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  1. I make free CDs for Yoga Classes around Portland, and I use OC music all the time. A lot of students will later ask me for copies of the music, so there's a percentage of Oregon wandering around blasting OC.
  2. Fellow submitters, I'm honored to be competing with you. I especially like 7 lbs. Very good.
  3. i further the notion that it had a lot to do with what was available, the overal length of games, the number of terrible games, and how few games were released and how long it took for them to be released. It's why many of those games don't hold up today.
  4. My thoughts on this one are... not so good. Certainly not as good as I'd hoped. The game plays like a painfully simplistic fighting game, yet lacks the charm of a Smash Brothers. I find the controls to be awkward, the on-screen attacks confusing, the graphics disappointing, and the fights to be simultaneously unpredictable and repetitive (if you can fathom that). The gameplay uses mostly two buttons, one which raises your attack at the expense of your enemy's attack, and one which uses said attack value to deal damage. Each of these attacks changes based on which direction you're holding the a
  5. Thank you. I can't really recommend WotS, no. Part of me wants to, because it did some very cool things with free-form gaming at a time when no one was really doing that... but no, it's a terrible game.
  6. The first night was a much less video-happy crowd. They had them, of course, but there wasn't clapping for famous scenes or anything! @ Overcoat: I'm not sure about any Salmon... of course the reason Nobuo gets a huge cheer is because he's the composer, and it's a concert. If it were an art show, Amano would get more cheer. Too bad you didn't get to hear the love theme. That was played the night I went, and it was fabulous... except for the guy behind me who couldn't stop telling his girlfriend how much he knew about FF4. I beat him up and stole his lunch money later, though, so it was coo
  7. Thank you very much! I'll take a look at this later today. Thanks again!
  8. Information on upcoming concerts, plus downloads for some of the music featured, including the opera. http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/
  9. Distant Worlds is playing all Weekend. If you can go, you should totally do it. Seeing Nobuo bounce around in the One Winged Angel song is an experience all its own.
  10. In any case, the concert was amazing. They did so much music, including the FULL Opera from FF6, and an Encore performance of One Winged Angel with Nobuo singing in the choir. Ah, Nobuo. The guy was great. Came out in a dirty shirt and a bandana. He was so happy.
  11. Seriously. If you can get there, you should go to this. I just got back from meeting Nobuo Uematsu. He sat in the audience.
  12. I think I'll throw in a piece this year. How about a review? Way of the Samurai I picked up Way of the Samurai many a year ago in one of those impulses that causes you to browse games at Target while you’re momentarily distracted from buying cheap T-shirts with pictures of Bob Ross on them. These impulses occasionally lead to solid gold, more often lead to disappointment, and can on rare occasion result in eternal damnation, like the time I found one of Satan’s toenails at a lazy seaside pawn shop. In this case, it led to a mediocre video game. My experience began well enough with character c
  13. Tomorrow I'm off to Seattle to see Nobuo Uematsu and the Seattle Symphony perform two hours of Final Fantasy music in the Distant Worlds tour. I'm gonna be in the same room as Nobuo Uematsu. Awesome. If I wanted to pay an extra 100 dollars, I could be in an even smaller room with the man, but alas I cannot afford such pleasantries. In any case, tickets are still on sale, though limited, so if you're in the area, you should check it out.
  14. I wouldn't say there's that many games that haven't held up for me... some of the early Castlevanias aren't near as good as I think we all thought they were. Mostly, there's a lot of games I simply played too many times for them to now hold the same interest, such as Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Soul Blazer. I'm replaying FF7 off the PSN, and that one still works, though.
  15. Read title. I really like the music for the game. I'm not necessarily asking for a handout, here. If Jonathan Mak has made a CD available, I'd be happy to pay for it. But I don't think he has, so I'm wondering if there's any place I can download these songs? I found a decent remix the other day: http://dod.vgmix.com/past/jan08/38tie-6SF-EverydayShooter-Heartbreak-DoD.mp3
  16. A truly sad blow to four generations of people and music. You know it's weird... people that I grew up with are starting to die. It's no longer the people from my parent's childhood.
  17. Ah good, there's a topic for this. Yeah, Scribblenauts has been added to my Fall shopping list of Heavy Rain, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Uncharted 2.
  18. I think the end sold me. Sure, it's a gimmick, but it's a well thought out and realized gimmick wityh an actual game attached.
  19. There's a few more scenes with the FF7 cast, but they're still mostly cameos. It is, after all, a story meant to tie up Cloud's hang up over Aeris. The added scenes, in brief, are as follows: - much more on the plot and what Shinra's been up to - much more on the past of Denzel - scenes of Zack and Cloud, and more tie in between them and Aeris - every fight scene is a little longer, excepting the one between Tiffa and Loz - different ending for the Sephiroth fight - much more explanation on Kuja's goals and much more development of their characters - much MUCH more scenes on Geostigma and how
  20. We have Uncharted 2: Online Beta. Um... two words. FUCK. YEAH. I wasn't expecting this to be good. I groaned when I saw it was a third person online shooter. Then I noticed the controls were awesome, it employs a cover system that works, and it looks great. Let me go over this in a bit more detail. 1) controls Usually when I play online games, I feel that a good quarter of the deaths are due to stupid things, like not being able to tell who my team mates are, or poor aiming controls, or graphical issues. In Uncharted 2, the game is so willing to work with you that if you die, it's your own dam
  21. First of all Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete. Alright, I'll be the first to admit that Advent Children was a disappointment. I had all these ideas for what they could've done better... then I found out that we were lacking 45 minutes of film for no good reason. Complete re-inserts this footage and... you know what? The movie is now awesome. You care about the characters, the translation is solid, the plot makes sense, the action is more dramatic, there's more death and blood and that... people who haven't played FF7 still won't care, but now at least fans of FF7 can be happy. Oh, and it
  22. Zipp

    Metroid: Other M

    If I rebuy the Wii, it will mark the first time in history that I've bought a system for myself twice. I didn't think any game could make me consider that, but... fuckin' hell... a Metroid game set during Samus' past? We know that it's her past because that's Adam-what's-his-face from Fusion, the guy who calls her Lady. The guy who's dead by the time the main series commences. And a mother brain re-emergence... ah, that would be awesome.
  23. Wow. Just... wow. So far, the Ico team is 2 for 2 in games I've given perfect scores. I doubt that they'll be ending that record with Last Guardian. It looks incredible, just from style alone. I LIKE the giant horrendous bird.
  24. I know we have a great remix in the form of Transformants and Brevity, but I'd like to hear something more along the lines of what Randy Brown was doing with it for the unreleased PMM tracks. Anyone know what happened to his version or how to get in touch with him? Anyway, a new Vincent mix would be really appreciated.
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