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  1. Actually, I kind of agree. Though you spent a lot of time interacting with NPC's, the three-day restriction made all those interactions invalid again and again. Ultimately, you only had yourself as constant real companionship. This, combined with the alien quality of Termina made for a feel not completely unlike that of a Metroid game.
  2. I use my cell phone as well. It has three alarms, which is usually the same number of snoozes I hit anyway. This thread is getting a bit derailed. This is kind of cool.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure it is the same one. Gotta love the irony. As for a plot synopsis, why not go back through and do one yourself? Someone may already be working on it, but I know I'm at least going to play through the game again.
  4. I was wondering why that hadn't already been said. When you take the prequels into account, the original trilogy really is laughably better. Back_Lit brought up Castlevania, and I actually really like Curse of Darkness. It's a huge improvement over the other 3D Castlevanias. Yoshi's Island. 'Nuff said. Twilight Princess rocks my socks. Austin Powers. Gulf War 2. BTW, isn't this a favorites thread? Pretty novel one, but still...
  5. -When Ganondorf's story is revealed the first time, it shows the sages stabbing him in the chest with that big glowing sword. This was his old injury that continues to be a weak point that Midna talks about when you ask for advice in the final battle. -I'm not entirely sure whether Link was just generally worried about Midna (the two of them fighting would probably bring the castle down around them) or if he was worried that using the Fused Shadow again would completely corrupt her. I know it was creepy as crap the first couple times she used the power.
  6. Good call on the Monty Python. Holy Grail is still probably my vote for funniest movie of all time. I still laugh at that movie, and I've seen it MANY times. As for the _ Movies, I've actually heard good things about Scary Movie 3, and Not Another Teen Movie was flippin hilarious. SOAP, while brilliant, is definitely camp. It's camp for the sake of camp, like Army of Darkness or Slither, which also rule.
  7. Hells yeah. I bouts crapped my pants when that remix of Portrait of Ruin started playing. Didn't expect that one at all.
  8. AD&D Second and A Half was a good deal of my genesis. Me and my best friends whiled away many an hour in my homeboy's basement calculating THAC0's, rolling for initiative, and so on. We experimented with some other systems (Imagine, Heroes Unlimited, etc.,) but Dragonlance was our mainstay. Eventually that pretty much ended though, since I was the main DM and got sick of dealing with the BS. Mainly, that is, one of my friends had just become the worst rules lawyer ever, and when I DM, I powertrip something awful and cease to give a flying fuck about the so-called rules. Didn't help that me and another of our regulars were horribly ADD. I do have many, many fond memories, though. As for CCG's, played MtG waaaaayyy back in the day, and stopped playing after Ice Age. I realized how silly they were at that point (anyone with more money and time to invest in collection will whip your ass every match,) and haven't really tried any others since. Played Warhammer (Chaos) and 40K (Termanids) for a brief period, then realized what a rip off those games are, too. So much money. Still love games like Illuminati and Munchkin. If you've got the time for role-playing, you definitely have the time for Steve Jackson games. Pretty much the only geeky things I think I've never done have been LARPing and going to a con. Good times. Thus ends my long ass post. Sorry guys.
  9. Yeah, I'm loving my dogtags. Did anybody get any information from the people who were doing the engraving at MAGFest? They were awesome, both at what they did and in general. Really nice folks. As for the logo, you might save the image, then crop it in photoshop or something. Not sure how effective that would be, but it's an idea.
  10. Bunch of good examples of this. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night pretty much set the mold for the rest of the handheld Castlevanias, which are still going strong. Borrowed a lot from Metroid, but still kept that same great CV flavor with your recommended daily allowance of RPG.
  11. Mel Brooks makes me proud to be a Jew. Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights also stomp faces.
  12. So guys, I gotta question for you; What's to stop www.UnMod.org from being huge now? This kind of thing has happened before. Several years back the HardOCP GenDisc forum (known as General Mayhem) had grown to mammoth proportions and had little to do with modding computers, which was the drive of the site. The admins decided it was taking too much bandwidth and didn't contribute much to the active members of the modding community, and so they got rid of it, and created www.genmay.com in its stead. Now, a few years later, GenMay is freakin huge, with a vibrant community full of noobs and vets, flamers and trolls, along with a whole bunch of porn, funny shit, and useful advice. I wasn't there, but I can only imagine a similar upheaval was seen at the time, probably with just as much of this high school bullshit drama between posters and mods. I myself barely did anything in UnMod, but I recognize the good and the bad about it and the decision to delete the forum. Frankly, I can't disagree with djp on this one, not only because he created the site in the first place and maintains it, but because I've seen this exact situation happen before. There will be growing pains, but eventually, UnMod.org could be bigger than OCR ever will be. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a subforum of UnMod about remixing videogame music, just like there's a subforum of GenMay about modding computers? P.S.- If this has example has already been brought up, my bad. I didn't feel like sifting through thirty pages to find it, and there didn't seem to be any discussion of it anyway.
