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  1. Anyone know where I can get a jazz/lounge kit? I've been trying to mix and match various samples I've found, but does anyone know of a complete free kit i could download? Also is there anywhere I could get some bell samples?
  2. This song is amazingly chill. I love the way you blend the different pianos. Great EP playing too, I loved the tone you had. Anyone know what kind of piano that was? I love jazz/lounge music and this was a great example of it. Good stuff to relax to, keep up the good work.
  3. I really don't see why some people are so bitter about Guitar Hero. GH is a game. People play it to have fun. I've never met anyone that claimed that their GH skills translated over to the music realm. Playing guitar hero and playing actual guitar (and music in general) are two different skills and should be treated as such. Whether or not someone plays music is inconsequential for GH and vice versa. Perhaps the two are related; it seems like a distinct possibility, but I really don't know. The point I'm trying to make is that just because someone is amazing at GH doesn't mean they'll be an asshole who thinks they can actually play guitar.
  4. I didn't know him at all but his music is great. It's always sad losing someone like that despite how well you do or do not know them. He'll be missed. also bandwagon lol im such a tool
  5. Those Isuzu commercials from the 80s or whatever? Also, I'd just like to point out again that this is a horrible idea. Also, does remembering lju mean I've been here a while?
  6. This could possibly be the worst idea I've ever heard.
  7. Later. Thanks for getting me unbanned and stuff. You were pretty cool for a judge.
  8. This has been and will always be my favorite remix. My friend and I always blast it with the windows down in the car.
  9. I will definitely be using this thread in the near future.
  10. Meh, I wear a medium T-shirt, but a large hoodie(I like them baggy). I just voted medium though.
  11. And I'd be hooking it up to a iBook. I was wondering what are the pros and cons of USB vs. Firewire, and what is a good all around one that isn't anymore than $400(But still has all the connections). I don't really know to much bout these, so any info is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. I know a kid who plays violin and it cost him $16,000... ...and the bow cost $1,500... Not a cheap instrument...
  13. Better at what, man? give us more specifics. What woudl it be used for, etc... Better at all around music making. Like acting as a a stand alone product. And as something that can do all styles of music.
  14. ReMixing 101: My Antidrug Putting those two quotes together made me laugh out loud for some reason.
  15. I really need to get one of these already...
  16. Well, uh....I got some money which I plan on using to buy one of these.
  17. Good God, please stop existing. Or at least lay off the bold and type like an intelligent individual. That nearly blinded me. Oh yeah, this is GenDisc. LOL. Now I remember why I hardly come here.
  18. Ok, the toughest girl boss battle would be...Lenus, from "Legend of Dragoon" for the PS1. I still haven't whooped her wingly butt yet! Toughest guy boss, Vergil from DMC3. I swear, I just beat him this week, and it took me 8 TRYS! 8 FUCKING TRYS! God, I hate his attacks! But the hardest creature boss, well that goes to...Ultima Wepon of FF8. He's very tough, and I still haven't whooped his ass. I'm so weak! Fixed. Learn to type. Nah, it didn't bother me that much. I just felt like being a bitch about it.
  19. You rule, Zircon. You finally got all your guides compiled and stickied.
  20. I didn't think anyone whould actually try to animate the flowers. Sorry for waisting your time, CapnHulk.
  21. I'm surprised this thread isn't locked...I never you knew you could post in it...
  22. Ok, I've got some more questions. Can someone go over the basics of the vocoder? What menue do I go to to get it? How can I get it to vocode the things I type into the speach synthesizer. Also, can I edit my own voice?(I have a microphone). And lastly, what do the bands effect?
  23. Ok, so I just got FL Studio, and I'm a total newb. Can someone tell me how to create a basic melody? Like say I wanted to have a piano play Mary Had A Little Lamb, or something simple. How would I do that. Also, how can I create a drum loops and pick the sounds? Thanks.
  24. Can someone make me a 4th of July sig? I'm not gonna have any specifications. Just have fun with it whoever does it.
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