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  1. I still have a working TI-99a that I take out and play sometimes(And it's tape storage device for Tunnels of Doom). Then I also have a Master System I play now and then though I only have Safari Hunt and Super Hang On!(built into the system memory), Shanghai, and Shinobi. NES still works, SNES still works, Genesis still works(after I messed around with its parts a few times), N64 still works, GCN still work. I take em out and exercise each one every now and then.
  2. I do Out of this World speed runs sometimes. Usually just under 11 minutes.
  3. I think one of the genesis X-men games had Gambit in it. Then again, those would explode.
  4. Well the weapon switching I was talking about, I was mainly thinking about the reflector. It'd be nice to be shooting, then be able to switch to the reflector to send back that missile the other guy is setting up. Otherwise I tend to not use it when I'd really like to because it makes me defenseless for 2 seconds while it powers up.
  5. So I went through it on both pacifistic and murderous playstyles. Time for some spoilers. -I liked the endings, I take it you can save Dan on either way through(I didn't on the murderous one cause I didn't think to save the trapmine)? Or does Asha just go murderous anyways if you're murderous? -Is there any way to prevent the Tasen extinction? (You do get a message stating that the truce making Tasen may have survived as she was going to hide with her boyfriend [Who dies in the defense post]) -The truce was a nice touch, but it was very difficult making it past some areas since there were few places to jump past a Tasen without bumping into it. I ended up having to break it unintentionally. -I found the whole going somewhat nuts after Dan's death to be amusing. I'm gonna just lay him down in a bed to "rest", and continue talking to him like nothing happened.(This made the ending a bit more stronger in a good way) -I don't mind the not being able to shoot while jumping and all that, but could the weapon loading after a switch not be so long? You haven't even fired it yet. -Excellent work on the boss fights. Game delivers.
  6. Looks pretty neat, I'll give it a try after work. 2 and a half hours to go.
  7. Try Terranigma for SNES. It's a bit more action/RPG than RPG, but it has quite the story going for it.
  8. Cecilff2


    Space is crazy, especially if you get two hostile races on two sides of the galaxy deciding they want to attack you and your allies so you have to run back and forth. Fricken Deer men. Thankfully they're all wiped out now. The other race was really stupid...I took out their homeworld and they surrendered. Not even 4 minutes later they demanded a tribute. So I wiped them out too. Of all of the phases the one I like the most is either Space or Creature The least is Civ as it goes really fast and doesn't do much.
  9. Yeah, always cast slow, getting it in before bahamut reflects is very helpful. Omnicasting blink works wonders for behemoths. I need to level up a little more before I dive into the crystal palace. It's nice that they gave edge a few more ninjitsu, but I still don't use them save for smoke or mirage. Throw is where it's at.
  10. This one reminds me of a martial arts movie.
  11. Yeah I used a chain to do Down under too. With the proper weight and resistance they just swing around. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=654244
  12. I made a wooden rectangle platform around the planet and a triangle car to get past mars.
  13. Nah I don't like V8 juice to begin with.
  14. Here's something more fast paced Matt Drouin - Energy Tank
  15. No no, we should be competing with this album instead. Let's do Chrono Trigger. Schala's theme is awesome and deserving of a remix.
  16. You guys should become the next Three Stooges. More eye poking plz. You guys get a 9/10 for one of the best mixes I've heard on the site. Dan's voice is great, the rapping I actually enjoyed for the most part(And I NEVER listen to rap), and the excellent guitar work. A few parts sounded very slightly off, but you guys should definitely collab again to transcend even this piece.
  17. The demon wall in the Sealed cave is destroying me alot. I slowed it, hasted everyone else, threw every weapon I had at it, quaked it like crazy, and had Kain using a Giant's axe. Guess I'll level up some more.
  18. This is a great remake so far. I really enjoy the difficulty. I actually got killed during the fabul assault due to forgetting to heal regularly(and it was the last fight too...) Barbariccia was tough, but I love using slow/protect/shell so much that it made the battle much easier. Currently heading for Bab-il for first time. Decided to level for a while.
  19. You never opened the other switchbox with the uzi in it is why. Those brothers never had a chance. You should check out the demo video on that page I linked. Looks like they're fine and whoever was playing it was still getting the hang of it.
  20. Of course. Anything in FP must also be a Shooter. That FPA stuff you hear about is just a myth.
  21. This one actually caught my attention yesterday. Though not really a shooter it looks pretty neat. Wiki Page Preview videos It'd be nice if they can actually keep it as awesome as that and not let it become linear.
  22. You can do it bLiNd, you'll make it through this. I'll be praying for ya.
  23. It also has the best tea I have ever had the pleasure to drink.
  24. So you might not have heard of this title before. The game is a point and click adventure game based around some guy named Captain Briggs. It's becoming pretty famous due to it's blatant copyright infringements of other games. The developers shortly after completing the game, went on "vacation" in South America. The sheer amount of games they stole from is amazing, including Oblivion, Thief, Diablo 2, and Unreal Tournament. Full list here. But the real reason I wanted to post this was to post a video of the ending. What the hell is wrong with these people?
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