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  1. There's always the gradius series which is available on the PSP from 1 to 4. The fifth game was a PS2 game but it should be easy to find. Also there are plenty of space shooters but the thing is they are often now of the doujin variety rather than corporately made. Then again regardless if a spaceship or a girl is used, I'd always have fun. Besides Gradius V I tend to find most space shooters not as challenging. Hence my propensity to games like Touhou Project where I can find the challenge I search and yearn for. There are the cave games but they are slow to come out and often squandered to sticking on the 360 only these days; or worse the ipads. Another issue is getting them over here to play rather than relying on localization efforts. At least with Touhou I can just import a game disk and download an english patch, can't say the same for CAVE games.
  2. For steam there is , is fantastic with co-op, then there's also the set.I still fall back on a certain set of games and it's Even the latest game that came out, while actually made easier to let new players try it out, .
  3. what about it? Also Coop I had a good laugh at the Bullet Hell Ponies Interesting use of what seems to be using the Danmakufu program. But for a cell phone..? Wished it was a little more creative on the bullet hell part.
  4. FO:NV still the best WRPG as far as I've seen; played through it three times. Even if a certain way I build a character would end up having me die often, it's still fun with a relatively good story. Even more so when you add more stuff like dead money and old world blues.
  5. Don't know but hey may have a facebook account as nothing shows up on wikipedia but IMDB got something on him.
  6. It's a least a step up from an aesthetically breaking slide-in pad that eats batteries imo. I'm also looking forward to getting the cards rather than digital downloads; what with the price gouges on the memory sticks. Rather have that disk space for something else.
  7. There I saved you some time and money though I don't recommend you seriously look up the rest of the set unless you want dick near her face.
  8. Ditto, Aside from killing the 3DS aesthetics, needing triple A batteries rather than be an extension to the battery that the 3DS has. It reminds me of this old variation of Pac-man portable I had way back. Best left home than taken with you. Also what about those that went with the nyko battery pack, what the hell will they do if Nyko doesn't make their own version of the slide pack? By the end of that you may as well be holding a brick.
  9. So are you early adopters gonna be buying the slide pad thing that adds an extra analog stick to the 3DS?
  10. What kind of images are you looking for? Also you could always look at 4chan's /wg/ section for a nice variety...
  11. Oh I'm aware of it, just not sure it was the best idea for Mary. Perhaps I need to play the HD collection rather than just see parts of her performance to really appreciate the changes. On the video clip though, rather than sounding as if she was being recorded on a old video-recorder at that scene with Mary at the hotel, it just sounded as if she was right next to you ad-libbing along side you rather than from the TV's speakers.
  12. Was allowed to go home earlier than usual with no loss of pay. I'm supposed to wait for either a phone call from my supervisor in the morning real early or if the building manager decides to keep it closed until its done its inspections. Its not so much the actual quake itself that did some serious harm as its the possibilities of broken gas lines/electrical boxes shorting out and causing fires or worse explosions to go along with any possible fire.
  13. The least they could do is make the voices fit the characters better. The point should be that so long as the new VA's voicing their lines don't sound as awkward or worse as some of the original VA's; it'll be fine.
  14. Interestingly enough the PS3, at least the 160GB version, is now going to be sold for $250US and $300 for the 320GB version. Europe of course gets the shaft yet again some what as PS3 is being sold there for 250EU, 350EU for the 320GB version. Makes me wonder if they're even considering a price drop for the PSVita when it comes out.
  15. Problem is who's gonna be hiring whom. I'm suddenly envisioning Activision hiring the likes of "myg0t" cheaters/griefers of five, seven years ago to win the arenas for them. Would be nice but wouldn't work if we know one side is deliberately right and yet gets trounced by the other side.
  16. hah that's a hell of a demolition job considering the scope of those projects.
  17. I'm rather glad that my castle ruins and the other second project with the built in mansion are remembered.
  18. If you buy the "Love is Over" Edition, within the little art book is a sleeve where the Sound Disc is included. Here's track and music provided links as well. Chopin: Piano Sonata No.2 (Funeral March) 3rd Movement I plan on getting the rest of the sound track over time.
  19. The scene is all the more amplified when this little number starts playing in the background all the while you're watching Vincent trying his very best to stay in one piece on the outside. At least I do recall hearing it play when I got to that point, not sure if the track changes if you had a different outcome.
  20. The old DS was actually alright in price and a decent library right around when the Lite rendition took off. 3DS now doesn't really provide anything as compelling as the earlier two; In my opinion of course. Much like how I don't see the Wii U being any more compelling than a wacom tablet except cheaper than an actual wacom tablet.
  21. Cmon you're talking about the same ones that would drop trough the second Jobs shits out the next iteration of the same product or a new product that's heavily shackled by exclusivity, gimped by software, and overpriced over reasonable prices.
  22. You probably should have gotten the PC version as it surprised even me knowing you could easily spend a year or so on not just the game itself but with all the community-made content out there for it.
  23. Dood it was not exactly stellar to say the least. I don't even remember a thing about it except for a couple of snakes and having game issues. Also not meaning to hijack your thread but what is it that you hate about FPS..? I can understand if that hatred stems from some of the old fanboyism surrounding the likes of the Call of Duty series. Is it simply the twitchy game play or difficulty to play with others on Multiplayer mode/games? There are plenty of enjoyable FPS if you haven't gone out of your way to play them all.
  24. Welp on the first gameplay video link the description states~ So there you go. As for the game itself, I'm on a "wait and see more" mode. I'm still quite surprised how many have ADD/ADHD these days though; quite sad really
  25. Contrarily Amazon was perfectly fine with upgrading me to the LiO:Edition. As for reviews, I'd ignore them and just look out for videos that I could find.
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