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  1. But then you wouldn't be able to hit any diagonals. I got this on launch but haven't played it as much as I would like. I want to main Dee Jay, but since I played as Zangief exclusively in SFIV, I basically have to learn to play the game all over again. I think I'll just pick up 'Gief again. I love his second ultra, since it's essentially a Kinnikuman move. Just gotta finish up Deadly Premonition first.
  2. Compare the size of a BB sprite to that of a KoF sprite (or even a Guilty Gear sprite) and you can easily see the difference in resolution. That's all high definition means; more pixels per image than standard def. It looks pixelly because there's no anti-aliasing applied to the image.
  3. I can't find the article, but if I remember correctly, they more or less traced over the models to create the sprites. But Darlos is right in thinking 3D models were used in the spriting process of BlazBlue, which is what I was getting at with my previous post.
  4. Yes, the BlazBlue sprites were hand drawn, but they used 3D models as a reference. I remember reading a KoF XII article where Nona compared their sprite making process to BlazBlue's.
  5. Looks like SOMEONE didn't set their board preferences to show 40 posts per page like a real man
  6. Mega Man mugshots should be easily approved, right? four at a time, GameBoy style and some Bass too, I guess LT: Good to go.
  7. He was probably thinking of Charlie. All the shotos are pretty different from each other, both in appearance and in fighting style. While their specials may be similar, they all have different properties. They also have different normals to help set them apart even more.
  8. Dictator, Claw, and Boxer are pretty standard nomenclature for them online, so why not?
  9. It's Hakumen, you illiterate troglodyte
  10. tried the game and that's just the preview graphic for S & K in the game select screen, I'm assuming to showcase that you can indeed play as either Sonic or Knuckles in the game. Why they decided to include it in their promotional materials is beyond me.
  11. And yet it's still incorrect, as it's about Sonic Classic Collection rather than S&K
  12. and if you're not down with that, we got two words for ya TOE HOES!
  13. It's just imageshack acting up. I still see all four images.
  14. TouhouMania's running wild, brother
  15. Two people didn't see the obvious sarcasm in my previous post GL would be disappointed
  16. The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 is a PS2 disc, not a soundtrack, though there is a second MGS2 soundtrack called The Other Side. No idea if the song you want is on there though.
  17. Yeah, we haven't had a regular speedrun competition in 5 years Might be a good time to bring them back.
  18. because he was in the PSP version of fft
  19. It's always looked liked the Death Star. That's the whole point of it in the first place.
  20. I'm not really diggin the cel shading on the 3D models. Doesn't really fit in with the rest of the world imo.
  21. Sonic 3D Blast maybe? Or maybe some of the various Disney games they made in the '90s They still make games, but their logo is now a lower case t leaning on an upper case T.
  22. Well yeah, because you're searching for near-mint items, which can be expensive enough as it is for some games. Being rated by the Video Game Authority will only increase their price. That said, there probably are some legit overpriced items on there, as I'm sure some beginner collectors will pay a premium just because it's in a fancy acrylic case with a high number on it regardless of the games actual worth.
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