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  1. no shit, take that crap argument to the Wii thread.
  2. The Incredible Singing Robot by Star Salzman. 'nuff said
  3. who mentioned Light Arrows? I think I did! yes totally on page 187. I mean, come on! anyways. yeah, zleda/shiek idea is cool cause it was her dressing up. I figured that it could replace her stupid crystal reversal thingy. It'll be like Links arrows except not so arching and more powerful but it would take awhile to charge up. (similar to fox and falco's diference in blasters, but with a larger difference)
  4. Do you realize how long that freakin level would be? looooooong, if you actually didn't know. Horrible idea. Horrible with a capital w. how bout we don't care about the credits and stick to hmmmm let's say... anything else. cinematics, I mean, come on! that intro movie for Melee is soo kick ass! nothing kicks more ass than that movie.
  5. well, in WindWaker, Link spins like the tazmanian devil also. so I don't know what, if any, zelda games these people have played and if you guys are so obessed, even if wrongly so, with original attacks. why havn't you brung up his orginal attack from the NES game? that when his hearts were full he could send a glowing sword across the level to attack the enemies. "Rabble rabble! put that in the game Rabble!"
  6. yeah you're totally right! thats his special brawl thingie but I'd think it'd be strange to leave his gas only to his special move But how about something with yoshi, that if you chose a different color in the selection screen. that those different colors (blue, yellow, red) would have minimal but differing gameplay. For example, The Red would shoot fire out of his mouth instead of throwing eggs or doing the smash A headbutt The Yellow would suffer a smaller jump but shoot sand both ways injuring those around him when landing The Blue would Lose some power or have NO recovery (not even eggs) but have a really high Jump or have a forth jump Second'd for Simon Belmont
  7. Hey, do you think they'll have Waluigi as a hidden character to go along with Wario? speaking of which, Wario is not the Gameboy Adventure Games Wario, he's the Wario Ware wario. so i wonder what moves he'll have, wiil he have some classic moves like... Putting a Bucket on a person's head The Tackle attack from his WarioLand games you see some moves in the trailers but barely all of them. please, please let his recovery by gas related!
  8. fo'sho, thats how I beat Giga Bowser, Mewtwo, and Ganondorf on #51 Karate chop action! hyyah!
  9. Ah.... You should really take it EazyP, as in Chill. I was agreeing with he who brought up Kirby's appearance would have to look extremely similar to Meta-Knight's ecspecially if you chose a Blue Kirby from the Costume Screen. I was the one who proposed that particular concept. as in, I thought it would sure make things more hectic in battle but I didn't and still don't think that would be the case in Brawl. But in all seriousness, You should really take it down a notch... or two.
  10. yeah, I'm not gonna quote ya cause there too damn much to sort it all out. like that guy above me said, Samus, Link, and Mario's moves are fully justified. as for Ganondorf's? we've only seen him fight with a sword(s) but his dark magic aura is plausible. he's surrounded in that stuff in the games, at least wind waker. and as for "clones" they're alright as long as they change enough of the factors of the game. Luigi: Jumps higher,a little lighter, and has some karate chop action, also does a human cannon ball Ganondorf: slower, heavier, more powerful. I do great as Ganondorf but don't like Capt. Falcon. it gives players more options so i'm not gonna complain about that. Falco: stronger blaster, i don't know about speed, and is a bird instead of a fox Pichu: smaller, faster, lighter, and pointless, but then again more options anyways as much as I would like to see all characters be completely unique with everyone of there moves being directly related to their games. it wouldn't work so much for fun factor or playability for that matter. (ex.) Dr. Mario could only stand there throw a pill every so often and tap his foot I think So quit your completely uneducated complaints, please.
  11. well, well! I didn't think of that! but i had a dangerous thing called a idea. what if, bare with me please, if player one was Kirby and the player two was Meta Knight and so when Kirby swallows Meta Knight, Kirby become Meta Knight and Meta Knight loses his mask and becomes Kirby! Now Player One is Meta and Player two is Kirby! In Smash Bros, Chaos is the Name of the Game.
  12. If Linky-poo is SOOOoOoo noobish, why oh why is he in the middle/ bottom tier? what are those tiers even showing? as for Tingle, The moon, and The giants, they were in a smash bros already, they had thier chance and blew it. Mario or Luigi should get to use their hammers from Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Parterns in Time. Oh and is anyone else sorta fearing what Kirby's copying ability will utilize when swallowing Zero Suit Samus? Before he took on her helmet but now all she ghas is her *ahem* "curves" and the blaster/whip thingy. Cel-shaded Kirby will be cool tho.
  13. Hella Yeah! that would be amazing! it was by far the best item in SMB3. it would make the Brawler jump like yoshi (height) and only do damage if landed directly above the victim and send them flying like Falcons/Ganondorf/Ness's ariel down smash A. most times, it would smash them straight into the ground but if you are risky you could try to smash a recovering opponent which, if you missed, would spell certain disaster. And, (yeah I'm not done, I like this idea) if you got hit from side it would knock The Brawler out and it would bounce a couple times around the stage for someone else to jump in. Also making it so that the Player would be unable to deselect the item would be hiliarious it would be awesome! and if you need any other reason to be sold, imagine snake in a Kurbio shoe bounceing around the stage and then off the map, You know, that inspires me! how about a whistle (SMB3) item that transports all the Brawlers to a different stage if used?
