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  1. Yeah, he goes by ElPottoGrande. He posted a few Sonic the Comic videos in the Let's Play Sonic thread (links are in the bottom of first post).
  2. I remapped the keys to my 360 fightpad using the included config tool. Problem is, diagonals only register one direction (so I walk instead of jumping forward). I'm guessing using something like xpadder or joy2key will fix this?
  3. Looks like the video uploader just answered that in the comments. Trash80 - Haunted Candies
  4. But now they're gonna get spammed by hate from the younger fans for leaving their favorite character (Shadow) out of the game.
  5. probably get better responses here
  6. SoloGamer


    Well, keygen music is 8-bit music, since they come from 8-bit computers like the Amiga and Commodore 64 and such.
  7. Yup. Same for me, though there are a few tracks I listened to before playing the game (Mother 1 and 2 are the only ones that come to mind at the moment).
  8. SoloGamer


    You mean like Blockout?
  9. SoloGamer


    Just beat it the other day with all 20 trinkets. The Only one I needed help on was "Prize for the Reckless". Felt kind of dumb not figuring that one out. And yeah, the music's awesome. Had to get the soundtrack as well, otherwise I'd stay in "The Tower" forever.
  10. Congrats on another completed project. R.I.P. 5|t3 Pr0j3cts - We Hardly Knew Ye
  11. SoloGamer


    Me too. I don't normally play Tetris by tilting my head along with the falling piece. What a terrible name
  12. Might want to mention the name of the game as well next to the date/time. It's obvious once you click the links, but some of us are too lazy for that. Also, maybe a thread title change? (not sure if you can still do that though)
  13. My sister deleted my 120 hour FFX save once. Made me so mad, I punched her in the face. Then I ditched my prom date (because real gamers don't have girlfriends) and started to rebuild.
  14. As far as I got before I had to close the tab. Terrible.
  15. SoloGamer

    Nintendo Wii

    An official release would be nice, but a fan translation is just as good. http://mother3.fobby.net/
  16. The 8-bit Sonics have some pretty good tracks from what I remember, some of which were reused in latter releases. Unfortunately, they're often overlooked in favor of their 16-bit brethren.
  17. Was gonna post this. Ogre Battle 64 (which recycles most of the original's music) is probably my favorite soundtrack on the N64, and I'm a man who loves his N64-era music
  18. Every game he's replayed is not as good as he remembers them being, except for Mischief Makers, which is still as good as he remembers it being. So no, he still likes it. I can't really think of any for myself, except for those old LJN wrestling games on the SNES. I remember renting WWF Royal Rumble fairly often as a kid, so figured I'd check it out again. Apparently, the only thing that made me like it so much was listening to the wrestler's theme songs and laughing my ass off at the constant stream of groans and grunts. Ah, to be a kid again
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