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  1. I check syfy.com out because i like their Blaster and Dvice sections... You know its big when a major service like that reports this http://blastr.com/2012/09/gamers-mourn-the-death-of.php Vile Rat wasn't the kind of player Chirbba is but he did more than most ever realize in the larger metagame of EVE. I had a few personal dealings with him back when i played eve full bore. Solid guy. Good people. His name was one of those i hated in the universe but i got over that. (sorry i'm a naming conventions guy)... He will be missed. And the Game of EVE is poorer with his loss.
  2. One of the crazier debates thanks to the upgrades SW got in the 90's was a scene where Han Solo didn't actually shoot first. http://blastr.com/2012/09/see-the-swordfight-that-n.php This should answer the question once and for all: Ford Always Shoots first.
  3. I believe he's responsible for blowing you away infront of Alexandria Castle in a rewrite of history.
  4. There was a car based MMO that was pretty damned original, Post apocolyptic earth. I forget what its name was.
  5. Motorstorm wasn't given any kind of chance even though it was a truly kickass game. Tabula Rasa's problems are well documented. COH had a decent run but they shouldn't be giving up on it. My experiences with NC soft have been bad. Not the games themselves but the main company itself. They've just really done a disservice to mmo players.
  6. http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/news_archive/thank_you.php Motor Storm, Tabula Rasa, now COH. May NC soft finally fall it has destroyed three incredible games. Never Mind...GW and GW2...it'll never die. Ugh. These guys are nearly as bad as EA and people pay for their games... In other news Funcom is in serious trouble after TSW is severely underperforming.
  7. I've known about this project for awhile. This is a mod for HL 2. With A LOT of work done. IF this project got shut down (which is possible) There is only one reason. We've been hearing whispers fora while and very recent Concept art pics have been leaked linking to HL 3. Or EP 3. We're going to have to wait and see on this one BUT keep your eyes open. A countdown timer like this is either going to be the release of the project or a deadline for valve to put out some news. As an HL fan i want to see the conclusion of this soo badly it aint even funny. There's an interview on Rock paper shotgun concerning this project that was when it first really got my attention. It'll explain a LOT of what's happened with this project. Its worth reading
  8. May this be released before year's end...i've made alot of room in my ipod for this!
  9. Good luck finding those graphic novels they were off the friggin chain. And Star Fox was among them too. I still have my Super Metroid Samus Pendant.
  10. Yep, This is among many reasons why i'm not for Kickstarter after this debacle.
  11. A 'technical' situation is why this cant be restored. Its a website, They can do whatever the hell they want if they retained the data. Kickstarter's customer service took WEEKS it looks like to get back to OCR on this situation. Squeenix did its thing and people talked and this situation was looking ready to get back on the road two weeks ago. Now not only did they 'lose' the kickstarter they cant restore it. That's a pretty epic fail.
  12. Ok so less hate for Squeenix-fail Hit the fools at kickstarter. Maybe not use kickstarter again drop a line to Dvice and Cnet about this debacle and move to another method?
  13. Not everyone reads the forums, Some take a quick glance at the front page =/
  14. Thank you i'd have said something myself but i dont know anything about this other than what you guys relay. Something is defintely going on and the longer it goes and the projected updates keep getting pushed back it worries people. The last update was on 7/27 and everyone's concerned. =/
  15. ....you have a link to actually support that claim? Because that kind of speculation isnt what's needed right now.
  16. Cat's likely. Jager isn't gonna make launch, but will probably be included in an update. CAt wont be in however until the clan invasion happens which we're not quite there yet. But we probably will be at that point within a few months of launch
  17. To be honest. A stick (if it has its own accelerator) may fare better than mouse/keyboard just on the speed sensitivity. I cant say too much more than that. There are unseen currently and the negotiations on them haven't had news in a while. The big ones in that are the Rifleman and the Longbow. The others are significant but not overwhelming. They did make headway with the Battlemaster IIC but still its unknown where any of that is going. The awesome until Clan Tech gets introduced is slightly lacking in terms of what it can pack. But its a fair machine.
  18. That's a neg buddy. Smith and Tinker are still working on their own game. This is a completely different project run by a completely different group of coders/writers. Piranha Games has the helm of MWO Also you can 'single player' Mechwarrior Online the game allows you to play a lone wolf style if thats what you want. The story is based directly in canoncial lore (year 3049 currently just before the CLAN invasion) One final edit: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/897-why-you-want-mechwarrior-online-to-be-free-to-play/ This is an article going into detail how their cash shop will work. Should ease most if not all concerns on it.
  19. MWO is turning into one of the most ancitipated F2P games in AGES This is absolutely epic. I'm under NDA and i cant say too much but MAN is it a good time It is WORTH buying a founders if it can be afforded but you wont be hurt by not buying it! I've linked up with The Blazing Aces merc corp. But a lot of houses to play too. Dusk: Exclusive mechs will likely be limited to skins. Or possibly custom variants which will not be commonly available. (Note they arent BETTER just famous: Know your lore concerning those) Example: AS7-WGS Atlas Samsonov - The personal ‘Mech of Galedon Military District commander Warlord Grieg Samsonov during the DCMS's Third Succession War invasion of Galtor III, only the massive autocannon remains, with the rest of the standard weaponry replaced with a PPC mounted in each arm. The remaining weight and space is devoted to six additional heat sinks. The Exp and GP gains just make it take less time to get things. The differences are small but combined can impact a fight. They wont however flip a fight on its ear.
  20. Zircon. The FF6 project is the greatest kickstarter ever. Fans want an update!!
  21. Actually his assumptions are based on the fact that square does sell the music for these games. That being said I dont believe its outrage right now. Outrage will happen if Square is unreasonable in what they want. I dont think anything is dead right now but one thing about lawyers is that they make the process take longer than it should.
  22. Make sure you guys visit Yaya Han She'll be there as well!
  23. i knew about this at E3 this could end up being like DC 'Unleashed' You got to see Superman in Z-fighter mode (What i call the end of JLU) (which we know he can use) Flash apparently has full speed force. Batman's incorporating vehicles into his style. Wonder Woman's gone the Ame-comi mode and has shield and sword. The story behind this is actually pretty awesome. But two new guys were a part of this trailer i didnt expect. Nightwing and Cyborg. This could mean they're adding the Titans as well into the mix which will probably involve their villain counterparts on both sides. God i hope this is as good as it looks.
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