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  1. oh im still here too. sry had no internet for a while
  2. i promised that i would have my tracks done very soon after i got my new computer running. but there's been some problems with that....prophet can attest.
  3. too kiddy. too much chimp and spritle foolishness and it seemed forced. other than that i thought it was really cool and pretty good.
  4. BUMP PLEASE READ, HELP APPRECIATED now that i'm done with school (and not taking summer courses) i'm gonna get started on this thing. I really like the airport idea that abadoss came up with. like i said in an earlier post, i think that the plot will be about a group of people on their way to somewhere and something that is going to change their life. for example, one guy is interviewing for a big new job, someone else is about to be married, another on the way to his/her father's funeral, someone else just starting college. things like that. all the time stuck in the airport will give them time to think about their lives and share with each other whats going on. Maybe they decide their life isnt going the way they want it to. maybe they overcome their fears about what they're about to do. whatevs. any ideas for plot, characters or topics for musical numbers will be very helpfull. i'm seriously considering writing this as a rap opera (hip-hopera if you will) with rock, jazz, and funk mixed in as well. please no dumb jokes about how the characters should "walk it out" or "bust a cap" or do/say anything stereotypical of bad hip-hop music. i want this to be serious. thanks ahead of time
  5. Obadiah Stane/ Iron Monger is the villian. no spoiler warnings needed, its all up in the trailers.
  6. very good movie. top 5 comic book super hero movies easy and #1 in terms of pleasing the fan-boys. very funny too, even more than 10,000 bc
  7. very repetitive but the beats are jammin'.try adding some variation to melody. and make sure to keep switching up the beat because it looses its touch if it's just repeated. keep it up
  8. Earthbound Mystical Ninja staring Goemon CHRONO TRIGGER CHRONO TRIGGER CHRONO TRIGGER
  9. dude just keeping on practicing on eventually you'll be able to play nearly anything by ear in a matter of moments. when you figure out the first note you can then figure the chord and then the progression which makes the rest of it easy, all of this subconsciously of course. the first song i learned was tetris and then level 4 from super double dragon i think.
  10. this thread doesnt seem to be working out so well
  11. omg i love mustin. voted cause i love the country accent.
  12. one time i drove 3 days to hold hands with your mom
  13. - get a cow on the second floor of the school (you cant get cows to go downstairs) - fish in the vents - porn on the announcments last year someone here showed a pic of there brother's prank. they got a couple dozen tires and stacked them up the flag poles and spay painted their year on it. it was pretty boss. no clue how they did it
  14. not going with piano as my principal instrument eventhough i was accepted by the piano professor. would've be harder than clarinet, but would've been much more worth it, being that i'm a composer. also, never practicing my instrument prior to college....now i suck and suck at practicing
  15. he made his whole album using a demo version of fl studio. the album is so bad that its actually hilarious.
  16. Chrono Trigger "Electric Clouds" by Po! Sonic "Love Hurts" by DJ Pretzel
  17. i say get rid of the hair by his chin and its right on. i'm gonna have some weird dreams after seeing this
  18. thats actually a good idea. maybe the main character is on his way to do something life changing like interview for a big new job or get married but he's not too sure its what he really wants. all that time stuck in the airport would give him time to think about what he wants to do with his life. maybe all the main characters have something like that happening with them. not a bad idea at all.
  19. Kanthos - I just want a general idea, i'll fill in the story and write all the songs on lyrics. and i'm not trying to make it to broadway right now so dont worry about my expirience or anything. i just have a lot of musical ideas and i want a way to put them down. Katsurugi - i'm not really worried about making a "typical broadway musical". and i dont think that a love story is a neccessity. Count of Monte Cristo sounds cool but would take a WHOLE lot of work. its very complex and has a huge amount of charecters. more ideas please! anyone! i really need something creative to work on outside of the compositions that i do for school. and please no dumb ideas or jokes, i dont even know why i bother asking that
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