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  1. Also that news is not new news in that it happened at least a week ago
  2. I agree with Bleck on all points
  3. The dead bodies disappear in something like a hundredth of the time they should be disappearing in
  4. Ok ok, those are good points.
  5. Well the gameplay is obviously the most important but it still is weird that neither the skeletons nor the goatmen have any shadows...
  6. Alright then, I agree that it isn't really that Wowified, but the shadows and overall lighting should still be much darker I think. I mean really, this looks kind of weird...
  7. Well, both Diablo and WoW are made by the same company so it's a legitimate circumstance for comparison.
  8. Although it promises to be a ton of fun and I will of course buy it the day it comes out, it still looks like an M rated WoW. It has those same rather cartoonish textures on everything, it all looks nice and clean, and the colors are all friendly and whatever. Also, just like in WoW, shadows are strangely missing from things like tables. Disappointingly, Starcraft II also has the same problems with its colors and overall feeling. I sincerely hope that Blizzard changes the art to be darker both in atmosphere and in how much light there is, because this game should be a sequel to the first two Diablo games, not an M rated Warcraft RPG.
  9. Well I like the Rock Band guitar better
  10. I've been playing the piano for eleven years, with lessons for the first five. I also recently started the guitar a few months ago but am pretty bad at it so far. Also I tried the saxophone and then the drums for about half a year each.
  11. It sounds better than 90% of what I hear on the radio these days
  12. In mechanical engineering right now but transferring to anthropology at a different university
  13. I agree, I quite enjoyed that one
  14. 9/18, but only two or three did I actually recognize, the rest was from guessing
  15. Even though Pit is a flamboyant toolbag, I seem to be doing best with him right now.
  16. Did the majority of the composing for the four songs that my band performed in a Battle of the Bands (although we didn't win...)
  17. This looks kickin' rad and I am going to download it asap
  18. Some crappy third-person-shooter Destert Storm game, the name of which I cannot remember - I don't know what I was thinking, it looked terrible on the box too.
  19. If you are up a stock and then lose because of one item, you don't sound especially skillful to me... also I do agree with turning off things like the hammer, starman, invisibility, healing items, etcetera.
  20. Well, I feel that being able to play well with items and randomness in the stages is skill at SSB, actually one might even say that it takes more skill to play well with elements of the unknown than in a plain and completely predictable environment.
  21. If this isn't just as good or better than the first three I will be upset but it doesn't look like it will disappoint
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