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  1. Damn. Any chance of you comin' out to the west coast? No? Crap. I could really use a new box; I've been runnin' this one since August 02, and it's starting to show its age.
  2. yessir. I have many Nujabes and fat jon CDs now thanks to the Champloo soundtracks.
  3. Though I think there are well done dubs out there, this is an example of what I find happens most of the time with dubs, and that's why people hate 'em. Dubs seem to always have these whiny, scratchy voices that don't fit the original characters at all, so shows are hardly ever done "right" (side note, I think the butler is the guy that did Myouga and Happosai in the Inuyasha and Ranma dubs actually). I watched Bastard! and Record of Lodoss War dubbed, and I thought they were pretty good; I think I enjoy them more in English actually, though probably more for sentimental reasons. IMO, dubbing in general almost always fails to capture the intent, delivery and emotions of their original counterparts (and I don't mean translating lines or dialog). And not just with anime, or Japanese media either. I don't think something like "Run Lola Run" would have been as interesting to me in English.
  4. LOL more than the show? That is both amazing and terrifying, as I don't see how you could add anymore than what I remember. But then again, these guys are the kings of panty shots; I shouldn't underestimate their skills.
  5. Najica Blitz Tactics, right? It does. They start to reveal the deeper part of the plot, particularly why Najica has such an aversion to her partner, and why they're capturing the people that they are. But yeah, tons and tons of fanservice, but it's from Nishijima Katsuhiko and Studio Fantasia (who directed/produced Agent Aika), so it's sorta expected if you've seen Aika. See if you can find the rest of it somewhere, I think it's worth it if you're 4 in already.
  6. Sessler has certainly earned a beer and a high-five from me.
  7. I just heard about this story tonight, so for those that haven't heard, Fox News recently did a story on Mass Effect and some questionable material in the game. Apparently Mass Effect features "graphic digital nudity" (in the form of an alien side boob, I hear), and this game runs the risk of violating the minds of America's youth, or something similar. Video of Fox News segment During the segment, Fox's expert on psychology that day, Cooper Lawrence made some seemingly irresponsible comments on Mass Effect, bashing the game for allowing youth the access to user controlled graphic sex, with no evidence to such. Due to this, folks have fired back by tanking the rating of her latest book posted on Amazon, leaving some pretty harsh comments in the process. Follow up post on Wired Lawrence's Book on Amazon I thought the response was pretty damn hilarious, but as I've been browsing various forms, lots of folks feel that this helps argue the point that the gaming community is full of immature individuals, etc. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Isn't it though? Didn't make me wanna go out and learn to box, but I've never found myself that invested in an anime character before. That story is very well written, one of my favorites for sure. Honey and Clover was interesting to me for sort of the same reason, I was really pullin' for Takemoto's character after a few episodes. Lotta DBZ and Gundam hate, lol. Folks give DBZ a lot of crap for being so drawn out, but I don't think Naruto and Bleach would have existed if not for DBZ, so I respect it for the influence it's had, if nothing else. I hear the manga for it (and OG Dragonball) is awesome, so I'd like to check that out sometime. SEED was fun; normally I hate super-powered characters, but he went through some bullshit to get there, so he gets a pass. I love how he basically runs on godmode in DESTINY though. There were some fun shows that came out last year that I enjoyed. Bamboo Blade is hilarious (about a teacher trying to assemble a crack female kendo team to win a bet), and Baccano was pretty interesting as well. Lots of people to keep track of, but it's a good, short series that made me smile at least twice an episode. Good action scenes too. Shion no Ou is also pretty interesting (about a mute shougi prodigy, becomes mute after witnessing the murder of her parents), and animated rather well. I wanna learn how to play shougi now. That's too bad, I thought it was really good, and an interesting take on the comic. I couldn't put it down after watching the first 4 episodes. It balanced the light-hearted comedy well (Masamune ftw) with the darker plot and kept the relationship of Masane and her daughter as the focus of the story, which was rather heartwarming at times. Damn good action too.
  9. I saw this on the front page and gasped like they do on tv or in the movies. Great track, it's fun to listen to. I'm sure I'll put this on my mp3 player and listen to it at work, and it'll probably make me smile or cause me to recall fond memories. Thanks, Harmony.
  10. I love how the guitar is sorta rythmic during the main theme, almost pulsing along with the drums, sounds great. Makes me wanna bang my head to the beat. Hell, I'm probably already doing that. I'm gonna ringtone this part for sure. The piano was a really nice touch. The whole joint is great, nice work.
  11. Your post caused me fire up the OST, and then fire up the N64, thanks.
  12. So a friend just bought me this game for my b-day, and I hadn't heard much about it until about 2 days ago. She gave me a gift reciept, but between what folks are saying here and some of the reviews I've read it seems like I should give this one a shot (and it was a gift; on principle I should keep it). I'm gonna rip into it as soon as I get back from work tonight. Hope it's as fun as y'all claim.
  13. damn there's a lot going on in this track that I loved, but I think that piano/guitar breakdown is king. that bass is sexy too; i love how it sounds sorta muted/muffled, sorta like how horns are muted to relate the idea. great track, man.
  14. i watched my friend play a lot of this back when we were in the dorms. cool song; reminds me of the trains in the snow and such. makes me wanna snag a copy and play it on the 360 (hurray for ports).
  15. It's alright. The lyrics are good, but the delivery sounds off at a few spots. Chorus is fine though, and I do like the drums. The song as a whole is good work, but it didn't hit me as hard as it did with other folks. I'm interesting in hearing other stuff by these guys though.
  16. hahaha this is good. reminds me of that crazy difficult mario hack, "falling mario". amazing violin work.
  17. Yeah, I'll be there in the morning; I'm takin' some of the fam bam since they've never been.
  18. Nice. Wish I could be there to see it all go down. Pictures plz?
  19. I dig this; I'm really lovin' that industrial sound. Sorta reminds me of a few of those Ayla tracks that were poppin' up back when I was in high school, though this is much heavier than those things ever got. Some of the synth sounded fuzzy, but I didn't mind it much. Could just be my speakers, they're gettin' older. Love the source, and this track is a good, solid tribute to it.
  20. If you all are still playing in a few days, I'd love to join ya. Just gotta find that CD of mine.
  21. Yeah, it is fun. Reminds me of some of the end credits music from the SSB games.
  22. I'd be willing to go if I can work things out at work.
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