  14. Whats this thrird rule Bullshit? huh? I mean, no anime characters? Why the hell would that even matter? All I know are the rules of third party and must have been on a nintendo platform. Making that kind of blanket statement makes you just look like a dumbass. way to go, dumbass. Sonic, would not suck as a melee brawler, know why? First, one would take Jiggly puff's or Yoshi's Spin add with Fox's or Capt. Falcon's speed multiply by making his jump an actual attack anding a low effect recovery and throwing in a few punches, kicks, and slide attacks and you got you self a pretty playable brawler. and then wake from your Anti-Fun Commie visons and realize on how items can be updated and improved so much with sonic items The sonic boxes could act as party balls exept hold only one effect/ item. Invinciblity- not just StarMan any more Rings- heals some of you damage percent Shields- Protects you till someone pops it Super speed- self explaintory Not only that, SSBB could have Spring Items either as Classic Mario fare or as Sonic Sping Plunger things. You'A throw them and they would stick in the ground, wall, sides, ledges. Imagen the barrel combined with a mine combine from the bumber in SSB. so you want anyone thrown off the stage not to get back on? Stick it horizontally on the side of the stage and you got a real hard trap. or place it on the ground so the just shoot up 20 (relitive) feet up in the air, helpless. The possiblities are endless! Oh and how about the idea of having *as a costume choice for the characters with tenure* the orginal polygonal character models. So if you chose link or mario, you could choose the costume making it look like the N64 version. They would add in the new moves and stuff
  15. It doesn't sound that bad when put like that. 80 bucks is barely over the cost of a game. or more simply put its around what Guitar Hero II costs with guitar. maybe if I want I could sell mine to my bro and get this one myself. I plan on getting a HDMI HDTV very soon.
  16. so true! its like Game & Watch turned into the Jigglypuff of the original, nobody liked him except the people could actually play as him and beat people. oh yeah! Eat Torch, mofo!
  17. I am against seperation of the two characters. but alterations are in order. in fact i think Zero Suit Samus is going to have the same kind of thing switching her gun from whip to blaster. as for the entrances, theres a couple ones i couldn't think of, namely Dr.Mario and mewtwo (unless its a masterball -from the game) Oh and the clapping scene at the end of the match. nobody is a good sport anymore, i guess...
  18. How about He appears in a whispy fog like appearance. like strips of dark fog and smoke like his "dark enegy" come together forming some kind ball or shape and then dispells and ganondorf is kneeling or standing there ready to fight. and what about Zelda? she should totally have her bow and light arrow going on, since she has used it in the past few games.
  19. Naw man, I want him to be MORE of a whore! I want me some Gay Space Beastiality So how about Pauline, or Luigi's Mansion Luigi *marrriioo?*? maybe yes? how bout the originality of the characters from the SSB (n64) back? you know, dolls coming to life, master hand is actually part of the story. or the unique entrances *Link comes down in a shaft of light, Mario- a pipe, Kirby- the superstar, Samus- her port thingy, Fox- arwing drops him off, Pikachu- a pokeball is thrown, Dk- a barrel, ect...* before each battle starts?
  20. So you didn't like my hypothetical, huh? oh well, I tried. I was going for theme, you know. But I play a mean ganondorf and could probably be a shiek at same skill level. and Double Props for ignoring my first part of the sentence, completely misunderstanding the second part and then repeating the first idea in your rebuttle. you're the man now, dog Anyhoo, the moral of my story was to get good at a few characters, mix thing up and the like. That way, if you run into a character that preys on your characters weaknesses you can easily switch to a different character THAT PLAYS DIFFERENTLY so that when they try to exploit those weaknesses, they might not be there to exploit.
  21. Second'd! Here's what to expect. so-so to horrible Main plot but Cool Subplot between the Turtles. Go see the movie. BTW live action TMNT Kicked and still kicks so much ass, you have NO idea.
  22. Well, first of all, I would agree that some imbalances are annoying. (marth and roy and their GATDANG ledge hogging move *over A* erg) but When you start balancing Characters too far in a game they all seem like the same character. i want the characters to be as unique as possible. (same with their usefulness with certain weapons, its all about knowing the characters and deciding which is right for you and foregoing some stuff to get other good stuff. which is why items are not needed to be removed to make the game balanced or "fair" It's all about choosing a character and wheighing their pros and cons. My fav is Link, a little slow but pretty heavy for the speed he does have. His stab the ground and up B on land are his two best moves. But lets say sheik is amazing at beating link off... the stage. you should learn other characters to combat shiek. lets say Ganondorf, go learn his awesome move selection and next time you play a shiek, pick Ganondorf to whoop their ass because they thought you'd pick Link.
  23. They've stated that its going be using a normal control scheme. Yeah this year. Obscure characters are cool, first it's hilarious to beat someone with Mr. Game & Watch and his key and turtle and sausages. Secondly, it lets people know about Nintendo's past. You guys haven't forgotten about all thoses gameboy pocket and color Game & Watch Gallery games, have you? granted they starred mario but you could change the visuals to back the the original look. Not as obscure as one might think. Lists? how bout lists of what we don't need. No MORE: pokemon, enough is enough. no more playable characters Moves options, complexity can get bad More items, change some of them but keep the over all number of them that same
  24. let sleeping dogs lie. no more item talk! Begone foul one!
  25. B.o.B. from the SNES game with the same name (he's perfect b/c he's got a smash attack and super power ups. and up-B move simular to game & watches up-B in ssbm.) Crono would be sweet. fo' sho Mii's either in item form or major playable character Paper Mario or Pixelated Mario Captian Omar and his legion of Pikmon Ash Katchum who would act like Peaches turnip attacks but only throw pokeballs. Except he would only have 6 in keeping with the games got some more but im outta time. whatcha think?
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