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  1. Initial rage tends to blind many from easy answers at first. I know it surprised me when I tried to get my free games it initially asked me for payment before I realized their "tickets" to be first activated THEN download the games. Still though other then that I don't think I've ever had problems with the PSN UI except when my internet goes to shit and I see constant connection errors. On another note regarding the PSN store, I'm looking forward to C:LoS - Resurrection content that has already come out on the 360; which was pushed back on the PSN for June 14th.
  2. Already one of many combo videos
  3. It'd help if you've included a link to the track in question. That said here it is. I have a hard time imagining some one remixing it though; then again in their extra tracks as well as main tracks they (studio MoNACA (directed by Keiichi Okabe) and Takafumi Nishimura) managed to remix "Shadowlord" as well as "Song of the Ancients" a couple of times.
  4. Just seems too much of a coincidence. Hell it could be a game based off the series or a side story.
  5. Unsurprisingly I actually see this particular "cat" on image boards rather than a lolcat when it comes to wish-granting. If only others knew the implications that could be drawn about said "cat"'s abilities... Curiously does this "cat" happen to make contracts with those that want wishes granted as a sort of payment..?
  6. It's really strange that they'd kill any youtube clip that just plays anything from SH2 but pretty much every other Silent Hill's OST is left alone. Although I have seen some lets plays and play/walkthroughs of SH4's endings get butchered because of complaints and thus forced the sound to be muted. Makes no sense.
  7. My only real complaint about the Vita is it's being shackled with AT&T... Farewell PS-Vita for now.
  8. If that was believable I wouldn't have continued with Disgaea. I'm quite surprised you left out Metal Slug and Valkyrie Profile though. Also I too prefer the original cheese of SotN's voice acting.
  9. Conversely it's nothing BUT gaming on my PSP, what games do you currently have on it as of now aside from the emulators and roms? Currently my PSP library consists of Prinny Can I really be the Hero 1 & 2 (mainly because I lost my original disc and said fuck it get the portable version) (Can't seem to find the PSP version where the fight is much harder compared to the PS2 version shown)
  10. I'd say and .Though I will say I'm not exactly a huge racing fan thanks to Mario Kart Syndrome and there not existing an F-Zero online multiplayer game, Wipeout HD looks to be pretty fun; though quite short with only 8 tracks regardless of modes existing for it...
  11. I don't understand, he's not even in Quebec and still gets screwed over; or is it because he's in Canada altogether..? If it's not even a regional issue then what would be the problem?
  12. You are correct as they are called "PSP Remasters" I better at least see Valkyria Chronicles II using the first game's engine as well as . WHY NOT BRING MGS:PW AS WELL!?So yeah returning back on topic... They better not bring the recent iteration of FFIV as a PSP Remaster title anytime soon, still a great game as always but I'd rather see something else given that "remaster" treatment.
  13. If you're willing to donate cash towards me trying it out I'm cool with it. Thing is I got a backlog as it is, plus I'm saving for very specific titles...
  14. I have always wondered if FF12 had just focused on Balthier and Fran, would the story/plot be any different; or rather would just how it went about would have been put together. Hell there may have been sections of the game where the Empire would have been sending out military airships after the two forcing real time combat throughout the game and such. Force the player into downing the ships before reaching his/her destination or the ship will be attacked, Escape sections ect. We will never know. Also the track just seem fitting for a country-side stroll.
  15. Asscree was relatively new so no one really knew what to expect and it was easier to ignore its problems in hopes to see a sequel that could lead up to a more enjoyable game. Final Fantasy, in of itself, had many ups and downs. Considering FF13 looked incredible/amazing compared to most games at the time, (still does IMO) people set themselves up with probably unreasonable expectations. I actually do not know what they were for others. For FF13 I was hoping for a decent story and comfortable controls with graphics being an incredible bonus for me. ~also~
  16. It really is rather damn eerily coincidental, nonetheless my condolences to his family.
  17. Personally liked 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12 and surprisingly 13. That said everyone has a personal favorite that another will hate
  18. Something to wash out my eyes of that shit stained article. ~Also~ Already started on some FFVI themed PS3 Themes. If I were any good at CG/traditional animation I'd be able to make dynamic PS3 themes
  19. Don't your cards have an expiration date? I know some around here do; at least for community colleges. Also I too add to the sentiment that a hot console is the last thing you'd want in a college setting. Especially if you live in a dorm that is shared with some one you barely trust or has shitty record of being unsafe from burglaries.
  20. Welp I'd probably have to say good bye to a part of online gaming; at least in regards to Valve if shit like this gets implemented. Isolating a certain group of players based on past poor behavior beyond a server admin banning them from the server is just stupid. Vice versa, having innocent players actually be concerned constantly whether their reputation gets trashed and having to defend it in some twisted mockery of a judicial court system in regards to having privileges to actually play a game or be discriminated for trivial issues is absolutely disgusting. What a way to not only suck the fun out of gaming but to also shit on everybody who enjoy online gaming in general. PS: the DoTA community makes the Halo community look like saints that shit rainbows, delicious moeblobs and actual fun.
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