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  1. i wouldnt call it the "making of" but its still cool.
  2. i havnt really talked to brad about the title track, but if he's down then i am too. and as for my track, i'm working on it right now hopefully i can finish it soon. i should've had it done by now actually...but it's coming.
  3. sampling can incorporate just as much work as creating something new. heres an example. source tune - Rick James - Superfreak http://youtube.com/watch?v=75qXUfp4wtw Bad/Easy sampling http://youtube.com/watch?v=EMzoBkaFxh4 Very Good/very very creative sampling the good beat chops up the sample and mixes different sections and puts it together in a way that makes it feel very natural
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=XUrJdf4PbEk fugees used it first in ready or not but without permission.enya was gonna sue em but they worked it out.
  5. that is the stupidest thing that i've ever heard. you should check your facts. anyway, the album came out today and its very good. i recommend it, CT sample or not
  6. these songs sample africa. not sure about Jay-Z Nas - "New World". Ja Rule - "Murder Reigns". Xzibit - "Heart of Man". JoJo - "Anything".
  7. its already been established that its not a sample or interpolation of chrono trigger so can everyone stop trying to act like they're smarter than everyone here by figuring that out. and this isnt a "ZMOG HOW DARE THEY USE GAME MUSIC!" thing. who cares, why would you be mad about that anyway? the song samples tom brock, not CT, my bad, dont trust wikipedia. good song regardless.
  8. i just read an interview with toomp about the song http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=15832 he doesnt mention anything about CT. i guess its not a sample after all. someone is spreading dirty internet lies. still says that it "samples yasunori mitsuda" on the wikipedia. it would've been cool if they did sample or interpolate some VG music though.
  9. how bout a "Chrono vs Prophet" mix for the title screen track?
  10. if this has been posted before then my bad, but this is crazy.... http://youtube.com/watch?v=JTdBdWoMDkg thats one of the songs from jay-z's new album. produced by DJ Toomp who has done tracks for some of the biggest hip-hop artists in recent years. the song samples "Secret of the Forest" from chrono trigger.....wow. any thoughts?
  11. that's what she said.....wait, does that make sense? DA and i were thinking Sweet Olivine for our mix by the way. not sure if we settled on that yet though
  12. Old Boy.....Memento....watch them
  13. 300 is NOT a remake of some crappy 19whenever movie, its a bad ass film realization of a bad ass graphic novel. anyway, got "Old Boy" and "Memento". GOOD MOVIES!
  14. so you guys should totally check the Final Critiques for my piece and help DA and myself come up with a title.
  15. Can someone make a banner out of this and have it say: "AMERICA!!" and then "F*** YEAH!!" somewhere on it?
  16. http://chuckiedreyfus.com/2007/07/30/iron-man-intro-clip-comic-con-2007-footage/ looks pretty sweet to me
  17. Giygas was a breeze. just pray and that nigga's dead!
  18. rofl i just got that one. "i want my money, bitch"
  19. tweek already did a kick-ass mix of the rocket hideout music.
  20. music comp and electronic music at USF. go bulls!
  21. this just opened up pandora's box for all those smash nerds. now they're gonna say "only really smash bros. masters use the wii mote because it shows real skill" or "you use the classic controller? haha, i fight with honor with the cube controller" or maybe not....but this is a good update
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