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  1. Slappy Spanksgiving. Beware the Black Madness.
  2. http://www.indiegogo.com/Heresy A buddy of mine has had this project in mind for awhile he's finally ready to push forward with it. HELP!
  3. I have to wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment that it might have needed to be rejected. As someone who's played the game all the way through the music is a shining star. It is a top notch set of remixed music in its own right from the opening 'Fly me to the Moon' to the closing 'Lets Dance Boys' The saxaphone usage in this game's music is SIGNATURE and some of the best work i've ever heard for the instrument. To not use such a critical component of what drove the songs in this game would have been CRIMINAL. This is a great job of remixing the song. I'm hopeful though someone's gonna take a crack at one of the more iconic tracks.
  4. OCR sets a goal of 30 grand... OCR Fans see that and say...riiiiiiiiiight. TO HELL WITH YOUR SILLY SHRIMPY GOALS! 150k. OCR: Kickstarted like a baws!!!
  5. After multiple conversations and more than a little in arguing due to the status of their project and their inability to get cash at this time they're not gonna be able to do the 5k donation. I'm sorry. They also have other music plans at this time =/ I tried. I knew it was a long shot but i did what i could.
  6. I is redownloading eeeeevvrrrryyyyyythiiiiiiing! xD Well done guys!
  7. 20+ hour raid. A system i couldnt believe in. a grind fest beyond measure. And 14 was basically an upgraded graphical engine change bringing the worst parts of 14. I do not believe they should have EVER made an MMO myself. You wanna end me? You're gonna have to break through a few hundred thousand ships to do it! ;P
  8. Wait...new games? I know someone... who might... *picks up his phone* DO NOT GET HOPES UP. I dont know if the cash is there. I dont.
  9. If this thread had been made two months ago. I would have put Mass Effect 3 in here HOWEVER. After Extended cut PLUS DLC 1. The ending actually made sense. You can still go on and on about the indoctrination theory but the fact of the matter is the storytelling isnt so JARRING your head explodes. And with that out of the way the ME trillogy is in the pantheon of gaming as the new standard. Now to get back on topic. FF13. FF11 FF14. I personally liked 12 for its setting the window of history view it takes with the character you start out with. Dragon Age 2 i didnt like personally.
  10. And no one's taken a swing at the 5k's. If i had it i'd do it. I know exactly what game i'd want you guys to take a real honest to god crack at...well two...no wait three. Yes three. 1. Bayonetta: The Vocal Component i feel would be an incredible challenge..plus ideally i'd want to see Kate and Pixie in a duet. That soundtrack had some awesome original sound and some excellent updated Sega Themes 2. Mass Effect 3: This soundtrack has one of the more...downtrodden tones to it. I dont feel it appropriate compared to the rest of the series. While the music was exceptional none of the themes in the OST (which i got from the collectors) Had the upbeat theme you had in one or two. 3. I'd have to flip...welll something but Rift, STO, or DCUO. One of these three. I cant decide which would be my third choice. XD This has room to go still guys. We'll have to wait and see.
  11. Same old same old. Good to see you here, hopefully this album launches before the end of the year XD
  12. @Jansu Doubt it, negotiations are a process. Which these clearly were by the time it took. They were handled relatively quickly but kickstarter put a wrench in the whole thing. Several concessions were made by OCR for the ability to put these on physical copy. No doubt OCR wanted the lowest rate it could get. In which case SE said we need you to do this, this, and this. After some haggling OCR agreed. What it probably equates to is a flat rate per unit. At the base of 35k Probably (your 11k number/2000) equates to 5.62 dollars per unit. I cant see OCR agreeing to such a punative cost (that percentage royalty) for a hard copy production. They could have gone pure digital and been 'fuck SE' SE could have gone pure legal in that circumstance but this place has been around a long time and SE's known about it AWHILE Plus the list of people now remixing on this website has become a bit of a whos who in the VG music world. It would be a very ugly battle. This was settled fast and amicably. If more copies are required it'll probably be at that 5.62 rate. Any real excess i believe is gonna probably going to website support
  13. 60 grand so far... yeah i figured this would break 100k. That could be lowballing it. 2? Maybe even 300k??!
  14. One day down...49k raised. Yeah. Suggest prepping for VERY large numbers I hope there isnt a limit limit.
  15. Yes and why could no one see fit to give me a copy of this game? XD i've been using that callsign for far longer than Gearbox.
  16. Limit Break is about to go active...and within 24 hours of launch. holy crap.
  17. I'm personally hoping for Either Kate and someone or Maybe the Aversas to duet that bugger.
  18. Less than 24 hours. 36k. I suggest making plans for 60 And 100k.
  19. Ok i'm straight up stuck, I've hit the missile silo i'm in the series of rooms where if you trip the explosives you die and take out everything within 500029834918247 miles. The first set is placed too low to climb under and too high to jump over. Is there a way around i dont know about?
  20. Which totally blows my mind. They created a legendary character and controversy aside (of which there was considerable). The game was very fun and very solid in control. The fact of the matter is this: Affording a new console isnt exactly easy for me right now. And probably a lot of people on here. I am VERY upset with Sega now that this is confirmed. I am not a console loyalist by any standard. I've owned damn near all of them outside this current generation and if i had had the money to do it right I'd have a PS3 and Wii. But the fact that its an exclusive to Wii U is a mistake imo. A lot of people have been waiting on a sequel. And were expecting a 360 or PS3 i believe. The Wii U was an interesting thing for me to begin with. This is a HUGE coup for the Wii. But i did not believe Nintendo would be able to pull this trigger. I know the reasons behind it and i can only hope it doesn't corrupt a very good formula.
  21. Anyone who's been following this. Can they confirm the Bayonetta 2 rumor? I've seen it from only one source at this point i'm hoping its a rumor. (I wouldnt mind it on Wii U but i would HATE if it went exclusive...)
  22. And it could be dead...There was a catastrophic development in terms of the console wars. The guys who are doing MGR have well.. yeah. I dont know what the hell is going on with Sega right now but based off what i saw on joystiq.com Bayonetta 2 is going to be a WII U EXCLUSIVE! Which means either MGR is either in its final stages and they're getting back to Bayonetta or they've canned the project entirely. Hopefully someone has recent news on this because if the Bayonetta 2 thing is real i cant see platnum games being happy and especially Team Little Angel.
  23. The greenlight addition happened very late into the process. The approval came up either just as or barely before the intended launch date. I found it very easy to install and have found it very fun to play.
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