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  1. can you guys give me some ideas for a musical that i'm going to write? i have a lot of musical ideas but i need a story to go with them. can i please get some serious ideas not stupid ideas or jokes? i'm hoping to do musical theater after school so this will really help. something interesting and clever please! thanks ahead of time.
  2. you should've played some kLuTz too man. this is some good stuff. try not to react when you mess up and just play it off. no one will notice
  3. DUDE sax rox. oh fa sho, hope its good brad-boy.
  4. chrono26

    It's a girl!

    thats great man! get some pink stuff
  5. i guess being on the waiting list is beneficial. im gonna be finishing up my cave music remix and hopefully prophet still wants to play some sax for it. good to hear everyone is still trucking along.
  6. are you gonna put me under 'accepted match-ups'?....cause i did accept it.....
  7. awesome track man. i'll make sure to do it justice. cant wait to hear what you come up with the next time.
  8. chrono26

    No? YES!

    being a hip-hop head, i'm more a fan of the BOOM-BAP early to mid 90s hip hop sound, but this is good and funny. "OK!!!"
  9. double post! seriously, I'm gonna do it and finish my other mix. wip coming soon.
  10. wow you sound genuinely sorry. just joshin. anyway I DO NOT CARE I CALL VERSES MODE!!!! IT'S MINE.
  11. wtf how come the thread never got updated to Phase 3??? i didnt know we started already. on thasauce it says "Super Mario Bros 3: Hammer Bros - Chrono". do I still have this song?
  12. i think the craziest that i'm going to do is drop out of life when smash bros brawl comes out at the start of my spring break.
  13. hahaha me too, it was sooo cold that night! but yeah campin out for a wii would be the "craziest" thing i did. also, after i gave my brother my wii for christmas since he couldnt get one in turkey i put every wal-mart and target in my area on speed dial and called like every 2 hours to get another one. so i've gotten 2 wiis and some people still cant even get one!
  14. i love the dragon warrior, thats like the first ong you hear in the game. sounds very bach-ish to me, or at least baroque-ish. are there tabs for the reble base music from Final Fantasy 2 cause that would sound great on guitar. edit: here's the PS version on the song
  15. Memento is my favorite movie and its a great film noir style psychological thriller. Insomnia is excellent as well. I too prefer drama type movies over senseless action movies.
  16. the last 4 or so times that i went to youtube, a good majority of the "videos being watched right now..." were SSBB videos. everyone else seems to want this game right now too.
  17. i know what you're saying. i was just saying that they really made the most out of the budget. 30 million isnt a whole lot of money for a blockbuster like that.
  18. yeah, like how the budget was only $30 mill. talk about production value! i just thought, did anyone think that the smaller creatures kinda looked like the Ing from Metroid Prime 2?
  19. happy birfday to all...gimme sum cake dammit
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