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  1. I smell a new trend Can't wait for the DSi exclusive Ruby/Sapphire remakes
  2. It's all 3DR's property, as far as I know. Take-Two just had publishing rights for DNF. It's up to whatever's left of 3DR if they want to find someone to make the game for them or let it die. At least we still have Duke Nukem Trilogy to look forward to.
  3. Imageshack has a 1.5 MB limit Dropbox is pretty neat and easy way to share things. My sig, for instance, is hosted on dropbox. Just save it in your designated Dropbox folder and it's automatically uploaded. Anything you save in the Public folder can be shared with anyone. Free account gets you 2 gigs of space.
  4. lol I mostly use this name since I can't decide on a new one, but I do change it regularly on places that allow it. Past names/alts include: Olof K' Dragontamer The Account With No Name Lonesome Billy man with a harmonica The Forgotten Man Negative Man Joe Jitsu
  5. *Subtitle **Der Wille zur Macht translates to "The will to power".
  6. Oh god, Quest 64. Between the disorienting post-battle camera spin and the constant dying, it took me about a week to finally navigate through that damned Blue Cave, only to get utterly destroyed by Nepty in the Isle of the Sky. Still, I loved every minute of it. Being only my second RPG, I remember wanting to play other similar games. I rented Aidyn Chronicles, which Nintendo Power had led me to believe was just like Quest 64. I couldn't stand the graphics and decided it was a shitty game after about 20 minutes of gameplay. Fortunately, I discovered Ogre Battle 64 shortly thereafter, and my craving for RPGs was finally sated.
  7. From what I've heard, most decent LP'ers use a Gamebridge http://www.amazon.com/Gamebridge-AVC-1400-USB-Cnct-Xbox/dp/B000DLBAFU No component though, just composite and S-video
  8. I played, beat, and actually enjoyed Sonic 2k6 I didn't pay for it though, so not quite as shameful, but still
  9. Samus talks plenty in Metroid Fusion (probably III too, haven't played it in a while), just that there's no one to talk to, so all we get are monologues.
  10. Sent my message. And yeah, don't forget to get the demo. Contest or no, it's pretty awesome.
  11. I think we have ourselves a winner
  12. Only mods are allowed to post polls. I think the only place you can post polls is Works In Progress (or at least it was. Don't know how it is now.)
  13. We still need one more person, since Malaki is apparently disqualified.
  14. Not really. Devs can simply make it so that you can't earn achievements when a cheat is enabled. I know they did this in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but don't know of any other game that's done this.
  15. Shael Riley made a post about how awesome a realistic and gritty Mario would be and people ran with it. They created all kinds of fan art, wrote short stories, and even auditioned for voiceovers. A few things I remember were Luigi being an asshole to Mario, and a Bowser/Princess rape scene (which was scrapped pretty quickly). They also set up a message board for this, which surprisingly, has some recent posts. http://specter24.proboards.com/index.cgi
  16. Found the quote that answers both yours and NNY's questions So yeah, multiple entries are allowed Everyone should send a message for greater chance of winning.
  17. Pretty sure you can. I don't see anything in the rules about only submitting once, but if there is, then you're going to have to pick 7 out of the two or more groups you're a part of
  18. I want in. GT: SoloGamer87 C-U name is same as here.
  19. That's awfully presumptuous of you.
  20. Sweet, no more leaving the game running overnight to can unlock everything.
  21. Then they'd taunt you for choosing an easier difficulty by skipping a few levels and giving you a "Try again on harder difficulty" screen instead of a proper ending. Games were such dicks back then.
  22. Not to mention they could put special chips on the cartridges to squeeze a little more power from the console. But yeah, memory limitations, especially for the 8-bit systems, limited how much content could go in a given game. Voting A for the same reasons Geeky Stoner said.
  23. Just got back. It was pretty awesome seeing Fuerte wreck everyone's shit in the tourney. Didn't take many cosplayer pics because people in costume make me feel uncomfortable. I did try to take some during the judging phase, but I couldn't make my way any closer due to the crowd. I did take plenty of pictures of some of the artwork though. http://www.getdropbox.com/gallery/117505/1/Jab%20Strong%20Fierce?h=18ce6b The kid in a few of the shots is my nephew btw. EDIT: just noticed all the pieces are already posted on the Nucleus site. Guess that just leaves me with a few shitty pics of a crowd full of nerds.
  24. I'm more partial to the Special Championship Edition cover. Bison's such an asshole, kicking Guile in the middle of his boom, messing up his hair, all the while sarcastically flashing peace signs in his face. regular SFII comes a close second, for limpwrist Ryu and rapeface Blanka.
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