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  1. This song really puts me at ease and draws me in. I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness everytime I hear it, but I really enjoy the experience. It's been quite inspirational. Very nice work.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. It took me four separate attempts, between which I would uninstall the game out of frustration. First it was the bugs, then the controls, then trying to figure out what to do to find some action rather than just floating around in space. Here's how I've got it to work for me: Controls: I'm using a nice flight stick (IMO at least), the keyboard, and the mouse. Each of them is useful for various things. My desk gets a bit cluttered of course, but it works pretty well. I've got the keyboard angled, with the stick sitting in front of the numeric keypad. In combat I put my left hand in the classic FPS WASD position. WASD allows you to strafe (W = up, and S = Down though, not forward and back). I remapped some of the stick controls, setting the left and right to roll the ship rather than yaw, and setting the "twist" to yaw rather than roll which is far more natural to me. Now yanking the stick left rolls the ship, and twisting turns it. I only use the mouse in "cursor" mode to access menus, and click on ships and stations when I'm not in combat. I found that after getting the basics down, I would find some other useful function that I needed, and I would remap the given function to a convenient control. Game Startup: The biggest mistake I made in my previous attempts was in my selection of startups. I chose the "custom" game, and this puts you in a Buster (light fighter) which is capable, but not great for starters. Choosing the "Bankrupt Assassin" game, you get a nice Mamba (heavy fighter) that has better shielding, and much better weapons. As the name suggests though, you have zero starting credits, so you may find yourself starting over if things go poorly in your first few attempts at combat. Hull damage slows the ship terribly, and is very very expensive to fix. The best way to make money in this start is to capture ships and sell them off. This can make for some quick and large returns. The process is quite complicated, and so I'll point you to some guides that I found helpful. I'd be happy to try to answer any other questions I can as well. I know pouring over guides can be frustrating when you're looking for answers to some questions. Good luck! I hope it becomes fun for you soon linkage: My flight stick: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/pc_gaming/joysticks/devices/291&cl=us,en X3 Player's Handbook v. 2 http://apricotmappingservice.com/x3handbook.html X3 Updated Instruction Manual v. 1.4 http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3/patches_en.php?download=144 X3 Patch v. 1.0 -> 2.5 http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3/patches_en.php?list=80
  3. UPDATE: Over the weekend I decided to give X3 one more real try, and it seems I've pushed through the first leg of the climb. I've discovered the joy of circle strafing cargo ships in my heavy fighter, and then ganking them when the pilot bails. Fun! Once I got the basic controls down, and learned where to find some action, things took a sharp turn for the better. Now the insane depth of the game looks more appealing than daunting. Thanks again for all the great suggestions. In time I'll give each of them a go, and I'm sure I'll like what I find.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the input. This should give me some material to look into this weekend.
  5. I've been itching for a good space combat simulation for the PC for a while now. It's been almost a decade since Freespace 2 was released, and that's the last time I thoroughly enjoyed space combat. I played Freelancer, and it was pretty good. I've stood at the foot of X3 Reunion's mountainous learning curve and wondered where the fun begins and the confusion ends. I long for the glory days of Wing Commander and Freespace. I've almost decided to make myself to play X3 until the ridiculous controls become playable through sheer force of will, but I was wondering if there is some alternative that you can recommend to me. EDIT: Oh, and I'm speaking strictly of single player games. MMOs don't really interest me. Thanks.
  6. This is a fantastic track. Along with "People Made of Stone", it is among my favorites. I can't wait to hear what's next.
  7. I, for one, love Brain Cleaner. What a great fighting song! Shotgun Kiss is also well suited to Brawl IMHO, though I imagine Green Plant to be less so. (NOTE: I've not heard the Brawl tracks, just the OST versions). However, I'm a huge fan of the GX soundtrack, and I would have prefered if the X to GX split had been more even. The only possible complaint I can bring against this godsend of a soundtrack would be the absense of the Kraid theme from the original Metroid. Unless, of course, I missed it in the list. Granted, with so many other spectacular tracks, and Metroid tracks specifically, I'm sure I won't lament the loss too much in the end if it turns out I'm right. Er...wait. One of the two Brinstar themes from Melee may cover just that. It's now likely this post is almost entirely moot, and no, I can't give you that minute back. Sorry.
  8. That is quite impressive. The stage has an interesting layout with the falling crates providing entrance to the "play area", and the steel walls serving to create a pinball game effect with death awaiting below. I'm surprised the AI didn't run the characters off the side at the top to attempt to get in the fight, which would ultimately lead to death, and instead waited patiently for the crate to fall and allow entrance. Pretty sweet really.
  9. I just rediscovered this track when I finally got around to loading up all the remixes into my player to go back over them again. Being a musical know-nothing I can't really comment on the technical aspects of the piece, but I can say without hesitation that this song is incredibly enjoyable. I love the way that it seems to envelop the listener with the ambient deep bass, and yet it continues to drive a nice beat all along. I can't really put the rest of my comments into any semblance of competent critique, so I'll have to settle for offering a round of applause, and a hearty bravo.
  10. Actually your rendition wasn't bad at all. Outworlder guessed correctly back on page 5 when he said it looked like Kirby got a hold of Captain Fwiffo. You should get a cookie just for the Star Control reference.
