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  1. ha! you see it pretty freakin well for a good part of the movie. the monster is all over that place.
  2. this is sooo not cool. he's one of the best actors out there.
  3. I think they said that if they did a sequel it would be the same incident but from a different camera, and different people. maybe that group of people would be smarter and figure out what was goin on.
  4. Michael Giacchino is a beast
  5. I saw it at midnight, and some of my friends did get a little sick from it. 2 of them walked out at one point. I dont think it was that bad, after about 10 mins you get used to the camera. but yeah this movie is NUTS! Best monster movie ever.
  6. so...Thieves of Fate is out...does that mean that we're next or is there another project ahead of us?
  7. chrono series baby! and 26 for my birth day
  8. That's true to a certain extent. Most musicians do specialize in a specific genre though. And not all of Burton's movies are in his "signature style". Ed Wodd and Big Fish among others have traces of his style but are way different in tone. Big Fish is more of a fantasy and what i think is his best film.
  9. turn that frown upside down and we shall agree to disagree and how bout that Best Film (Musical or Comedy) win at the Golden Globes. I'm sure Burton is happy about that one.
  10. ok, you talked about WARDROBE, not ART DIRECTION first of all. second, it's unfair to blame Tim Burton for all the paleness and gloom that you hate so much; Sweeney Todd is a pale man, go check out the play. A lot of the feel and look comes directly from the stage production. Thats probably why Tim Burton wanted to direct, because it's similar to his visual style. third, Sweeney Todd has some of the most MEMORABLE music ever. You probaly arnt a fan of musicals and there is nothing wrong with that. However, try to use some more "in my opinion" rather than just saying the music is forgettable with "dumb" lyrics.
  11. that revenge is bad. it consumes you and you become obsessed and you die. just like todd. the message is most definitely there.
  12. If there is an existing thread about this then i apologize. with that said, has anyone seen the Sweeney Todd film yet? i highly recommend it. I think its one the most amazing movies i've seen in a whlie. I've never seen the stage version live but i caught some videos of the 1980s production and i have to say that burton really captured the spirit of the entire musical. the cuts that were made were didnt dumb down the story or the music and the few addtions made some scenes better than they ever could've been on stage. "A little Priest" and "By The Sea" particularly were amazing in terms of what film can add and what you cant do on stage. Depp was pretty impressive in terms of voice and acting and there was A LOT of blood. need i say more? What does everyone else think about the film?
  13. so, should we get an e-mail list going for you to send the tracks to?
  14. the robbery took place in the middle of the day, during daylight. he crashed a bus into a bank. the bank was owned by the mob. and he just drives off into the street when he's done. no one would do that unless they were insane. it doesnt matter how good of a criminal you are.
  15. you're kidding right? go back and watch the first batman movie with nicholson. that joker had to fall in a big tub of acid to go insane and he used stupid gimmicks like lauging gas and electric buzzer things and 10 foot hand guns and danced around a museum playing prince music and things of that nature. This new joker is just nuts from the get go, and if you see the 7 min prologue, you will see that he is really "purely" insane. heath has done something amazing with the joker, the way he moves and speaks is soooo creepy. dont count him out just yet, wait till you see more footage.
  16. 6 MINS OF BATMAN!!!!! was better than all of I am legend... not a bad movie at all though. i thought the pacing was kind of weird. when the climax came it didnt feel like it was the right time. but good movie. looked awesome in imax.
  17. oh, i meant new record like you set a new record for most rejections. wasnt telling you to start from scratch. im sure its good if they keep saying resub.
  18. dude! i'm almost at 60 stars!!! don't laugh...lots of school work holdin me back...
  19. dang brad man, you should've just made the song good in the first place! just joshin', that song is incredible, what did the judges say?
  20. the music is soooo awesome. i couldnt get the grin off of my face when i heard the tune from mario bros 3. and the gusty garden galaxy music is amazing. the game itself is the most fun i've had playing a game in a long long long time. best platformer ever!
  21. hey stronger is a good song and daft punk liked what kanye did with the source tune. kanye even said himself that he thinks that his song is good but it doesnt compare to the original. and mustin i think you missed my post on one of the earlier pages where i was trying to show you how kanye doesnt effortlessly sample. i dont wanna get you to like the music, its cool if you dont but dont put kanye in the catagory with producers who just throw drum beats over a ripped bassline or something.
  22. c'mon mustin, kanye does NOT effortlessly sample. pick out the little parts that he picks out and chops to make these beats source - http://youtube.com/watch?v=hTqoDkVdjZs beat - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vqn5f2ISnvo source - beat - http://youtube.com/watch?v=bZrhRrd1i40 source - http://youtube.com/watch?v=sgObIx5bihQ beat - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sn7Nx6eR_GE cant find the original for this but its not just a rip of it http://youtube.com/watch?v=9K9K-dupyHs source - http://youtube.com/watch?v=i8cFA2IQcGM beat - http://youtube.com/watch?v=jD29K9lFBs8 cant find this original either but here's the beat http://youtube.com/watch?v=ARggcHkxP2Y even the beats that he makes from scratch are tight..like this one http://youtube.com/watch?v=ygfAXbNauGQ i could go all day. he makes good beats. very musical
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