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  1. Hey Dhsu I noticed you have Safari Hunt. How's your collection of fish skeletons?
  2. So anyways, this All-Star mode is sure one tough row to hoe.
  3. That's terrible. TERRIBLE!
  4. If you look in the challenges, in some of them there's a hammer behind whatever object is in there. Complete that challenge and you'll get the trophy/music/stage/etc and another hammer.
  5. Well you can still use them on the KO ones or something if you don't want to wait, but yeah I'd really rather be able to smash the last two difficulty boss battles.
  6. Editted out since I interpretted it as events You can't use the hammers on some blocks(I didn't want to have to bother with very hard or intense boss battle but I'll have to anyways).
  7. Yeah, given their track record I'd rather not see an actual sequel from Square enix. The 3D version will suffice please...
  8. They took out powersliding, and by extent snaking. Snaking was using sliding on straightaways constantly to boost your speed.
  9. I'm interested in the FFIV 3D remake for DS since it supposedly adds all the story that was edited out. It's already out in Japan isn't it? Hopefully won't be too long now.
  10. Thanks. Odd level, and you can't swim in the water. Also Event 41 is easy with pikachu + thunder.
  11. Heh I also noticed that SML 1 song in there. That was pretty neat to hear it redone. Still haven't had any luck finding the brambles cd. Got a question for you folks thats been bothering me since I unlocked it. Where the heck is that hanenbow stage from?
  12. Haha here's a nice trick to getting KOs on cruel brawl.
  13. No one ever takes this handle, ever. US version just not cool enough for them. I, however, must stick with it to teach a lesson to every single spoony bard. I bet Cecilff4 gets plenty of use though.
  14. I'd love to play you guys but there's no high speed internet access out here. Not until fall at least. Got to the SSE final boss over lunch break but haven't had a chance to fight him yet, just saw the cutscene with sonic and let it sit at char select. Is he tough or is he just a glorified version of Master Hand?
  15. I love the Fox meeting Sheik and Peach cutscene.
  16. Game is awesome. Looks like Lucas is my preferred over Ness. Something seems wrong about Ness now. Snake and Dedede are fun.
  17. AIM FOR THE HEAD BROTHER! You would do well to be vigilant.
  18. This is partly why living in ND has benefits. The best buy here gets a decent stock of each game, and I've been able to just walk in and grab Zelda, MP3(Not that much of a surprise), and Mario. GH3 however was a different story. Most of the people around here with a Wii are the casual gamer types.
  19. Hmm you guys have already said everything except... The Lone Ranger! It's pretty amusing for a while. And for some reason only bandits and women wander the towns. Decently long shooter game with a password system.
  20. Today, in the dojo, we learn Dedede and Cresselia are bitter rivals.
  21. This comes out the day before my Calc II Test. Screw fluids,surface areas, integrals and trig substitutions.
  22. Dark City is pretty neat. Do watch. Most everything else I can think of has been said already.
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