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  1. I can't wait to NOT buy Diddy Kong Racing and instead buy ANYTHING else. I thought the original was the most overhyped, overrated game in Nintendo's history, even more than Majora's Mask.
  2. ...so what games did you not like? I was extremely disappointed with Star Fox Command. Also, as much as I like Trauma Center, I got stuck and was forced to stop playing it. Not as much value as I was hoping for since I can't beat that stupid stage with 5 patients in 10 minutes.
  3. My point is that when defining "flies," it would operate as both a verb and a noun in the same sentence. Furthermore, "like" is a preposition in one case and a verb in another. I figured this would cause SYNTAX ERROR: GAME = LOSE!! or something equally frustrating.
  4. So if I wrote the sentence, "Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like an orange," would that completely b0rk your game?
  5. Anyone ever play Military Madness? It sounds pretty sweet, but I'm a little anxious of burning $6 on the game if it's lame. BTW, I had a wrist strap break the other day while playing Wii Sports Tennis, but I didn't drop my controller. I guess I just served too hard and incorrectly. Good thing I can get four new and improved ones for free.
  6. My educated guess based on Nintendo history (but no links or research) is sometime in March. Mario Galaxy will probably be a few weeks off that date, I hope. EDIT: 100th post! Woo-hoo, now I'm a Goomba!
  7. I used to do that until I started taking my DS on the go. Original cases take up way too much space in a backpack compared to those handy three-in-one cases.
  8. I thought I heard somewhere that blowing across the mic, rather than into it will yeild better results. In other words, play the flute.
  9. Of course not, you fool, they're too busy working on MP3 to satisfy the masses. Ahh, good point. That pretty much eliminates Retro as a posibility, so who else can we consider? Maybe Namco, who would have completed Mario Baseball and Tales of Symphonia around then (I think).
  10. Ok time for some major speculation here. On http://www.smashbros.com/en/story/index.html , Masahiro Sakurai, the director of SSBB, says that he is working with a studio that he cannot name. He goes on to mention that the studio had just finished a big game project, and were willing to work on the SSBB project. If Sakurai accepted the job in May of 2005, and the project he talks about finished a large-scale game soon afterwards, which studio might he be talking about? Which big game completed soon after E3 last year? My first impulse is to guess Metroid Prime 2, which if true means that the studio is Retro Studios. The inclusion of the new Samus character helps support (but not prove) this theory. So what do you guys think?
  11. I am just blown away by the interpretation(s) of this song. I always hated the Maridia theme when I played Super Metroid because it was so slow, repetitve, and boring. Wingless has made two arrangements of the theme, both of which are surprisingly great to listen to, and they have remained favorites of mine since they were first posted. In fact, I had my first kiss with my girlfriend to this song, and we promptly started making out. Actually, this may become "our song" later in our relationship. Thanks Wingless for giving me the opportunity to express my feelings with your beautiful, emotional song. I love how much movement is going on throughout this song, and I especially love the subtle reoccurring themes from the original melody changing from instrument to instrument. An absolutely amazing song, and I look forward to more remixes in the future.
  12. I completely agree with DJP when I say this mix is "Godd stuff"! Seriously though, I think this mix rocks a lot more than some of SGX's mixes, which are awesome in their own different way. Any speak-and-spell uses makes me smile, and this mix as a whole has me grinning ear to ear. Great ReMix!
  13. I love this ReMix. Many songs get stuck in my head throughout the course of a week, but only an elite few can give me the urge to actually hear the song as soon as I can. It's all great. DJP, any plans to sing another ReMix again? I think we'd all agree that it works. Beautiful job!
  14. Final Fantasy Legend II had very hard bosses at the end. It took me 9 straight summers to go from Venus through Arsenal. I thought Earthbound's final boss was really really hard until I bought a players' guide. I would never have tried praying, and even if I did, I wouldn't have done it consecutively enought to accumulate the emmense damage.
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