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  1. Super Princess Peach, Halo 3 (everytime I swear to put it away for good, it creeps back into my life), and MGS1. Just bought the collection, so I'm trying to replay the first one again to ready myself up for 2 and 3. Just got done with Army of Two and Apollo Justice, which were both fun. Ao2 had an interesting story; the commercials I saw didn't hint at it one bit.
  2. When I first listened to the whole project, I'm pretty sure I listened to this, but perhaps I brushed it aside because I didn't recognize it at all when listening to it today. That intro is great, and what the song becomes is amazing as well. It reminds me of Gigyas' theme from Earthbound, not just in how the intro of that is also a chiptune, but in that feeling it gives you that you're getting into some serious shit, much like the source does. Great stuff.
  3. I've probably played 100+ hours on Star Fox 64. I don't know why, maybe in trying to get a higher and higher total kill count, but I could not put that game down for several years of my life. Earthbound I play once every year or so, same with Secret of Mana. Never played a Halo until Halo 3, but it's rare if a week goes by where I don't play it at all, even if just for one match. Smash Bros as well. I was like that with Perfect Dark and Mischief Makers for awhile too. I also play Tetris attack on SNES regularly, along with TMNT 4 and TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES). getting all those yellow gems for the ending drove me crazy.
  4. Agreed. This is great. I thoroughly enjoyed this song from start to finish, and I'm going to play it a few more times this morning.
  5. PSX version - Mei Ling's voice actor was changed for Twin Snakes, and the character wasn't as hilarious because of that.
  6. A friend of mine saw them when they toured here, said he was the only black man in a sea of psychotic screaming fans, too. Apparently their videos were on Headbanger's Ball? Awesome, but personally I think that's as close as Japanese bands getting popular here will get. I'd love hear them on my local radio stations though. It's still phonetically sound though. Kobukuro pronouces "Asphalt" as "A-SU-FAA-RUTTO" in their song "Sakura". I think that's more of what was meant by 'Good english'. Though at the same time, Utada Hikaru's English sounds native, but her Exodus album didn't break her out here. I get the feeling that she had/has the people and finances to support her too, so there's that to ponder as well. Wow, System is pretty damn good. I think more often than not, this is the case. My favorite hip-hop group, Little Brother, has seemingly tried and failed to break into the mainstream more than twice. They released a video called "Lovin' It" some years ago from their second album, and BET refused to play it, citing that it was "too intelligent" for their audience. Leaving out the conversations that "too intelligent" could bring on, I think they have a pretty marketable sounds, but I may be in the minority on that. It could also be that the ones that could give them the marketing they need don't agree with me. Can't say for sure, so I've learned to just shrug my shoulders about it and continue to buy their work and introduce others to it because I like it.
  7. Well, there's REC for starters. It's only 9 episodes, and those eps are only 11-12 minutes to boot. Fun show about voice acting of all things. Midori no Hibi. It's 13 episodes I believe. It's a school romance/comedy, not quite a harem show though. Hilarious voice acting and a pretty funny story. Baccano. This one is 12 episodes long, and is more on the serious side. It's action based, but there's plenty of funny shit that happens along the way. There's lots of characters to keep track of who all have their own intentions, so there's a web of a plot being spun which gets cleared up as you watch. If nothing else, the ending theme is great; Oda Kaori has mad skills. Other folks have mentioned Golden Boy (the english version is great) and Suzumiya Haruhi; those ones are great too.
  8. Yessir. Very good news. Time to get my copy of BG&E 1 back from a friend.
  9. Someone was tellin' me about this last week actually. A few of the strips miss me, but for the most part they're pretty funny. Wish I had found this sooner.
  10. Damn. So I just found out that there's a Golgo 13 series, and that it debuted today. I know what I'm watching this season.
  11. YES YES YES. I'd get away from romaji as soon as you can. Googling just now, I ran past a a couple of sites that have the stroke order animated, and I think some have movies you can DL as well. Flashcards are good too.
