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  1. Find Kate the Great and get rose of may done live for her procession. If you cant get her to do it live use the song anyway. I definitely believe if you're gonna go with a final fantasy one you use Locke's Brass Quintet instead of super mario land Far more fanfare and more fitting an exit ceremony. And if you wanna gamble. Imo this is nostalgic enough. Metal Gear Solid: The Price of Freedom (all three of these are OCR's)
  2. Someone...SOMEONE had the cash to put a FIVE K DONATION on the board. Whoever the heck that was. I salute you sir. Good god.
  3. Edit: Synth you're dead wrong imo. I almost forgot... I think that honestly says it all. I still tear up when i hear this song. And watching that scene in HD (computer version) Was nothing short of bliss. After what they put you through up to that point that sequence was just beyond belief.
  4. FF7 when Aeris died. (i was very young then) The ending sequence of FF8 should bring tears to most eyes. ' Ditto for FF9. Recently ME 3's original ending brought tears to my eyes for bad reasons That being said the new ones may bring them for proper reasons depending on POV. Arkham City's ending (batman) is...well yeah. That as a DC fan and a batman fan in particular got me cryin a bit.
  5. What in the hell do those people eat for breakfast in the morning? What did i just see?!
  6. I dont know if its true or not i only saw the comment on youtube a moment ago But supposedly Euro 2012 which opens today for the team intros used the following piece MASS EFFECT 2 SUICIDE MISSION!!?!? Can someone confirm this?!
  7. I know what you mean. There's only one remix on the website and its a very complex multiple piece brass entry that was very cool.
  8. They played it a bit safe. However ME 3 Arkham City: Armored Edition Aliens: COLONIAL MARINES I think the third party support is through the roof. The DS didn't get involved its getting its OWN presentation. Uhh...something that wasnt in the press conference. *watching* Its called Project P100...
  9. ...Wii U title...good god. Nintendo is going for an all out blitz with this one. There are more coming nintendo is determined to break the kiddy label with the Wii U.
  10. Heh, They're basically all i listen to. Pandora is fun that way Good movie soundtracks outdo a ton of modern music as does all the stuff on this website.
  11. unless you're a soundtrack nut like i am you might not realize it but the ST Theme songs are all part of the same suite of music crafted back for the ORIGINAL movie TNG, DS9, Voyager all had different parts of the same original piece Love it or hate it however (And i know some hate it) ST: Enterprise may have had the best opening theme out of all of them. Both versions were very good. Overall themes... Sg-1 (pilot version) Firefly. I still sometimes hum that when i'm out and about. Season 5 Babylon 5 had by far the best of them. All were good but the triumphant feel of that one was unmatchable. DS9 Season 5 or later (whenever they updated it) Was a very nice one. As i stated Enterprise is on my list of TV shows. I'm sure i'll think of more later but thats the opening number for me. Oh btw...you can set pandora to hunt out these themes. =D
  12. This would require new agreements with Bandai and others. Do not expect to see a New Gundam Series. However several of the series on hulu would be awesome if ran on toonami. A few new ones would be excellent.
  13. Sounds like someone's calling for a south beach OCR meet up... Damn. I dont know if i'll be able to make this or not. But i'll try. This looks like...wow.
  14. That trailer isnt available yet in the US i looked it up on bing... THEY'RE INCLUDING HER ENTIRE SKILL SET FROM HER GAME!! *faints* This will hold a bunch of people over till TLA finishes up MG:R and they can get working on Bayonetta 2. Hope i can buy this.
  15. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61YPPireYML._SS500_.jpg If i knew how to post images on this forum i would.
  16. Real Life. Yeah. I went there. Today is one of those fucking days.
  17. Promotions affect the single player to an extent but for now its not worth doing. Unless bioware does another promo event. (Very possible) Geth Engineer is MASSIVELY powerful if properly specced and geared. Hunter mode is very nice but the turret. Good god the turret. I've basically (going by exp score) soloed Banshee, Brute, and Mechs Without a rocket because of that thing. If i get an SR with innate piercing like a Widow i may be switching to the geth AR and a widow because hunter mode. Its melee is weak and if its shields go down you have trouble but my god it is a fun class to play Golds are insanely difficult however and really i wont run anything like that without people i know and trust.
