LAUNCH. The Vita is not just a game machine. It's a game machine that does everything else. The Skype news is very nice as it will allow you to make phonecalls from damn near anywhere. Oh i almost forgot: Playstation store and the ability to get PSOne games. I'm going to enjoy having one of these i think. I would love to see certain titles immediately available, but i'm going to enjoy buying games off the store and get some nostalgia going before i worry about future stuff.
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