  11. I had some visual errors when I recently rebuilt my computer and reinstalled NWN. I'd just installed the lastest video drivers (first ones of 2008 ) for my ATI Radeon X800 XL, and these new drivers didn't cooperate very well. I dropped back to June '07 drivers and everything was back to normal. If you've got an older card and are using the latest drivers you may want to try stepping back a bit to see if that clears it up. Good luck, and have fun with NWN
  12. I agree completely. Sprites, in my opinion, are the best way to convey detailed characters in a "2D" scenario since the artists can focus on key elements of the character design and highlight what they think is most important to show. However, using 3D models with a fixed camera perspective to simulate 2D gameplay allows for advanced lighting and other graphical effects to be used on the character, many of which are already available and wouldn't need to be recreated. This lends some weight to the argument for 3D models from a development perspective I'd imagine. The 3D model for Mario in New Super Mario Bros. on the DS is one such example. When he's running through a castle stage, with the lava flowing below, areas of his body glow red with the proper lighting effect, and it's actually quite nice. However, I find Sonic's model in Sonic Rush Adventure to be less impressive in 3D, and I'd like to see what a 2D sprite could have looked like. I'd even prefer the original genesis sprite over what's given, though in this case 3D was required since the gameplay actually shifts mid-play from side scrolling to 3D. All that to say, I prefer the sprites in general, and I think games like FF Tactics make my case for me.
  13. Fantastic album, and a very pleasant surprise! It has been entertaining me for more than a week, and I'm enjoying it even more now that I know what to expect from each track. Thanks so much!
  14. I'd have to say 2D platforming is alive and well. I'd argue it is in large part due to the success of the handheld market. The DS has been a haven for quality 2D platforming releases, many of which have been mentioned in this thread already. I think Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin deserves special mention, as I've enjoyed every bit of that game from the graphics to the gameplay. Oh, and the soundtrack is spectacular. I'd love to see a new 2D metroid on the Wii (sans motion controls, I want old school), but I'd be just as pleased with a DS release as it has proven a very capable system (sans touch controls, I want old school dangit!).
  15. Deepchild is from Star Control II. It's a being that a certain race would send off to terraform a planet into a molten wasteland. Regardless of that, I thought it sounded fairly unusual, and I think it describes some aspects of my personality rather well.
  16. I've always lived a safe 30 miles outside of Atlanta (from NE to NW, and now due W). Unlike most it seems, I love Georgia.
  17. What's that all about? Surely it can't take four months to localize a European version. Do they even offer multi-language support in their Euro ports? If not, then what on Earth are they doing/thinking?
  18. Hmm, I disagree (respectfully of course). The sound is certainly smoother than most tracks in the album, and seems even more so when pitted against a typical fighting game track. However, I would argue that there is plenty of energy in the song to drive a good brawl. Of course, this is all personal taste, but I think it fits Chun Li's stage well. As far as my comments guessing that it would be a lock for the game, consider that an insight into how much I really know
  19. I trust Capcom will do what is necessary to make the tracks sound right in-game. Major kudos to them for even considering including an alternate remix soundtrack. I'm hoping "Army Girl", "Flying Heaven", and "Murder Instinct" make it in. I'm guessing "I Don't Fight Boys" is a lock considering how perfect it is already. If they can make "Urban Uppercut" work in a fighting game, I'd be eternally grateful. Bah, there are so many good tracks in this album. Ironically I saw this thread as I was listening to BotA. I'm very excited to see what comes of this.
  20. ROFL! Samus for campus police chief!
  21. Well, I sought out VG music for years before I became aware of ocremix. The first game that really sold me on games in general, and their music as well, was Metroid. A few years later I picked up a Genesis and played Phantasy Star II, Thunder Force II, Sword of Vermillion, and Herzog Zwei. Those pretty much hooked me for life. When I first discovered game midis on the web about 11 years ago, I was overjoyed. I got the same feeling when I came upon the remix scene, and ocremix in particular, thanks to a gamespy article.
  22. Congrats on the massive release! The DL was ultra smooth, so well done on that front as well. I've been shaking with anticipation for this release for a while now, and hearing pixietricks do her thing on the first track just confirmed for me that this is going to be a freaking awesome day. Checking the credits I can already tell this album is going to bring down the house (or office building in this case). Thanks to all for the huge effort. *bows humbly before the collective talent* EDIT: Ok, I'm halfway through my second listen now, and I wanted to tell you all how utterly impressed I am. I've completely enjoyed each and every track; Not one has made me want to skip over it to find out what awaits me after. For an album that features such a wide variety of styles and sounds, that's really saying something. A few tracks stand out in my memory at the moment, and I wanted to make special mention of them. Lunatic Moon just lent new meaning to the word badass. Fading Entity totally blew me away, and made me stop working for minutes just so I could take it all in. I have to prevent myself from playing this song too often in the near future so I don't wear out the splendor I feel when hearing it. Deliverance of the Heart is a spectacular opener, and Son of Chaos is a fantastic take on the Shinra Theme (one of my favorites from the OST). Oh, and Darangen's Collision kicks it as well (a great mix of the North Cave track, another of my favorites). I hope that my highlighting these particular pieces doesn't detract from my earlier praise for each of the tracks on this album, as they are all excellent. Heartfelt thanks and congratuations to the artists for the effort and talent they poured into this project. EDIT 2: I would be remiss if I did not also give praise specifically to sephfire and sgx for No Such Thing as the Promised Land. It has grown on my trememdously, as I expect each of the tracks will do in days to come.
  23. Just wanted to pop in and say that over the past couple of months I've really enjoyed having this project in my playlist. On my initial scan of the tracks I pretty much dismissed the whole thing and went on to listen to other stuff that more suited my mood at the time. However, after loading it up for another go at it I got lost in my work and, hours later, found myself thinking "Oh sweet, I love this part coming up!". Once I got the sound in my head it was all good from there. This whole project is pure quality. Thanks for putting in the effort!
  24. Oh, It's no problem. If you'd like more input then feel free to redo the survey. Unfortunately my original responses were lost, but I'd be happy to fill it out again if you do repost it. If you've got enough already then don't worry about it.
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