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  1. And I thought this Ardy Lightfoot auction was expensive. But I guess reading up on this game, it's no surprise its much more valuable.
  2. I'm in the extreme minority, but I found Unleashed pretty fun, even the night time levels and the dreaded Eggmanland. Wouldn't pay more than $15 for it though. On the Sonic 4 front, the level designers for S3&K are on board working with Dimps http://www.cubed3.com/news/13740
  3. What's wrong with the Hal Labs and Game Freak logos? Just because you don't understand them doesn't make them ugly.
  4. You guys just don't understand. If only those artists, 3D modelers, and special effects guys would have pitched into the physics engine instead of doing their own thing, this game could have been saved.
  5. That's why I said you don't even know how much of the level is completed. For all we know, they just tossed a couple random level elements to test out the physics engine. Why not use the assets they already have (near?) completed so they can test how it all looks at the same time?
  6. Keep in mind we don't know when that video was taken or how much of the level is complete. For all we know, it's a really early build and the dude's been sitting on it for a while before releasing it. Whining that they're designing levels before the physics engine is perfected is pretty dumb. Would you rather have all the artists sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the programmers to finish their job?
  7. Not before someone hacks it and makes Street Fighter IV: Rainbow Edition
  8. http://kotaku.com/5473427/sega-not-developing-sonic-4
  9. here ya go So have all the new characters been unveiled, or are there still some empty slots remaining?
  10. As strike911 posted in the other thread, a video and a screen shot have been leaked on 1up.com. They've both been taken down, but here's a link that probably won't go down as quickly. http://tweaker.sonicretro.org/22717159001_66849663001_LeakedSonic4Alpha.mov And the screenshot:
  11. Yeah, fuck Sonic Rush. OCReMixes are the most original form of music known to man
  12. MJ pulled his name because of the low quality of the music likewise, OLR pulled its name from the project due to a disagreement with sega over the use of kazoos.
  13. OLR already beat OCR to the Sonic punch with their uncredited E Rank theme on Sonic Unleashed. No shame in second place though.
  14. I accept it as Eggman because character names don't matter at all. As long as we don't get creepy ass Eggbotnik from Sonik 2K6, it's all good. I swear, 2D sonic fans are worse than the 3D bunch. At least the newer bunch can be hilarious in their depravity. The older dudes are just annoying and never satisfied with anything.
  15. Yeah, but I'm not talking about a giant fuck you boss, just a normal sized one for Sonic to fight/race against. Maybe as a semifinal boss in a new Death Egg. A brand new Robosonic would be preferable, but if they're just gonna reuse an old design, I prefer the one from S3&K than the Sonic CD design.
  16. So it seems you can access the intro (countdown right above "News") on the site by hitting tab and pressing enter once it's highlighted Hope this means a new Metal Sonic, though I'd be happy if they just reused the one from S3&K.
  17. There's a screenshot on Gamespot, which I posted in the other thread.
  18. So many countdowns : ( Not sure how I feel about an episodic format though. Also, couldn't you have just renamed the other thread?
  19. New teaser, name reveal (Sonic 4 Episode 1), and a Q and A session is up http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/sonicthehedgehog4episode1/news.html?sid=6249457&mode=news
  20. SoloGamer


    but now they're walking in the wrong direction
  21. SoloGamer


    but the album's called PPPPPP not dddddd
  22. Not to intrude on the Sonic comic lovefest going, but another piece of Needlemouse concept art got posted on the Sega blog. And also, a challenge: Also, this little bit at the end sounds promising.
  23. dragging and dropping the game exe to the loader exe also works, if you don't want to bother with a command line.
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