  13. Fare thee well, sir. You were a fair judge, a reasonable moderator, and a very talented remixer (especially considering what little you worked with) during your time here, and you will be missed.
  14. Not the core, but certainly a convention, yes. It's been done in literally every Castlevania. What's your alternative, I might ask? They made magic regenerate anyway, so it's not like it's absolutely necessary to destroy every candle like it was back in the day. Either way, this is kind of a small detail to be a back point of contention for either of us. What otherwise did you have against the game, besides the replication of level design?
  15. Those design problems weren't half as bad as in Lament, or to a lesser extent, Castlevania 64. And as far as smashing candles goes, what kind of philistine are you? It's Castlevania for God's sake. Other than that, loved this game. Might be my favorite CV, maybe next to Symphony. Could of used more of the exploration aspect, but that was still pretty decent, I thought.
  16. Yeah, that's all gravy, and then there are the swordless hacks in the old versions. It's good times flying around Hyrule on your hookshot.
  17. That was a nice tune. Eh. I'm a fan of Voyager, though I noticed a disturbing trend towards recycling the plots of TNG and OS almost exactly, especially towards the third and fourth seasons. Other than that, though, I was initially dismayed by what seemed like a bunch of generic ass crew members, but through some solid writing on the part of the staff, managed to develop into interesting, and perhaps more important, likable characters. I think I may be in the minority for disliking DS9. My main problem; it's called Star Trek, people. Not Star Sit the Hell Around on our Space Station. I know they pretty much changed that up with the Dominion wars, which were pretty cool, but they always felt somewhat gimicky. For whatever reason, DS9 stands in my mind as having some of the best characters and episodes, and yet doing the least with them. Maybe I should go back and watch some more, but my overwhelming memory of the series is that of being completely underwhelmed. Also, are we perhaps a little off topic?
  18. Hmmm. Seems interesting, buuuut... Two points of wonder here; one, I'm unsure how great a Trek series would be with this kind of short dialogue, and two, what last foray?
  19. Maybe fanboy blindness on my part, but I greatly enjoyed the fourth dungeon and its item, even if there wasn't much done with it in the outside world. I thought either the fourth or sixth dungeons had the best atmosphere overall. And come on, now Link can get that home he wants on Dub St. Sorry.
  20. Hmm..I'm going to have to disagree (and this likely will be debated to no end). It is the best Zelda ever, but I feel Zelda 64 to still be the best game ever made. Twilight Princess is evolutionary, wheras OOT was revolutionary. This is evident by TPs use of the locations, music, and gameplay from OOT. Another example is Tetris vs Tetris Attack: Tetris Attack is simply a much better Tetris game, yet few will argue Tetris is one of the best games ever made. If one gives large weight (which I do) to the impact and mainstay of a game in the gaming industry, then I believe Zelda 64 slightly pulls ahead in the "best game ever" department. I see your point, and it is a valid one. I actually had basically the same argument with a good friend of mine a few days ago. I have two main counterpoints; one, I myself don't put that much weight on the innovation factor of a game. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see something new done well, but a lack thereof isn't so bad, especially when the other aspects of the experience are spot on (as I imagine you can agree is the case with Twilight Princess.) Secondly, innovation always strikes me more as it relates to a game's genre, rather than its own series of the industry as a whole. When Ocarina came out, there were plenty of adventure games to behold, and none could compare. Nowadays, true adventure titles are few and far between. With the exception of Okami (also a badass game,) I can't think of a great example within the past half a year or so.
  21. get ready for more i don't mind the easiness, it's more the satisfaction of defeating it. and while that is partially correlated to difficulty, other things like the scope of the battle, the fighting field and the killing method also contribute. with that in mind, the 3rd boss was also easy, but one of the most fun zelda bosses i ever fought. Heh. Don't worry, man. The third boss fight ought to do it for you. Think Shadow of the Colossus. BTW, I'm stuck on that chest out the South Gate and the final freaking two Poes. Any ideas? As for the game itself, well... Best game ever, let alone best Zelda. Ocarina has been dethroned.
  22. Great work on what is a somewhat overlooked piece. Silly Konami for sticking one of their best original pieces in one of the shortest sections of CV4. My only complaint would be a wish for perhaps more Asian instruments such as the koto or shamisen; the Shaolin motif started to really grab a hold about a minute and a half in, but then seemed to trail back into more occidental instrumentation. Nonetheless, very good stuff. 9.5/10
  23. Stunning. Pure. Beautiful. Definitely now ranking in one of my top 5 of the site. Encore, maestro.
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