  18. New DLC just launched (FREE) I ended up with a geth Engineer almost right away...and the striker assault rifle. For that weapon you want a VERY good connection but my GOD does that thing RAPE. Geth Engineer's and infiltrators are going to be VERY fun if you get your hands on a Widow or Other high end Piercing class rifle. Their Hunter mode is NUTS.
  19. Yes. Epic DLC...Krogan Battlemaster is going to be the single most played of the vanguard. Their melee abilites are disgusting already. Throw in charge+blast or any combination of the vanguard talents and its going to destroy in melee like little else.
  20. I said it on MMORPG forums i'll say it here. I'm done buying games from bioware/EA. I'll play the ones i have but in no way do i plan to further support their games. This is downright stupid. It doesnt acknowledge the indoctrination theory, it MAY or MAY NOT provide closure and it really does what others have said. And just to address this particular subject on how killing all synthetic life is the 'good ending' The reason shepard can DIE in that ending is the fact he's heavily synthetic now thanks to the Lazarus Project in 2. Oh by doing that you also kill off the Geth who if you managed it you got the ultimate paragon version and made peace. You have a better than even chance of killing off the Quarians. You'd destroy Edi and your ship. (another reason that ending makes no sense) And if this ending doesnt address the abject chaos of the loss of the mass relay network then really it aint even worth the bandwith to download. So sure kill the reapers. Just know you're taking a hell of lot more than them out with you.
  21. I have to say, they might have made the story a bit disappointing but the multiplayer has just been wild. If a bit repetitive. Cant wait for new maps to open up and new mission types.
  22. Oh i think they understand entirely. But there are a number of factors here. 1. The original ending was LEAKED. In a game this important this CAN NOT HAPPEN. This would have been as bad as the now legendary 'snape kills dumbledore' disaster that plagued bookstores. Bioware couldn't have that. 2. The ending wasn't BAD it was disconnected from everything you'd done. I could see a number of games that type of ending works. Deus Ex being chief among them. There are a number of fixes that can be applied to put that more in line with Mass Effect however. 3. The indoctrination theory thats been posted elsewhere. 4. EA didnt push as much as people might think. If they had there wouldnt have been a 6 month delay to fix point 1. I point you to warhammer online and the massive staff WALKOFF that occured because of EA being unwilling to push a deadline back. I dont like what's been done. I wont take an 'all is forgiven' approach because DA 2 sucked. I dont expect DA 3 to be much better. I'm pissed off at TOR and this was bioware's chance at redemption and while they didnt blow it completely they needed to stick the landing and didnt. I will however reserve some judgement for what's to come. Bioware wasn't done with ME when this game was done. A lot is still up in the air. They also moved Multiplayer (which is a LOT of fun) to a primary component of the game rather than a DLC. This isnt over, and bioware isnt ready to give up the ghost. If they're smart, they'll keep the current fix some of the plotholes. And add a few more options outside of the 3 pretty relay deal. We have to wait and see.
  23. I think it was what i now like to call an 'if statement' They had to know that the ending of this game was gonna spark a firestorm or at least level some serious unrest. Especially since they changed it from the original leaked ending. Basically bioware decided if outcry was large enough (and it is) That they'd do something about it. Planned as in they wanted the 2nd piece of DLC to be that? Not a chance in hell. Planned as in they were aware of the potential outcry? I think so. Now how this is going to take shape i dont know? Personally i dont WANT them to OVERWRITE the current ending. I want them to ADD MORE! I want to see the ending sequence make sense. I want to see more options other than changing color explosions. I want the choices i made through the course of the series to have real meaning other than numbers on a score sheet.
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