  12. Anime and manga were a bit of the reason I started taking Japanese classes while I was in college; I actually ended up minoring it. Writing wasn't the hardest part for me, though going in I thought it would be. I just practiced a lot, writing the syllabet and various kanji over and over, much like a child would be taught to do when learning their first language. Same with listening, speaking, grammar, and reading, I just practiced as much as I could; repetition helps. I haven't been doing that as much now that I'm out of school, but I still watch anime and some dramas, and I get the jist of what people say most of the time, but I'd need a dictionary to watch anything without subs. I can hold a conversation to a point, and I can read manga and some books. God do I hate kanji though, although karaoke helped a bit with that and with learning Japanese in general.
  13. Between work and driving, I listen to several songs from this site a day, and lately I've been runnin' through all those projects that have been put out. It's great, free music, and I appreciate the hell out of it, so I sent $30 over. Thanks for so much good stuff over the years.
  14. So what's everyone watching this season, other than Code Geass?
  15. let me know if you find out; this track is nice.
  16. Yeah I have. No mercy at all in this series. Compared to the SEEDs anyway.
  17. Those last few minutes surprised me; I thought I was gonna get School Days'ed again for sure! It was a little cornball for a bit, but I'm still glad that it ended how it did. This is starting to reach hare hare status. ...oh shit. I need to see a "Goodbye, Mr. Kyon-kun" or something now.
  18. Wow. Goodbye Mr. Turnabout. I want to watch that 30 times more, but with less SM Wendy Oldbag. Moving along, anyone here watching H2O Footprints? Just saw the last episode, and I'm sorta shocked. edit: Wow, there's a crapload of these Zetsubou remakes. The Dokuro-chan one made me laugh.
  19. I actually watched the anime first, and I agree with that notion, but the last episodes don't close the story well enough, not as well as the manga does it. But haha oh man was it "dead-serious" as all hell. That shocked me a bit given how silly things always seemed in previous chapters (even when something serious was happening), but I felt it gave the series a better ending.By the by, anyone ever see Cooking Master Boy? Cooking anime all in Chinese, sorta like Yakitate's older, distant cousin.
  20. I recently read Kodomo no Omocha and was impressed by it. Story revolves around its 6th grader main character and how she balances her issues with school, life, friends, and love with her work as a TV star. There's a whole lot of comedy and slice of life stuff in it, but there's a captivating plot at the heart of things. I"S is also good for anyone that liked 100%. I also read a short series called "The Hating Girl" some time ago. Sorta strange, but charming story about a girl with an arrow lodged in her head. I read it through scans; there are volumes out, but I don't think they made it out of Japan.
  21. You seen the Alpha movies? Same deal. It's mainly a bunch of raw, gritty, well done fight sequences where a lot of characters get destroyed. Street Fighter 2V was fun to watch as well, though definetly more lighthearted than the Alpha stuff (until the end any way).
  22. haha I enjoyed Zombie Loan actually, and I usually don't take to shoujo stuff either. I did hate that the dude with the short hair was a tool. Story's rather wrapped up in itself too; even as it ended, there was all sorts of stuff left unexplained... Startin' to wonder what it was I liked about the show.
  23. lol. I don't want to like it but I do, though I won't qualify my statement by stating whether I like hip-hop or not, cuz I don't think that matters all that much if I think a song is good.
  24. The video makes it seem neat, but that level looks long as hell. I think I'd get tired of playing if every stage took 5 - 10 mins to finish. !!! I'm sad I never thought of that; Stinkoman is impossible with a keyboard, it seems. And I beat Mega Mman X 3 on a keyboard too.
  25. I'll have a week where all I listen to is OCRemix material, and then will go a month or so without playing OCR stuff at all, so it varies. Usually I'll find myself humming a tune that reminds me of a remix I heard, and that kicks off an OCR binge.
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