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  1. What a fun song. I really love the organ in this piece, reminds me of a track from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on N64 that I enjoyed. Vocals are great too and I dig how you ended the song. Good stuff; this is def. one of my favorites from the project, which is fantastic btw.
  2. Yeha this is real meaty, sounds good with the bass jacked up. The guitar work is boss, no questioning that. Always loved this theme, maybe my favorite in the game, glad I've heard a good remix of it now. Feels like it should be longer, but I can always just play it again. Very good stuff.
  3. I actually had to return a game and my DS lite a week ago. If your shit is defective, they should replace it for the same item within a resonable timeframe, though I don't recall what the time frame is for that. Hopefully you haven't had it for too long if you opt to replace it. But yeah, thanks for the info.
  4. So how does the game play and are you still having that problem? I'm considering buying MMZX but if there's some critical glitch, I'll pass.
  5. Oh wow. This is nice. Guitar is good; vocals are nice, from the soul even. Nice work. I love Opera.
  6. This is ear sex. Possibly the most fun and creative piece of sound I've heard since this year start. Fantastic work.
  7. Damn, the raptor sounds are pretty amazing. Your sax is king and I do like the strings in this piece. This is a good song; be proud of your work.
  8. I think this was one of the first remixes I picked up here, and it's still a good listen, especially when I'm writing fatty papers and studying for finals. I love the source tune and this mix a great tribute to it. Reminds me of all the leveling up I did against those bloody wolves in that Ice Forest. That and saving Santa. A+
  9. Damn. This is nice, real nice. The second half of the song is the business, esp. the break around 2:40. Glad I got this.
  10. I think I ran by this in the WIP forums a little while back. It was good then, and it's still good now. Glad it got posted. Love the guitar work and the drums the most; the drop off near the end is nice too. Nice work, you all.
  11. Jeebus. This is fuckin' dope. I love the source tune, always have. Never did I think it could be ever be reborn into something this fantastic. Reminds me of crazy love ballads from the 80's I'm so fond of. I am too a fan of the piano arrangement with which the song starts. Damn good vocal work; two thumbs for how you sang "9.99". Lovin' the drums as well. Fantastic joint.
  12. A shame I never heard this until now; great work on an already good source.
  13. I thought I had commented on this before, but I guess not. This song is fantastic. It's hard for me to fully describe why I like it so much, but I really love this song; I loved the piano work throughout the piece, and the way it ends is goregous. Superb job.
  14. It's coo. I like the chorus and the guitar soloing around 2:30 or so; sounds good. Nice lil' tune you got here, Darangen.
  15. Today's a good day for random track grabbing. What an amazing song; it truly moves me. The piano in this song is downright sexy, as are the strings. Might have to make a ringtone out of this or something.
  16. Yeah this shit is hot; I'm def. loving the drums. 2:41-55 is fantastic. Makes me wanna bust the SNES out. Good ish, yall.
  17. At first, it estimated that this WU would be done in March of 07. That made me kinda sad -- it's as if the program was calling my computer trash. But it looks like this one will actually be done in about 2 days, so hopefully I'll be blasting a lot of these out from now on.
  18. Wow. This sounds v. good, with great production quality. It has a really cool sounds around 1:35, almost like samba or something. Hearing that progress into that fast-paced dance music was awesome. Damn good over all feel to it. I am certainly entertained by this one. It's like one of those songs in a game that changes depending on where you are in a certain stage -- altering the tempo, or instruments, but keeping the same theme. The variability in this tune is what I think I love the most; before I realize it, the song is changing, and I gotta keep up, as if it's taking me on a tour. Five months of work culminated into something fantastic here; this is a great track.
  19. I loved this game so much; I'm surprised I never thought to seek out any remixes here. BG&E was a great game with a superb soundtrack, and this song is a goregous tribute to it. The strings moved me the most here, and as many have noted before me, the transitions between the artists' different segments are seamless, making this track flow well. I love the segment of the song that starts around 2:55 -- the drums and bassline accompany the strings and piano well. The vocals are beautiful to boot, and add so much to this great mix. This is a fantastic joint, and a BG&E movie or sequel would be blessed to have this as a lead track.
  20. I used to think that Sigma was hard. I've beat MMX3 about 500 times now and I can almost take him down with a completely unpowered-up Mega Man. That is, no powerups at all. I usually die on his second form when he's around 50% HP. Now, that is fucking hard. MMX3 with no powerups. Sigma is a tank. Yeah, fuck Sigma. I can take him out now, but he was the source of much VG frustration as a child. I think he's p. challenging in X4, probably more so than in X3. In X2 and X, he's not that bad.
  21. This is probably one of the pieces that brought me to this site originally. I think a friend shot me a link to it and I was hooked. I love how drum & bass hits at 0:39; I really didn't see it coming the first time I heard it. The song has good energy throughout, and fades out beautifully. I wish the ReMix wasn't so short, but seeing how short the sample was, I'm impressed with what he did with it. This one will persist in the favorites playlist as it always has.
  22. Your song makes me smile, djpretzel. I would be interested to hear this song done with better vocal quality, because it's what the pulls the song down. But I do like it; it makes me remember me and my own friends doing karaoke and impressing the shit out of several people in the room. My hats off to you for the putting yourself out there.
  23. Damn, talk about hot shit. This can be def. be likened to Tiesto and Digweed and cats like that. This track sounds pro like many said before me; I wouldn't even know it was a FFX ReMix had I not heard it here first. I have a few buddies that spin trance; I'm sure they'll love this -- I know I do.
  24. All the ReMixes I've been grabbing lately have been jackpots, and this one continues the streak. I'm glad to see a ReMix of these tunes from SofM, along with "Negai" it's one of my favorite themes from the game. The vocals do it for me here; this song would not be as good without them IMHO (including the great oh's, ooh's & ah's). Fantastic joint; it's in the favorites pile for sure.
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